Saturday, February 21, 2015

Latest from D.C., and/or Sacramento

It's WTF nation, and any time you think they are joking, they are sincerely serious, and expect you to buy it without blinking.

California already requires anyone under 18 to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.   No doubt someone's kid bought the farm on a bicycle and they all did what they do best--panic, and wring hands while crying, "We must DO something!!".  Oh how could this have ever happened, etc., if we save just ONE life, it is worth it.

That line has been used for many laws, and it is not sound reasoning or right.  You want to save lives?  Just confine as many people to rubber rooms as possible, feed them only juice to decrease chances of choking, and remove all other hazards that can be identified.

Now one of our legislators, out to craft "robust" legislation, insists that we all must wear helmets on bicycles or pay a fine.  People take that sort of thing seriously.  Has anyone thought of the idea of being born free, possessing free will and all that?  Has the philosophy behind our system of governance been lost altogether?

I know it was lost even when I was in school.  Most teachers were pushing ideas that they thought were great.  They did not understand the complex balance between urban and rural, individual and state, region and country, or the need to check the tyranny of the majority.

Why bother to go into that now?  Either you think that some group of elite people are qualified to make you live and act only under their permission, or you don't.  I don't.  I don't believe even when history is rewritten, as we are continually doing, and this administration is particularly intent upon doing. that the mideast policy of forever was ever fated to succeed.  Unless, of course, your goal is mass hysteria and psychosis being funded, given credibility and and respect.

Never mind.  I feel like riding a bike down main street, while smoking, and uttering political incorrect heresy, like that men and women are not identical organisms, that islam is a sicker cult than christianity, that Al Sharpton is a criminal, that people ought to not be able to force your behavior if you are not harming them, and they better be able to seriously prove that.  Not just come up with greater good and cost to society conjecture.

Dang. Just today it was brought to my attention that something was illegal, and I had no idea.  Now I forgot what it was, so I asm likely to commit the offense by accident because it makes no sense.

But to some, preventing parents from helping their ill children overcome various problems if it involves any form of cannabis, is grounds for jail and minding the business of others.  This need to have the permission of the state to best care for yourself and your family, fish, or wash windows for money is not the way civilized society should have evolved.  Mistake. Pure and simple
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