Monday, September 30, 2013

New Hampshire Still Looks Good, bring on global warming

Being one of those dangerous radicals that DHS demonizes, the free state project is of interest to me.  But that is in New Hampshire, a state with a climate much different that we experience in Southern California.

It does look like a good place for insurance fugitives and for those who'd rather live privately rather than under the wing and supervision of more agencies than I can count.  I'm not sure if I'd off myself rather than be a ward of the state, but I would not rule it out.  Cali is great if you are looking for a system to play.  Not so much if you are me, as far as the expense, rules and regs.  People in east SD county are friendlier than most everywhere else I've been in this state.  That surprises me.

But it is such a nice stretch of real estate.  Amazing that people manage to screw it up.  And they do it through government for the most part.  That is probably a fact of life and human nature that I need to learn to accept.  Running around thinking "don't tread on me" won't fix it.

I'll bet when I do all I can to improve my own world, I will feel better and not so cynically depressed.  Although stupidity, corruption and forced collectivism will probably always annoy me.

Speaking of annoyances, here are a couple of items that can trigger long expletive filled outbursts, if I let my self control lapse.

The first is a pic of just one of the many combat style vehicles landing in police and sheriff departments around the country.  Are they planning a war on the public?  I'd not mind them renting a few if they planned to take out Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Hell's Angels and all other gangs, but they aren't likely to take time out from harassing peaceful people to do anything so worthwhile.

The second random pisser would be the three stooges pictured below.  No need to embellish too much on that.  I'm glad to see they aren't all getting along.  These privileged creeps are set for life on the public dime.  Why?   No elected official should be provided a pension and benefits.  They take.  They do not serve.  I hate it when they pretend that their "public service" is some high calling.  Self righteous bastards!  They even exempt themselves from laws they inflict on others, while playing to the most stupid of sentiments to get votes, because people are dumb enough, or greedy enough to go along with it.

I know I'm not cool, and if I had any audience, really cool creeps I'd like to punch, like Bill Maher, would call me names and present half true jokes at my expense.  I don't care.  I'm tired of the big pretense and the pressure to go along with nonsense.  The picture above is a small sampling of the sociopaths who control the guns and money.  I only know a little first hand info about those who control these sociopaths.  Or at least the one in the middle.  Some of the puppeteering is obvious from a distance, anyway.  You don't have to have an inside view to sense it.

My God!  If the holy government "shuts down"(another misleading, half true political phrase), the panda cam at the San Diego zoo will go offline!!!   I know I feel good paying federal tax because I can't live without the panda cam.  Or the various insane wars in the mid east.  If my money isn't supporting arming people who stone women to death and turn the weapons on us eventually, I feel like I'm being ripped off.

Come here!  I want to chop your head from your infidel body.  
zippidy do dah....we stone you if you smoke the cigar, we stone you if you dare to drive the car, we stone you if you tell of the rape,  we stone you if you go on a date,   Do not feel so all alone, every body (I mean uppity female and infidel) must get stoned!

If things that get shut down are termed "non-essential", why do those things exist?   The trouble is, being the cesspool of insanity and deception that it is, the federal government mislabels some things as non-essential, and others as essential.  Too bad. If they labelled correctly, I'd be cheering shutdown.

Why does government do anything that's non-essential?  Never mind.  That category covers about 87.6% of everything they do. Maybe as much as 93.2%.  What the hell.  As long as we can stay in a perpetual state of undeclared war, who can complain?

I'm praying the north warms up due to man's activities so that New Hampshire will enjoy a more temperate climate.  Then I'll try that for awhile before I'm too old to be a vagabond.

I hope someone reading this is really buying the bullshit being put out about healthcare, foreign affairs, obesity, and all the rest, so I can piss you off and accuse you of being a nincompoop and a danger to all that is worthwhile in our species.
the end

update: forget last part.  After viewing some facebook discussions, I see that a huge number of people buy all the bs.  I was going to get some koolaid but I see it has all been consumed.  Frustrating.  This snowball is still barreling downhill and there is no hope of it stopping or reversing direction.

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