Thursday, August 22, 2013

They Call it a Ranch

But I see no ranch animals, just a couple of very polite, people loving dogs.  It is unusual, strange, magnificent and a bit of a junk yard.  The stage acoustics are superb, thanks to the parabolic roof and back--old satellite dishes.  It is like having good monitors, plus the sound comes out clear and balanced when you are in, or on the other side of the pool which is in front of the stage.

Spontaneous gatherings like this do occur.  It is not far from my dwelling.

Dan owns the ranch, which has it's own brand, which is related to the name, which for unknown reasons I am withholding.
Cliff, me, and dog with name I forgot.  Athena or Snapdragon, maybe.   I should say, "Cliff, Sputnik the dog, and I."  I need an editor and an internal filter, though I sometimes manage to stifle my reactions and thoughts before I speak.    

that is not the ranch name you see there. one of Dan's inside jokes I think
Dan is one intelligent old guy.  And wild as the wind

I didn't play much that day.  My heart has not been in it, so nothing sounds right to me.  Plus, I am tired of playing things that do nothing for me.  There is a lot of that, although I like playing when it is with Cliff.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watch Out For That Which Seems Inferior And Unacceptable

The biggest trouble with being older is not that being a certain age has to be bad, unpleasant, or morph one into a diminished life form.  People who have health issues often bemoan "growing old".  In their case, who can argue?

In some cases, I think people get what they expect, and they don't like it.  But all that is irrelevant.

The trouble with too many trips around the block is that you see things first hand, not through the spin of textbooks, politicians, and those who do not gain from shining the light on the truth.

It was interesting, witnessing the Cuban influx of the sixties.  Being in school may have been a good place to gain some insight.  At least in my schools, the Cuban refugees were not bullied or shunned.  I think most kids thought they were cool because they "escaped" the oppression (and firing squads) of Castro and Che.  Escaping the grip of The Man has a universal, maybe even primal, charm and allure.

[Yes Joel, I mentioned Che.  Because his victims touched people I knew.  I heard the stories from engineers working night shift at 7-11, from doctors sharing a 3 bedroom house with 2 other families so they could save and make their handbag business grow.  Which it did to the point where all of them thrived.  So, never again claim I should redirect from Che to Pol Pot.  One has no bearing on the other. Not an either or situation.
I have knowledge of what Cubans of that day had to say.  Also, I was in Havana just 7 or 8 months after Castro took over, and I was old enough to remember it well.  It was very bizarre and tense.  Great place, geographically.  Only there for an afternoon.  Seemed like only a day or two]

The stories of children being encouraged to tell if their parents had "radical" beliefs which threatened the Revolution, which is a never ending thing, were met in America with disbelief and sympathy for the poor people who weren't free of such madness, like us.

And organizing kids into these snotty little community brigades to push the government's policies and power seemed far too wild to be true.

Now, here we are.  In the name of National Security our policies are becoming somewhat analogous to policies in the name of the Revolution in Cuba.  And the carrot of promises to take care of everyone keeps enough people suckered in that the bureaucrats and military can pretty well crush the rest without much effort.  That may be the best argument for lifting the embargo--freeing up trade could shed light on things.  But we look upon that regime as thieves of property.   People want restitution.  And our own people are largely numb to the reality, so it's a wash.

Anyway, it has crept up on us while radicals complained of the direction we've headed, while the majority, for reasons from greed to guilt to peer pressure to whatever, think they are safer and more secure if a tight grip is kept on all human activity.  I'm one of those radical types.  I'd think my view, in this country, would be mainstream.  Not so.  I'll survive.  At least if they don't send drone strikes to take out insurance scofflaws.

There are kooks who take what is true, then spin it suit their own agenda.  I don't like it, but I may agree with them to a point.  Usually their reasoning starts off sound, then they go off on a crazy conclusion.

The Cuban model is fun for those with some power.  Not so much for everyone else.  The contest for young people to produce propaganda videos to encourage other young people to embrace the health care exchanges scheme is just one example that the mentality of our nation is nothing like it was.  The contrast between our life and what we considered the horror stories of the Cuban condition is no longer so stark and clear.

No way did most people think we'd be spying on one another and pumping out government advertisements for government programs.  But those same people fell for the "Law and order" bit which allowed the war on drugs to weaken the search limitations intended in the fourth amendment to the constitution.  And so on.  Much of it was in the works long before that.

