Tuesday, February 3, 2009

People Around Here Are OK

In order to protect those who know me, I mention them less and less. I'm protective and oddly private, even though here I seem kind of open. I try to avoid specifically providing info about others. So, I do it less and less. Even so, I have to say, people still tend to treat me pretty well, unless I want to mate with them. Nothing new there. You're the greatest thing since sliced bread until you have designs. Probably because people don't want to change you until they can sleep with you any time they want. Women, anyway. Or almost any time they want. It's complicated and technical; I wouldn't understand...

Movie Review and Else

Gran Torino, I guess that is what it was called. I wasn't a big fan of those cars when they were still on the road. I guess they didn't stay around too long. The one Clint had in the movie was spiffy though. This was a movie about a guy somewhere around the age of Clint Eastwood. He looks just like Clint, too.

I enjoyed the fact that the guy is the anti-PC but they manage to weave in some depth of character and interesting cultural observation. He figures out that he has more in common with hard core third world immigrants because they still have some tradition and old school values; the ones who aren't punksters in gangs. My hatred of gangs and the mentality behind humans who run in packs like dogs is still intact. Unfortunately it isn't a movie which depicts complete bloody annihilation of every punk and wannabe in town, but I liked it anyway. Eastwood is good as always. So was that chick. Since I think telling the story would make it less enjoyable to view, I won't say more.

So many things have crossed my mind and I took the thoughts to great lengths, apparently, which caused me to think I'd already written them down. Guess not. Now I wonder what it was I thought I'd written. Political scene speaks for itself, or should. Why bother pointing out that we are witnessing tax money being used to pay political debts? Pay for play is alive and well.

I have a feeling the gov. of Illinois was far more innocent in that regard than much of Washington at the moment. Some systems cannot coexist. Nationalizing capital and free enterprise capitalism, is one example. Another is the unionizing of public employees, giving them better perks than what can be found in private enterprise, and continually succumbing to various demands. It will never work for long without socializing most of the marketplace. Even then it won't work for long.

Then you end up with French style strikes over every little quibble. The advent of unions was allegedly not supposed to hold the public hostage of government workers. That has been one item that appears to have contributed to the demise of California, once a state with surplus, and a culture which the rest of the country envied. Some of that is still there, not in the rule making governing sense.

In the long run, the only hope for survival of the species is to master space travel, in whatever form that may take. I suspect it would be something as yet not on drawing board. You have to figure, dinosaurs were greener than Al Gore, and they bit the dust. One well placed rock and human life on this planet would not be worth much. Ultimate survival depends on spreading out to points unknown. The current trend toward herding us all into metropolitan areas with all we depend on centralized, power, water, food, etc., is more devo than positive evolution.

You can worship the damned planet all you want and it won't change the long term situation. Of course, it doesn't pay to trash up the place but letting lawyers dictate research and development according to what gets them reelected is a sure ticket to Hell anyway. That's pretty much what is happening, and the human hating misguided people who think reducing standard of living is always good and shows love, well...it's not worth fighting that battle. You get accused of being in full accord with some other insane school of thought. Truth is, the two pretend opponents are the same. Some companies(many who've corruptly cornered an industry) have no problem looking like the whining evil empire while using government to smash opponents. It's an old trick to bitch in the press while instigating the source of the complaint behind the scenes.

Yikes, I almost puked. The TV is running for background noise and extra light. That new propaganda show, Homeland Security is on. I had to run and change it to some advertisement for pizza. No wonder they included some perks for the right Hollywood enterprises in this bogus taxpayer ripoff. I'm not sure how it works, but they always come out with shows that tend to direct the public view favorably toward things to come, or to make swallowing the pill of serfdom taste sweeter.

It's cool living so close to some very nice spots, both mountainous and coastal. To get away from all people, I can hit Mt Leguna, breathe the rarified air at 6000 feet, then in thirty minutes be back home at 3000 feet. I don't have the nosebleed altitude issue any more. Maybe it was the lack of humidity doing that for awhile. I've never been a nose bleeder, and these episodes were minimal. Just unusual.

I wonder if that lady at the grocery store was hitting on me. That would be cool. She's probably just a nice person and secure enough to be friendly. Good for her.

It's sad when you reach the point of having to pretend a stranger hit on you. I suppose if it is all in your mind and you don't react oddly at the time, no harm done.

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