Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why This Won Blues Award

Jason Ricci won harmonica player of the year at the Blues awards, something more important in that world than grammys, partly because no harmonica player of the year is awarded at grammy festivities. Everyone wants a grammy, don't get me wrong. I want a grammy. And an oscar and the nobel prize, even if I think louts and no accounts have wormed their way in to receiving a few of those. I still want one or all.

Here's a great solo improv by Jason Ricci, in Ft Lauderdale, a bit over a year and half ago. He since got robbed, flooded out, sick and is beginning a new project which is out of New Orleans--the Sex Kitten band--I heard one cover they do and think it is doomed to succeed.

If only I would customize my harps for overblows and had the effects he plays through. It would not make me play like this--just nice to have. Believe me he can play through no mic or anything and bring the house down.

He is one step beyond almost everyone. One of my favorites for sure. And a rather bright, personable guy.

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