Sunday, July 18, 2010

Watching a "Debate"

I was just watching a slow streaming video of a debate between various candidates for governor of Illinois--green, two independents, constitution, and libertarian. Republican and Democrat didn't show up. Why would they? If they don't show the news doesn't cover it, and they can be sure the public ignores the fact that they are not the only ones running.

Even so, it amazes me to listen to all these people claim that they can do better those things government ought not do. It is not so much the fact that tax money is wasted or that program will or won't redesign humanity as we know it. The problem is that we let go of the limits on the function of government long ago, and without super strict limits, it will always be wasteful and more corrupt than not. Laws against force and fraud, infringing on property rights and individual liberty, are not uniformly enforced, if enforced at all.

So instead of it being about what basic functions should be served, it is about everything else. Oldest trick in the world--the old misdirection play.

Oh well. So, I intend to roam around a bit as soon as I save a little more money. I'll keep my eye open for good places to settle when we enter the era of health insurance outlaws and scofflaws. No use dwelling on what I can't change, but when it does affect me, it is not a bad idea to be aware of what is going down. Since I am willing to draw the line and not follow dictators or authoritarian regimes, I simply won't cooperate. Not out to do any harm or mischief.

Maybe it is good I have less to lose than most. Maybe I have more, who knows. Less tugging at me to be herded with the rest. No family to be hurt or any of that. I can see if I had kids at home, they'd think I was nuts, then later in life they'd possibly think I was right. I do think now is the time to live, and screw cooperating with the insanely intrusive and abusive.

It is not easy to be a gypsy. Got to have a po box at least, insurance, licenses (driving, fishing, one to own a cat, one on the car, etc.) bank account, and not look suspicious. You'd be surprised.

So, contribute to the gypsy vagabond relief fund. If you don't I'll get public service ads made and put them all over the place with film of me looking pitiful, victimized, alone and forlorn--the usual guilt trip. It will be sickening. You can prevent this.

Gypsy Blood

It has been thought that I may have gypsy in my genes. No, not a gypsy in my jeans, although depending upon the gypsy, I don't reject that plan. Lots of good looking gypsy women, if movies are true to life, and I'm sure they are.

That trip in the fall keeps coming to mind. I may have enough work between now and whenever to pull it off. Most likely it won't include much more than a run to Texas and then back, but let's not think in restrictive terms. It could be a wide ranging tour, depending on factors both known and unknown.

That kind of thing makes me smile inside. But I also realize this is an indication that I am ahead of my time.

Long before I heard it from an Art Bell guest in the late 90's, I reasoned that the only way the human race will endure into a future almost unlimited is to find another planet, solar system, galaxy. Pretty much in that order. Eventually the sun is going to swallow us up and the neighborhood will not be what it was.

I think we have plenty of time, but only if we advance in all ways. I think there will be some system which involves dimensions and time and twists not yet considered. In any case if this species wants to survive billions of years, we need to embrace our inner gypsy. Or, you can embrace me, your outer gypsy--depending upon who you are, mentally, spiritually, and aesthetically. Not necessarily in that order.

Good thing there is no urgency for billions of years, I have yet to even enjoy all the cool places just in this country.

Help fund my trip. It is tax deductible, I give you a voucher that says so, signed by me.
You can make your checks out to "cash" if you choose, and just send them to Descanso, CA, or Ballistic Mountain, CA. Should be fine.

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