Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sir What?

It must be a bad joke, I thought when I heard that Gordon Brown somehow bestowed an honorary knighthood on Ted Kennedy. I guess the queen has to issue the decree and he was just the messenger or chief court jester. I'm not schooled in the finer points of monarchy protocol. That's because I live in a country which made as one of it's cornerstones in principle a prohibition against granting titles of nobility or establishing any such automatic class distinctions.

To me, the fact that the Nancy boy from England came here knighting drunken abusers of public money and power shows how confident other countries have become in our demise. What a slap in the face. Suggesting that we need to now subjugate ourselves to some global regulation of the entire banking world, meaning his sapped out kingdom wants to slop around in the bottom of the barrel with us, further destroy the fruits of freedom and the idea of liberty. It's been an international hoax for years. Su casa, mi casa. That appears to be the theme. Let's run one another's banks. We've got a hell of a track record keeping our respective countries in great shape so why not run the world?

We've had the new world order czars pushing their program for quite some time. It all demands a reduction of rights, and collective "action". Same old story. Bush one was the first to announce the dream frankly, and every president since has pushed his version and laid a little more groundwork for the demise of a once rather free country. At least one that had the right principles laid down in print, even if it didn't follow the ideals perfectly. Now those principles aren't even revered.

All aren't equal with the same rights. Speech is free depending on what you say and who you are. Presumed guilt is the cornerstone of our law enforcement and alleged security measures.

Sir Teddy? A real freedom advocate would have said "thanks, but no thanks". Of course if Teddy had any integrity, Mary Jo would have lived a longer life. A normal person would have done a bit of time over that one.

Of all the people to single out for some bizarre honor bestowed by inbred royalty, Kennedy is that last one I would have guessed. Stevie Wonder, Thomas Sowell, Ron Paul, I don't know, someone who actually represents excellence or character or something.

It is clear that the UK has got political idiocy that at least rivals our own. It's as if they are reaching out begging us to join them in their misery. Well, they were once the world's big power, and so were we. Like a couple of old has been fighters reminiscing their youth, trying to convince one another they still got it. I'd send that bugger boy back home and make him take Ted with him if I had my way.

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