Friday, March 7, 2014

Maybe Later the Movie Will be Made

Complain complain.  That's all you do.  And if it isn't you then it is me.  I can't ignore my defective nature.  It is what allows me to be a pauper while those who are no smarter are billionaires, or just people who look at me and complain that what I think do or say is stupid.

I'm horrible at argument and debate, so they almost always win, even if they are wrong and clearly not smarter or even better.

I don't have some of the luxuries that may suit others, like anger, opium, active and/or festering resentment(we're the 99%), etc.  It could be that all that is an illusion.   I'm not too sure what to do or think.

If I'm in the right place at the right time I will make the movie trailer.  In the movie I cover almost all topics, large and small.  All things will be put in perspective.  It will be the movie that tells you where the rabbit ate the cabbage; that means it will be a big dose of reality.  Not "as I see it", but as it is.

I've been in the mood to make the film maybe fifteen times in the last three days, but never in the mood when resources at hand permitted the endeavor.  That is the obstacle.  If ever I'm in the right place at the right time, I intend to let you have it, and tell you what for on video.  You'll be sorry you ever doubted, you godless heathens and naysayers and intolerant carnivores.

This is going to be the film that sets it straight.  It'll be all 21st century wisdom, except, unlike everything else that boasts of being this century and cutting edge, it will be true and worthwhile.

If anyone ever had a question about anything, now would be the time to ask, because all questions which cross our credenza will be answered like never before, and not necessarily in that order.  I'm sure you see what  mean.  Also, now is the time, while asking and answering is still legal.   Don't laugh.  Kids get suspended from school for pointing their fingers like figurative guns.

Why would anyone who could possibly home school or get their kid in a sane private school ever go anywhere near public school?  Bunch of union brainwashed thugs with degrees, if you are lucky.  But I thought that when I was in school.

OK. All will be answered if enough questions occur to me and if I am able to hold the enthusiasm and belief in life for more than five minutes at a time.

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