Saturday, May 8, 2010

Redemption Themes

At K's the other night, we were musing about the songs he and the other guy write. One writes about leaving the girl, even though nothing is wrong with her, and the other writes more about her leaving because she died too young. Well, some of those were written by others.

The joke was that K is jilt the chick themed, and C is dead chick themed. Then I was asked what theme my songs fall into. I didn't have an answer at the time, but since realized almost everything I have written is about redemption in some way. At least that is what I call it. You are down and out, lost, or full of unrequited passion, then it turns around and you climb back up, find yourself and fly through the sky with the hot chick. All of it has to do with getting your soul back.

That sounds a bit strange. I'm not sure how else to put it. Feeling and being a participant in life after being on the sidelines like a spectator. Years of wishing you could be alive rather than just be here with a pulse but not much else. That's a kind of redemption. Especially if the starting condition felt like life wasted, missed, lost. Hopeless.

That is pretty much it. That is how my life has been. Little deaths and little redemptions. Yes I know the French or some other foreigners use that term in another context. It does, however, tie in I suppose. Multiple meanings are always nice. One might even say that life is actually its own metaphor.

Information is Too Sparse to Know Cause, but Effect is Consistently Clear

I'm reluctant to jump on any of the many bandwagons which seem to be everywhere across this country. There is the one about global warming, or climate change, or whatever, that insists it is all caused by humans and the earth is going to die.

So, green everything is promoted, even though in the grand scheme of things many of these products actually have as much carbon footprint as whatever evil they are replacing. That has to do with all the energy, toxic waste and processes which are required to manufacture the green thing. OK.

The truth is foggy on that front, but it is clear that everything proposed makes life more expensive and mobility much more difficult--especially for the less financially endowed. Ability to cover distances and live outside the urban hub seem threatened.

The oil rig disaster has many reacting by insisting that maybe drilling offshore is wrong and dangerous and ought not be done. We've not had troubles up until now, for the most part. This one is big time.

Without a satisfactory level of information regarding the cause of the explosion that ruined that rig, I am hesitant to indict the process altogether. Many have grown to hate the oil business, almost blindly, like a source to focus free floating anger. Some firms in that industry have definitely been too much in bed with the powers that be, but that does not make the entire concept bad. Refineries have been limited, exploration has bee gorssly retarded and then people bemoan dependence on foreign oil.

Someone is making big bucks off this set up. Maybe the very corporations that those who support all the limits love to hate. Stranger things have happened when it comes to regulations.

OK. Don't know what caused the mess. Don't know if every agency and entity involved did what they were supposed to do to contain it in a timely fashion or not. Maybe they acted as quickly as they could, maybe not.

No use having a strong opinion about that--not enough info, and the sources of information are notoriously full of half truths.

The one thing that stands out is that the reaction is going to limit the supply one way or another, and again what you get is curbing of mobility.

War on terror had that same effect. Ability to move about freely was squeezed. Almost everything going on results in restricted mobility. Or an insistence on being dependent and poorer than you were.

I hate to say it, but I'm not buying the spin on health care, climate, terrorism, drugs, immigration or Wall Street. That is not to say I buy the arguments presented by whatever is supposed to be the opposition in these matters. I'm not on any bandwagon, however I am coming dangerously close to believing what can only be classed as conspiracy theory. I do pick and choose, though.

Noting the Greek melt down and issues for Europe because of the euro, can we now quit citing how they do things in Europe as the glowing role model?

If fuel goes sky high, I guess I'll get the smallest possible bike that can cruise at highway speeds. That road trip is going to happen one way or the other.

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