Nothing irks me more than simple-minded, kiss-ass youth propaganda produced by little self righteous, conformist creeps.

It takes a form of discipline, I think, to resist the temptation to force others to do as you wish.   Give people power, especially if they can rationalize some self righteous excuse, and they will get all up in your business.  Imagine if politicians could make laws because they think you are too fat?  oops.  I guess they do.  That's right, Michele O's big first lady crusade is to deal with obesity.  This is not even a joke.

Seriously, I think half the Cubans who escaped to Miami would have turned back if things in the USA were as they are now.  "Take my chances with obesity, insurance and PC police, or with the Cuban army and firing squads?   Got a coin I can toss?"

It is almost kinder if such control and abuse of power happens all at once.  That way more people say hell no, then fight or/and leave.  We wouldn't let the refugees organize here and go take back the island.  Various agencies managed to infiltrate and break up the groups which were training out in the Everglades.  Part of some deal Kennedy made.

The upside of American neo-bolshevism is that it will necessarily make for some bizarre and interesting times.  People get mad if I don't blame "corporations" for the whole crony capitalism thing.  Anytime you release the proper limits on government, you open the door to what we have.  Government- Corporate partnerships.  Many shameless bastards in government tout "government-business partnerships" as something holy and good.  Unbelievable.   That means some businesses get to pull the strings which most hinder their competition while they play that righteous community spirit card as they roll in the hay with bureaucrats and politicians.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Treading on Thin Ice

You have got to be kidding me.  Although it may not be very funny, I do believe it is perfectly legal for a clown to wear a Marilyn Monroe mask, George Bush mask, Obama mask, etc.

The response of many to rodeo-clown-gate has been over the top.  I, personally, do not like any political antics at public events.  So, almost never am I up for public political parody.  You couldn't get away from it when Bush was president.  The outspoken people who were all about vile personal attack during the Bush era are the speech and thought nazis of the Obama era.

Then and now, personal nonsense substitutes for substantive reasoning.

It is a tradition to lampoon public officials in countries where the government cannot abridge free speech.  That limit is specifically there so the government cannot stifle criticism or expressions of discontent.   It needs to be done regularly so we can see where we stand in keeping government at bay in its lust to usurp basic rights and stifle opposition.  Like testing boards as you cross a wooden bridge--maybe the one to the 21t century that Bill Clinton built.

When organizations play shill, and useful idiots leap at the opportunity to play victim on behalf of an oppressive government, it gets kind of creepy.

The National Association for the Advancement of Cerebral Paralysis thinks wearing an Obama mask is a hate crime.  Because Obama is black.   I'm not sure if DOJ and other jackboot agencies took heed but NAACP is calling for all sorts of probes into this rodeo clown's life; to ferret out civil rights violations or maybe a dislike of blacks.  The head of NAACP in Missouri thinks discrimination, as in I don't like you, is illegal.  Well, only if it is a black person being parodied and not being admired.  That woman is clearly so steeped in racism, and her job depends upon controversy-real or not--that she has thrown basic logic and reason out the window.   Facts be damned!!!  I'm a victim.  Because I say so.

You do not have to go far to find people in NAACP who dislike whites, and who make statements which affirm that preference.  Not a crime in my mind.  It is not even a crime when black comedians stereotype and lampoon whites.  It is crime to lampoon the president if he is black and you aren't.

Actually, if a black criticizes or makes fun of Obama, he is obviously not black inside.  How can a black think independently and be black?  That seems to be the way some people believe.  Idiots.  How much credence would any white be given who used that argument and bully tactics on whites?   Those who try are hard to find and have no audience.  Not so the bully blacks who demand that all blacks think the same.  They have the support of Chris Matthews and other horses' asses who think so little of blacks that it makes sense to them that independent thinking would get you shunned in "the black community".  I live in the rabbit and coyote community.

The absolute absurdity of the reasoning is sad.  I can see objecting to something, but don't pretend it is a federal crime.  It is not.

I do not like most of that type of parody, but so what?  This hyper sensitivity to imagined horrors is nothing but a grab for power and attention.  It is also a clear affront to free speech.

People pretend because everyone fears the racist label, or the Uncle Tom label.  Too bad they don't fear the pretending moron label more.

