Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Milestone of Sorts

Time will tell why this feels like a turning point.  I hope the change sticks.  Everyone goes on trips, but I seem to make a bigger deal of them, even though I fail to plan much.

Still, for me this was a borderline spiritual experience.  Those come and go, too.

What a shocker when I arrived home.  I forgot about all the work I did prior to departure.  The place looked shockingly neat and inviting.  Now I recall that being my goal. I didn't want walking in the door to be depressing and tiring.

Not the most hideous structures ever built, but even so, windmill farms tend to screw up the landscape.   There are better ways to get power without screwing up large tracts of land 

I really have my work cut out for me if I am going to ... can't think of how to say it without saying too much.  Whatnot.   That covers it.

There were guitar hangers on the wall when I moved here, so that is covered.

The hospitality extended in both Mississippi and Texas was more than I'd expect, and it set the bar high for me if I am ever a host.

My cousins apparently raised extraordinary children while I was inommunicado, or otherwise not paying attention.  They are gown up now with their own families.  I tried to impress upon them that we share blood.  We are genetically linked to some degree.  Hopefully I can claim some of their awesomeness by pulling the blood relative card.  And they are Texans on top of it all.

I wonder at some people who can't wait to get home "to their own bed."  I can think of beds or bed other than my own I'd rather occupy.


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