Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baby Rabbits

My nephews are probably a bigger influence on me than is usually the case with uncles and such.   Once upon a time I could carry them around while making various threats, one under each arm.  The threats weren't all that bad--deportation, forced attendance in public school, that sort of thing.

They became too large to carry a time passed.  Neither one seemed in too big a hurry to have kids, although #1 did go for marriage a bit quick the first time.  Blink a couple of times and they've multiplied.  Bam bam bam, burp me ma'am.

Finally all the babies have arrived.  I'm hoping the two six month olds will cry in unison because I predict an exquisite harmon that only comes from sharing the same gene pool.   So far they both appear to be way too happy most of the time, and far too easy of temperament.  I bet I can fix that!

The 2 yr 9month old hasn't figured out just who I am or why I am here yet, but he went straight from the flight in to the extended family's Noche Buena party.  I arrived after they had been at that house for a few hours.  She seemed to think the place was a hotel, or at least that is what he called it.  But, like me, she loved the salsa music.  This is a case in which you remain aloof until the kid seeks your favor.  This girl is quite adept at outsmarting adults in a very clever and pleasant way.

Christmas morning will be a trip.  There will be nine adults, all of whom are some form of blood relative to all three rug rats.   Most all are nuts in very different ways.  I think the kids are lucky, but only time will tell.  I hope they don't get too much of whatever it is I have to much of in my make-up.

I will say this: my nephews landed incredibly spiffy mates and produced an abundance of cuteness.  The rate at which they suddenly multiplied, and for all I know may continue doing so, is mildly alarming.

The tiny ones seem to take to me well, so I'm pretty sure they must both be above average.

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