Sometimes I don't like white people or black people.  Everyone has the right to like or dislike anyone or any group.  At least in my view.   It is what you do with these preferences that matters.  I do not count making jokes or avoiding those you dislike as anything that calls for governmental scrutiny.   Not in a free country.  Or a sane one.

Here's a surprise:  I think it is a waste of time and money sending Jesse, Jr. to jail.  Why not make him ineligible for any government job, elected office, grant, or contract, and work out some kind of restitution plan.  He spent money that wasn't his, he can spend it back, even if he has to work a minimum wage job and pay $10 per week.  In the private market, I'm guessing his skill set is not in great demand.

He was dealt a very light sentence, relative to what he could have received.   I am not big on sending people to jail when the crime is not a violent one. Focussing on restitution and amends makes far more sense.  The US is way too cage crazy. Lock 'em up!!!  It is rarely a worthwhile solution.

The public loses because it costs more to keep people in jail than many of us make in a year.  The victims lose because their losses are rarely recouped.  And the perp loses because he is now living in the world of prison, which means the riffraff make the rules, more or less.  Unlikely that the perp won't be just as defective upon release.

The other way, if they don't cooperate with the restitution plan, just drop them off in gangland with a toy gun, and unpopular colors for that region. e.g., red bandana in the 'hood that only accepts blue.

Anyway, I am not a fan of the Jacksons or their tendency to use racial extortion tactics and double standards, but I would not have sent them to prison.  It will do no one a shred of good, and it is expensive.    I hate the prison set up so much, I wouldn't even send people I don't like up the river.

A friend had a swamp cooler stored away.  She traded it to me for some work on a bench.  It only uses about 80 watts, and works wonders.  These things rely on fresh air because, otherwise the air inside becomes too humid for any cooling to occur.    Work it right and it makes things very nice.  I could not believe how nice and cool it was inside on this 90 deg., sunny day.

And I don't feel guilty, because I'm using no more power than I was pre-swamp cooler.   If it is hot and humid, you are out of luck.  It is rarely very humid here when it is hot.  Forget using one of these east of the Mississippi, or even close to that far east.  One of the blessings of the west---there is so much desert and the humidity is low enough for evaporative cooling to mean something.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trans-Financial 2

In a sudden moment of clarity, I realized that not only am I a rich man locked in a poor man's life, but I'm also a sugar daddy on the inside.

I think I have a right to be what I am.  I don't even have to discuss the obvious path to such an end.  Isn't it bizarre what comes to mind?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Live Free and Freeze; in search of home

It comes back to mind regularly, the fact that I probably ought to be in New Hampshire mired in the antics of the Free State project.   I say antics, but the truth is that they are more holding a spotlight on the antics of the state and others who use force when it is not warranted. ie, the state.

NH has it going on.  If only I did not fear harsh winter.   When I have the money for the things needed to deal with it,  then I won't be so hesitant.  Growing up in Miami, I don't have the sense of how to handle serious cold.   Greensboro was not much problem, but it is not New Hampshire, and I was younger.

It does often strike me that I might be more at home in Keene, NH or another of the state's towns, than I would be here or anywhere else.  Out there, I would not seem so radical, and more people would have similar views of right, wrong, and civilization.

Even my friends here and in other places I've lived are little police state proponents, though they deny that characterization.  But it is true.  One would think I'd finally break, and become another pliable neo-bolshevik like much of the population, and almost all of my family and friends.

What has happened is that I am unwittingly more set in my beliefs than ever.  I am far more radical--by DHS definitions---now than I was any time in the past.  But I was not a sheep in the 60's and 70's like most of the hippie nation and everyone else.

It was a disgusting time of interesting, great music, and people pretending to think.  The term parrot heads should have applied to all that crowd because that is what they were--mindless parrots.   Now those folks are all about money, making everyone safe even if they have to kill them to get cooperation, and finding excuses to mind everyone else's business with the guns of government behind them.  I think I hate baby boomers overall.

Maybe I'll be alone forever, but I realize I could never live with someone who was actively involved in promoting what I believe to be immoral, violent and cruel.  I view most Obama policies, Bush policies, and generally accepted tax and police practices as just that.   It is a shame because people in my own family have been known to actively campaign for wannabe kings like Obama.  More than one relative. It is truly sad because these people are not directly thieves, liars, and scum.   Yet they promote policies which are cloaked in the holy robe of government, but which amount to theft, force, fraud, and involuntary servitude.

