Saturday, November 28, 2009


Growing up in Miami, rain was a regular thing, especially the last week or two of school.   Every day at 2 or 3 PM it would pour.   The big fun was riding home on bikes with the hooligans in my neighborhood. 

Here in east SD county, it rarely rains.  Very rarely.  I think they have more fires than rain showers.   Except for today.  Today it is raining coyotes and bobcats.  Perfect.  Since I was feeling sorry for myself anyway, the backdrop is fitting.  

I wonder if the wash down off the hills is making temporary rivers over the road.  I know there are lots of places prone to that sort of temporary flooding.  Nowhere else for the water to go.  This is not the sort of land that soaks it in like a sponge. 

This deluge will help alleviate fire fears for a minute or two.  Fire is ever the looming fear in the east county.  It makes sense in a way, and not in another.  I would think there would be technological advances which would be in place to ensure that a fire did not spread but so far, at least in populated areas.   Not that anything out here is a huge population center.  There are towns and people though.

Some of the measures that ought to be taken are off the table due to misguided ecological concerns.  Let's risk life limb property and the bit of fauna and flora we seek to protect in the name of the fauna and flora we seek to protect.  Just as long as it puts humans at greater risk, everyone is happy.

I'm thinking there are ways to contain areas ahead of time to minimize potential spread. I have a few ideas on the subject.  I doubt I'll ever try to suggest them to the powers that be.  

My back yard is now a maze of tiny streams meandering their way down to the bottom of the canyon or bowl or box or cajon, whatever it might be called.   It follows no real pattern.  Much like my mind at this moment.

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