Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pursuit of What

Lately it feels like I'm not even on another planet; just caught in limbo. Sometimes I catch myself leaving conversations angry. Not while engaged but after. It is like nothing that comes out of me is what I intend, and certainly nothing I like. Those are the things that send one into semi-isolation. The disconnect between wish and word leaves me feeling oddly rejected. I reject myself for that dullard quality of interaction. It is part of the blanket of cement that clouds my brain at times. When it goes away, all is well. How others see it is not a big deal then, When the cylinders are firing, those things aren't fuel for self disparagement.

I should be up. Rather difficult projects have been completed, meeting the parameters that made them hard to accomplish in the first place. Minor feats of engineering using common, cheap items intended for another purpose. Sort of like making a flying machine out of the living room curtains and having it work as planned. Not quite that much fun, but the illustration stands.

One thing I have noticed; I never do not enjoy long drives through the hills on other than interstate highways. There is a lot of that in my life, due to my location and that of the work that comes my way. At times I think I could easily roam around the western half of the USA for months, maybe years, as long as I don't have to stop too long. I have yet to figure out how to pull that off, and how to have company at least part of the time on such adventures. One thing at a time, I guess.

I'm not unaware of what probably sets this cycle in motion. Mind may or may not follow body. Either the mind creates the cloud which dulls the mind and body, or the cloud comes from high classed brain chemicals searching for equilibrium. In any case, it is not to be taken too seriously, and no major decisions should be made while in such a stupor. It took many years to begin to understand that concept, and exercise it. I'll bet popcorn is the best cure.

Luckily there are a few projects to be done for others which ought to keep me out of trouble for a short time.


I said privately that I was going to write about this, but never did. That doesn't mean it is by request, other than my own.

Southwest has proven to be a pretty good airline. All my experiences with them have been positive. On this last trip I found yet another advantage available to the Southwest Airlines passenger.

Overhead, beside the little air nozzles that you can adjust for more breeze, or less, they have buttons labeled with little airline symbols, hieroglyphics for illiterates. Emoticons for jet setters. One has a picture of a humanoid form with one arm bent in such a way as to provide a platform for a cartoon cup of coffee.

The other has the age old symbol for a newly formed, inspired, ingenious, BRIGHT IDEA!!! That's right, the old fashioned cartoon light bulb (not the Gore-approved variety) with lines extending out at 90 degrees to tangent; an effort to simulate illumination.

If you need an idea or inspirarion, just press the button. Now that is a service you don't see every day. It works, too. My immediate dilemma was how to build a thing without going too high cost, which would withstand a cannonball attack, and which could be broken down into pieces that could be tied in a bundle which would fit in most cars. Well the one piece may not suit the bundle well, but it would go in the car. The tough thing was how to make it come apart and go back together without requiring tools (although a hammer or mallet may be useful). {since how was more pressing than the cost thought, I did go a bit over budget. In fed speak, I saved billions, so what the heck)

Press the idea button, and next thing I know, three or four days later, the thing is done, and it worked. Since the only label on the idea button is in the international language for illiterates, if there were any instructions I didn't know it. I'm rather illiterate when it comes to the international language for illiterates.

The world of logos and icons sometimes works like a Rorschach test. I'll see an icon for, say, a graphics program, and mistake it for a hooker leaning on a streetlight. Imagine my disappointment.

I think the Southwest idea button keys off the dilemma foremost on your mind at the moment. I'm saving up for another flight, but this time I will have a list of things to think about which baffle me most. Most things may baffle, however only a few are of much consequence---as far as I know. For example, the widespread popularity of high heels among women is puzzling, but who cares? They often look spiffy or better. Would I endure such pain to have men panting over me? No. I tell myself I wouldn't endure such pain to have women panting over me, however the pain I've invited over my lifetime which I can directly link to the wooing of women is easily on a par with excruciating toe and foot pain.

OK. So I take that example back. Whatever the priority in the quest for the bright idea, they can be had directly overhead when sitting semi-comfortably in your hard won Southwest exit seat; the one which has no seat directly in front of you. Other seats appear to have the same feature, but I did not try them.

Maybe, if you had the chance to move around, you could get different types of ideas from all the different buttons. If you push the button above a seat occupied by other(s), the idea most like goes straight down into the head of the seat occupants). No way I'm going to do that. This may be a secret that only a few people know. The seekers of bright ideas.

Only a portion of the population cares about bright ideas. A huge part is hooked on new ideas. New ideas can be as dumb or dumber than old ones. No, bright ideas are the best, and you can get some if you fly right.

********Oh yea. The male flight attendant introduced himself as Ron Burgundy when we landed, saying, “Stay classy San Diego”. It was a reasonable impersonation, and I think this FA was a kid in a candy store, not a gay store either. You know, stereotypes and all, I thought I’d clarify.
Cracked me up.

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