I really have to figure out how to visit NH.   It may finally be home.  We'll see.  I may run back to CA in such horror that I register democrat or communist party.   You have communist, communist lite=democrat, democrat lite=republican.  Hand in your pocket party==republican and democrat.

That's why I hated public school.  So many of the teachers were progressive a-holes who meted justice the same way, by emotion and prejudice, not fact and respect for rights of others.   I admit, I am emotional.  I really do despise the smug state power promoters like Piers Morgan--a friggin foreign interloper--and his ilk.

In New Hampshire I may not feel like a weirdo.  Then again, I may.


Seat Belt Laws
New Hampshire is the only state that does not have a mandatory seat belt law for adults.

Eminent Domain
New Hampshire state law prohibits the use of eminent domain for private use or private development.

Gun Laws
New Hampshire offers some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation: no permit is required to open carry and a concealed carry permit is available on a shall-issue basis.
New Hampshire legislators are only paid a salary of $100 per year, helping ensure the existence of a citizen legislature committed to public service, unlike every other state.

Right to Revolution
New Hampshire's constitution is one of only 
four state constitutions that expressly protect 
citizens’ right to revolution (Section 1, Article

I wouldn't actually join anything.   I'm not always on board with certain tactics and passtimes.  But I like the small business friendly environment, and the fact that there are fewer hoops to jump if you decide to do something.   Safest state in the country, yet very loose gun laws.

Maybe the state is safe because you have to be smart to survive the winter, and more stupid people than smart people commit violent crimes.   Although many smart people get others to do those things on their behalf.  And we love it.  We even let them vote themselves pensions and benefits.  We even label the people, who "are just doing their jobs" which can include all kinds of abuse, as "noble" and "public servants".

The only public servants I ever met worked at restaurants and high end hotels.  And libraries.  Even then, it is a living.  A job a person does in order to survive.  So I do not buy all the lofty praise.

I don't know who is the hero, the doctor that performed the delicate, life saving surgery, or the person/people who invented and created the tools which made it possible.   Or both.

Home or not, I'd have to be highly motivated to move across the country.  I'd rather just be able to spend significant time various places but not leave this behind.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deer Facts: a quick study

I have concluded that deer are not only stupid but their memories are very poor.  Now I'll tell you why.

About a year or two ago I hit a deer not far from my house.  I was not going fast, and when it crossed the road I thought I could ease on by. It decided to dive into the right fender and knock itself out.  I wrote about it somewhere.

Since that time, I've encountered several deer between here and Mt Laguna.   Most of them have been in daylight, late afternoon.  So, it isn't like headlights in the dark.

They always do the same thing; cross the road into my lane, stop, stare. start to go back, stare, finish crossing the road, then run away as I go past.   It is as if they are taught this routine.  Probably in public deer school.

If you lived near enough to a road to feel like crossing it, chances are you've seen and heard cars.  One would think.  But to a deer it is like the first encounter every time.  Their memories are so bad that all the girl deer actually think they are virgins when they get married, so their unintentional lies have impact.  That part goes for all deer.  That buck can't remember where he's been so he thinks he's innocent.  They probably forget who their mate is, anyway, after an hour apart.

No, if they had a memory, they'd know that standing in the road staring at speeding steel is not a good idea.  Even the ones that witness a colleague being clocked by a Humvee probably forget all about it in thirty minutes.  Maybe sooner.

The lesson in this is that you can confess anything to a deer and your secret will remain safe.  Never seriously ask a deer to remind you to do anything.   None of that, "Hey will you remind me to take the hay out of the oven?"  If you don't remember it, and no one but deer are there, it won't get done.

If Only I Could Convert

What kind of idiots vandalize butter sculptures at the Iowa state fair, then play self righteous haters of violence and suffering?   "Vegan activists".

That is what the article called them.  Animal liberation of Iowa, an heroic group of vegans who throw red paint on butter and paint signs on windows belonging to others which read, "Freedom for all".

They rant about the slaughter of farm animals and on and on.  Self righteous vandals piss me off even more than your garden variety vandals.  And ones who spout all these statistics, out of context, and to support an argument which is simply not related to reality make me even angrier.

