Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Foreign News

What is the deal with news departments hiring Brits and others who aren't American and don't really understand the place?  It's worse in CA I think.  Any accent other than one common to this country is seen as intellectually superior.

The people may be bright, educated and hard working, but in cases like Piers Morgan, they haven't a clue why we are not England, or anything remotely related to philosophy of freedom.

Maybe CNN thinks Americans can't report news with such a blatant disregard for fact checking and critical thinking.   So they hire smarmy foreigners who don't know the difference between liberty and tyranny, or fact and fiction.

I'm stunned that people get paid to be such dimwits.   Go back to England, Piers, and tell them your theories on what our Constitution means.  People like that are why we are here.  First their pompous heavy handedness contributed to it, and then their arrogance at underestimating their foe.  Qualities which Piers proudly wears wherever he speaks.

Here's a little added statistic for the gun argument.

Those who encounter other humans and who carry a loaded weapon are 100% more likely to shoot some one or get shot than those who never encounter other humans and never carry a gun.

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