Sunday, May 22, 2016

The New Me, yippee kie yay, lil' dawggies

I already uploaded this pic on facebook. It is a bootleg shot from Blazing Saddles.  Slim Pickens watching Alex Kerras(?) combust due to a bean issue.  I believe that is correct.

Whatever the deal, now that I have cowboy boots, and a white cowboy shirt with snaps, and a black cowboy hat for Chris' and Emily's wedding this weekend, I am changing my name to Slim Belmondo.

But this Friday, we go up the coast to play at a huge veteran memorial day event.  They have other groups, three of them.  They are of a different nature than this group, Valor and Lace.  The wedding is Sunday in this neck of the woods.  See, I talk like a cowboy now.  Boy, howdy, them dawggies.

Now that Richard Resonator is back and sometimes J-Rod plays bass for us, it is really taking shape.  Chris and Em are young 30's and exceptionally good looking in a likable, approachable way.  And they are heavy duty Texas swamp country.  It is getting swampier with what Richard and I do.  Resonator is generic word for Dobro.  The latter is apparently a brand or something. like Coke.

I heard a recording Chris did through the board at our last practice in Em's garage.  It sounded way better than I thought.  Also people are highly attracted to them.  Richard and I help them sound good. But the persona that seems to attract people is that thing they have going.  I cannot tell you why, but every time I am around them, I leave feeling more optimistic and about life, more confident, less negative.

The four of us went to Boot Barn to get stuff to wear at their wedding.  It is a bit of a western-casual affair.  They did not want people to feel like they had to go overboard who are in the wedding.  I am in it.  Richard is best man which is way cool.  He's 70.  Chris is maybe 33.  Of course both had a stint in the Marines in entirely different eras under different conditions, but with much the same scars.  They deal with it better and quicker now in most ways.

So, we were there 2 1/2 hours.  Various reasons, but it was fun the whole time.  And Emily did all the brain work and else.  She found stuff we couldn't.  Really an amazingly capable and high energy person.  I could see her running a large corporation, juggling a hundred things at one time and staying on top of all. I guess most women I know are exceptional in ways like that.

It was clear today that we were quite willing to let her be the brains and also decide yay or nay.

I got some spiffy cowboy stuff now.  I'm going to be tipping my black hat to the pretty girls, "Ma'am. All I'm askin' is eight seconds.  Whataya say?"
Tune up!! Or the harp player gets it!!!

Now I am a cowboy.  I do believe my country music friends are likely to catch on.  I have watched how audiences want to like them. They want to like their music before they hear it.  And now it is good, so they don't have to try to hard to like it.

I am in two bands.  After what the other did in the studio, and how the country one is doing, I am pushing both to apply for South by Southwest in Austin.  It is a huge deal and means something big to get invited.  What if both made it?

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