Vegan activists. Vandals.  Punks who destroy property.  This idiot group claims credit, issues statements, etc.  Freaks like that are dangerous.  They'll kill in the name of saving chickens.

At first I was glad to see the rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians, simply because more places would then have something I could eat.  Now I wish they'd all go away.

I cannot believe people make the diet of others their business, as if they have that right, and that humans have no right to be omnivores or any vore they choose to be.

Self righteous lunatics.  You've got to figure that when people play that game of liberating cows and such, they have a huge ability to rationalize and no ability to reason.  They seem to hate people, except themselves.

It must be upper middle class America's answer to the inner city gangs.   Well, the other answer to gangs besides getting into government, especially politics.

Don't people like that know that those they harass and hurt financially by molesting their property are raising families, employing others, minding their own business and just filling needs and wants?  It is called running a business.  Nature, availability of resources, cost, invention, innovation all affect what is supplied and consumed, and how things are provided.  

Odd that both self righteous punks and Bloomberg-school political figures think they have a right to force people to produce what they deem fit, and force them not to produce other things, regardless what the people--the market--support.  And they want to decide what you consume.

I say let them do time in the tiger area of the zoo.  Or just drop them off in a suitable jungle or wilderness area.  Make sure it contains plenty of carnivores who need to see the light and become vegans.

Are there still cannibal tribes plying their trade somewhere?  Drop them off to chat with the elders of the outfit.  Maybe film it from hidden cameras in drones that look like flies or birds.  I don't know if they'd try to lecture and terrorize the cannibal village.  Wonder how the old paint throw would go over. What great cinema that could be.

Some causes, and the people who champion them, are so stupid and bizarre that no words aptly hit that exact shade of nitwittery.

Obviously motivated idiots who have a warped conscience can be hazardous.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Winning and Losing

At this point, I don't know win from loss.  I'm about ready to chalk up the entire adventure as loss by forfeit.

What prompted the series of forfeits is another matter which, at this point,  doesn't matter.

I've got it all figured out.  A leisurely plan of action.  When the loose ends are tied up, then we can finish this mess for good and in a way that is both aesthetically sound and clever.  No one will ever know the real secrets of this scheme.  They will think they do, but they won't.

People usually think they know things they don't, like how everyone else should live.  Those who make a profession of this know even less than average.  That's OK.  They can be sidestepped and outwitted, though I don't think they can be beat.

Friday, August 9, 2013

For the Wrong Reasons, Fortunately

Suffice it to say I've been a vegetarian all my life.  I am not saving the planet by doing so.  The sight of a steak does not make me queazy.

Apparently such sentiments are not always felt by nouveau-vegetarians and vegans.  They are as redneck in their way as the ones who get all riled up if you don't eat meat.  "Goddam vegetarian #$%^&*ies."

People can sense that I don't want to discuss it, so the jerky ones always have to bring it up.  It has always felt like having little freakshow moment.  I don't make a scene at restaurants, or do any of that stupid stuff some idiot vegetarians do.

Maybe all their self righteous reasons are the wrong ones.

Oh no.  I thought I was in this racket for the wrong reasons.  The non-carnivore racket.

Got nothing against hunting, beasts of burden, ranching, or leather goods.  I don't care if you wear a fur coat from a polar bear.  So, obviously my reasons must be wrong because I don't care why I do what seems most suitable for me, and easiest.  I considered converting, but I wouldn't do it unless I was in a situation in which I had to.  The desire just is not there.

And I know this is way out of line, but I don't care what is good for you.  I especially do not care what kinds of meat, fish, and foul are deemed healthy or unhealthy.  It tends to vary anyway.

That this would come up is evidence that people can be beyond nuts, but there is no way that the planet will be saved from anything if everyone quits eating the way they like.   Geez, save the lectures for lions and coyotes.

The planet will survive.  Humans may or may not.  I think the species could survive, but only if we quit trying to cater the lowest common denominator.  You can be nice to a moron without running the world the way he would.

Eventually we'll all have to go save some other planet.  Not we, per se, but we humans, the species.  I have concluded I'm probably human, so I take such bold liberties.

We may even bring some cows and the like.  Horses have to be hauled to the new planet, although there may be some ridable flying mammals on the planet which are more fun.  I'll never know unless there is some window for you to see after you kick the bucket.

Possibilities are endless.

The Wealthy and I

You wouldn't think I'd feel a kinship to "the rich".  I, myself, found this an odd thing until I saw the light.

The rich people, who have people like me doing jobs normal people don't know exist, abhor manual labor.  Much of their existence and money are devoted to measures designed to insulate them from doing anything remotely resembling manual labor.

I, too, find manual labor less than fun the majority of the time.  That is because I'm a rich man locked in a not so rich man's life.  I'm trans financial.  So, if the country club sets membership conditions I can't meet, I'll sue them because, inside, I'm really a rich man.  Discrimination against trans-financials must be illegal.  If not, I'll start a movement.  Maybe a million trans-financial march.

I'm going to change my name to reflect the real me.  Instead of John0, it will be F. John0 IV.

Privilege vs Right

Really, if it makes us safer, aren't you willing to endure inconvenience and interrogation here and there?  Things like random road blocks, retention of private information in various forms, etc.

If you aren't a bad guy, there is nothing to worry about.  Let them search!

Does anyone still believe that?

The paperwork of existence is becoming something akin to a license to exist.  And we've all been bombarded with the idea that "driving is a privilege", therefore you need permission from the state to do it.   It clearly follows that, whether it has been directly labeled, a license to live in this country definitely exists in the form of a collection of necessary documents, licenses, behaviors, etc.

So, living, like driving, is a privilege granted by the state.   Like driving, living is not something that is done well by the majority.  I do not rate that according to wealth.  Just like an expensive car does not necessarily mean a good driver.  A new Dodge truck certainly doesn't seem to create drivers who are fun on the freeway.  Always the Dodge, I swear.

But, more on topic, the problem with the idea that a right is granted, therefore a privilege, is that it totally depends upon the character of those in charge in government to ensure that power is not abused. You don't give strangers keys to house, a loaded gun, etc. and then wonder what went wrong.

Yet, collectively, that is exactly what our population has done.  Oh we just need to give the key to right thugs to keep us safe and worry about our needs.  That's how it is.  If people do not really think that, you would never know it, judging from the degree of control and force we endure and allow, and pay for through taxes and inflation.

Rights are not things that rely on the resources of others, or their permission and approval.

Rights do rely on others respecting your space, person, and property.  It's the same now as it would be if we all found ourselves on a virgin planet.  Not to be confused with a planet full of virgins.

We're in the woods and have to survive.  You gravitate toward some people and away from others.  No one specifically owes anyone anything.  There is no question that some people will start trying to play leader.  Priestly types will emerge and plenty of people will follow the self styled leader and the priest because they like to be told what to do, and feel good in a large group of other followers.

That is a real pain for the independent types, minding their own business, because the majority can pillage the minority in any number of ways.

But prior to leaders managing to muck it up too much, you know your right to live is as solid as anyone's.  Your ability to survive may not be.  But you have a right to try, and you will probably do OK.  Some will do better.  It is not your right to decide that they need to do something for you.

Just because you can't demand something from someone does not mean that person can't offer you whatever it is you need or want.   The more you force people the less personally charitable they seem to become.  I have no stats.  I just notice that people are very generous when it is not directly coming from them.  Not always so much when it comes to helping a friend or neighbor.

When you think about it, even acts of charity have been directed and controlled, and set up to be subjected to approval.  Buying your nearly homeless neighbor's kids new shoes or clothes is not an official charity.  To deduct it you would have to divulge info on the neighbor, at the very least.  I'm not sure you can even do that.

There should be no charity deduction.  Just cut the rates by 10% across the board.  After awhile people might pick up the slack on their own.  Totally inappropriate and corrupt tax system.  It is wrong.    They try to convince our own population that those among us who view a tax supported agency as abusive, dishonest, corrupt, inconsistent and confusing are terrorists of some kind.   Wrong.

Maybe Bob Filner will eventually end up as head of Homeland security.  If they elect me president I may appoint him head of that outfit.  That is while we are shutting it down.  Of course, I'd probably have a Bolshevik congress, so I'd have to settle for vetoing 90% or more of the bills they pass.  My guess is that I wouldn't last very long in that job.  They'd either shoot me or set me up somehow and impeach me, or who knows what.

And the concubine who lives there with me better not start some dumb ass campaign that has anything to do with telling anyone what to do and how to live,   That would be a deal killer.  I'd have to drop her off in the alley where we met.

People see things differently.  Sometimes the same set of facts leads to a different conclusion.  Usually they are wrong.  This is why I think it took so long for toilet paper to become an available commodity.  No question someone had the idea and everyone said he/she was a witch and they made a bonfire out of the toilet paper inventor.  Why?  Because people are not all that bright and lack foresight.  Some can't help it, and some don't want to.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disturbing Ad

Fortunately, I don't see too many advertisements of the TV variety.  Hulu is not ad free, so I catch a few here and there.

They have a new one for Mr.Clean.  He used to just be a badass.  And you always wondered what was up with him home alone with a variety of housewives.

I don't know what happened in his life over the years, but Mr. Clean is now clearly gay.  I'll bet all the husbands decided it was alright for him to hang out with the women, alone, one on one--because they say he's gay.  We know what's what.

I don't care what that makes me.  Mr Clean was supposed to be a badass, who proved that even tough guys can shine chrome and porcelain, while swooning babes shamelessly lead him to the bedroom to see what he can clean in there..  He was the type of guy you trust to steer you right on cleaning chemicals, but not the type you trust in any other context.

Is it true he did time for manslaughter?

If memory serves he was cleaning up the crime scene when the cops arrived.   On the way to the station he cleaned the back seat and headliner of the police car.   That was one clean prison by the time he was granted parole.  He did get time off for good behavior.

I would never have guessed Mr Clean was a gay felon.  Or any kind of felon.  I thought he was just a weird clean-freak badass, that I wouldn't trust most of the time.  This may be an act to boost sales or divert attention from the manslaughter thing.  He was even hitting on some other cartoon man in the commercial.  Clean is a cad of some kind.

Mr Clean is not a name you can trust, but you can probably do alright with his cleaning formula.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Un Be F'ing Lievable: part 852013

Perhaps you are one of those who actually held an Obamacare party.  No offense, but WTF?   I cannot relate.

I did notice that those quoted in the article I read al talked about what they are getting.   I'm not sure that those people understand the source of these things.  They think it is Obama, who exempted many Congressional type employees from various requirements of the law, personally bestowing gifts upon them.  In a way they are right; like when gangsters show generosity in the neighborhood..

A stranger thing, I can hardly imagine.  You celebrate the birthday of a politician by throwing a party to sell your unconscious neighbors on the wonders of a law that has nothing to do with people doing something wrong, but with forcing purchases and compliance.  Not to mention the other little power grabs and stupid spending incorporated in the 3000 page aberration against individuals who like to mind their own business.

(if people liked the law and methods of implementation, why do they have to go around campaigning, trying to sell you on the wonder of it all?  It isn't a good con if it doesn't sound good to the mark.  By definition, one might say.)

Those must have been really fun parties.  Yay!  I'm on mom's insurance until I'm 26, but mom can't afford her insurance anymore.  Just one of those odd cases.  Gonna throw a bolshevik party, ya gotta crack some eggs.  Or has that got to do with omelets? Anyway.  I guess no one on Ballistic mountain chose to jump on that bandwagon.  I would have heard it echoing in the canyon.

These people are serious about their icon worship, and about promoting any intrusive, divisive nonsense he and his pals scheme.   It can only be some kind of envy and hatred, I think.

Maybe not.  Some people lionized FDR, and still do.  The same with Reagan, Kennedy, etc.  The point is, a significant number of people are strongly compelled to embrace the idea of being a subject of some bigger than life person.  

Class warfare has been played a lot. 99%, 1%.  Love 'em, hate 'em.  I don't know how the dividing line works.  Must be a lot of gerrymandering involved since Obama and many others fueling these things are wealthy and wield lots of power.  If mainstream America is really advertising their desire to be subservient and to please, I must be in the 1%.

We've neve outgrown the old feudal system,  an, like with lots of things, the memory of it has grown rosier than the reality.  People forgot that they did not like being abused by kings that much.  Now they clamor for some royal figure to idolize with a blind zeal that is normally seen in radical religious cults.

I'm incredulous.  There are things that seem way off to me, but to some people those things are holy and cannot be discussed in other than a worshipful, praising manner.

I suppose if they abolished the irs, there would be parties.  I wouldn't go, but I'd be very happy about it.

People are nuts, but I still prefer them to bears.

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