Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coyote Afternoon

The other day, yesterday to be precise, I found myself harboring what may have been a border jumper. I was way out east, near Boulevard, CA, on Highway 80, no doubt THEE Eighty in local parlance. The naked Buddhist retreat is somewhere in that area but I forget where so I did not go check it out. In some places you can see the border fence between Mexico and the USA.

I was driving east and decided I'd gone plenty far enough.

A mile or two before turning around, I saw a guy walking on the side of the road. He looked pretty tired and like the heat was getting to him. I kept going--he was walking west.

After turning around I saw a border patrol jeep by the side of the road stopped--not an uncommon sight.

After traveling west another mile I caught up to the pedestrian mentioned previously. Thee Eighty is two lane and there is not much of anything out there. You hit a few tiny towns consisting of a few buildings and dwellings, but that is it. No stoplights. No nothing for the most part.

This time the pedestrian, who was walking on the left hand side of the road stuck his thumb high in the air. "Please give me a ride", was what he seemed to be thinking. My car was loaded with junk, laundry, all kinds of stuff, including on the front passenger seat. Who knows why I stopped. I guess I thought I'd hate to be walking out there and would appreciate a ride if I was the one hitch hiking.

By the time he got around to the passenger side and I opened the door, he seemed like he could hardly stand. Not drunk, just very thirsty and tired. I cleared the debris from the seat and he got in.

No luggage, no gun, no bundle of belongings. And no English. My Spanish is a bit rusty. It takes me some time before I am able to understand or communicate. I have to be around it awhile. Even so, I managed to get some information.

He wanted to go to LA. I think he had a friend or relative there. He had been walking for three days. From Mexico. The guy appeared to be rather clueless regarding immigration issues or the fact that if he kept going on that road, he would walk into a check point. If he jumped up to Thee Eight he would also walk into a checkpoint.

Soon enough I figured out that I was transporting an illegal alien. Why did you leave Mexico, I asked in something akin to Spanish. For work, was the reply in what was definitely Spanish. Oh boy. I hate to encourage the immigration problem, but something in me caused my first reaction to be how to get this guy past the MAN. Unbelievable.

He was not a thug, and probably had a relative or friend in LA who said, come here, Amigo. They pay money for work. Easy to get work here.

My view of the mess is that, number one; the 14th amendment was never intended to provide for the anchor baby loophole. That amendment came shortly after the Civil War to prevent the temptation to not recognize the citizenship of freed slaves or any other Black people living here. The bastardization of that amendment through faulty interpretation and application has caused much problem.

The other problem is that no one but US citizens or legal aliens should benefit from social security, welfare or public education. Anything other is just not sustainable.

And lastly, if we did away with the income tax debacle, going to a consumption tax, as described in the Fair Tax initiative, issues of tax and all that would be moot. It would make it easier to produce goods here and hire whoever will work.

Of course, you always run into various complications, but those things would improve the situation immensely, much to the chagrin of La Raza and other power hungry groups who are about their own desired tyranny, not the people they pretend to love.
Some of the la raza folks seem confused that La Raza began when an Aztec woman(some would say a traitor to her people) befriended the evil Spaniard Cortez, giving rise to The Race, unique to Mexico. There is a holiday there commemorating the event. Of course Aztec was only one ethnicity there, and Aztecs destroyed or conquered and incorporated many other groups, as well. But the race, La Raza was born, and to the pride of those who descended from its creation.

Anyway, I felt that I was in potential trouble if I carried my pal to a check point. If I didn't just throw him to the agents, then I'd be in trouble, I'm sure. In any case they would probably want to converse with me for a longer time than I desired. My guess was, I'd be fried for driving Mr Alien no matter what.

My decision was to go as far as I could without hitting a check point and drop him somewhere I thought safer than the side of a road traveled heavily by border patrol vehicles. I dropped him at Acorn Casino, a nice little facility in the middle of nowhere, adjacent to both Thee 8 and Thee 80, which is large enough that a savvy visitor could remain fairly unnoticed, grab a little food, and get out of the sun.

When he entered my car, I produced a gallon container of water because he was so dry he could hardly speak. He drank at least half the gallon in maybe twenty minutes. He never asked me for anything. He did call someone on his cell phone--a prepaid Mexican unit, I'm guessing. I caught bits and pieces. The person on the other end seemed worried that he was in the car with a stranger---"but the senor gave me water!" That part I did catch.

I tried to alert him about the checkpoints, suggested that there would be Spanish speaking people who worked in the casino, and good luck.

Then I checked out a country road for the heck of it. After a few minutes I decided it went nowhere so I turned around. As I passed the casino to continue west on Thee Eighty, I noticed a Border Patrol jeep heading up the drive to the casino complex. Then another.

I hope they just go there for fuel, or to get some coffee. There is nothing else nearby so that is a possibility. Oddly, I hope no one called them.

The guy was probably in his mid twenties, and little chubby and only had the clothes on his back. What is really nuts is that since he asked me for nothing, I asked if he had cash to buy himself some food. He had nothing, apparently, so I gave him some money. What am I doing? I have no money to burn. I'm pretty sure he was hungry and had not eaten in awhile. Dumb as it sounds, I had a good feeling about the guy and it seemed OK.

He was too far from the car when I realized he still had the bits of leaves and such on his back from sleeping on the ground. I regretted not being able to advise him to get the evidence knocked off of his shirt.

I'm opposed to sanctuary cities and all that stuff, but I guess, like charitable endeavors, I deal one on one, case by case. But I wouldn't force anyone else to do so based on my wish or judgement. That is where I am diametrically opposed to most of the people who use political and governmental power to exercise their benevolence. They are using resources which belong to others, claiming them as their own to dispose of as they see fit. Wrong thing to do in my book.

This is the sort of thing that has to go. I give no credence to complaining leeches and thugs. My pal is not like that

Anyway, we never even exchanged names. I thought if I got stopped and knew his name, claiming that I didn't understand anything he said and had no idea he was a wetback would be harder to sell.

How weird. I was coyote. Transporting an undocumented non-worker. I guess that is what you call an undocumented worker who has no work. The thug lobbyist groups hate the phrase, "illegal alien", but if you are from another country, you are considered an alien and if you aren't here by legal means, you are here illegally, hence the classification, illegal alien. It is neither racist, xenophobic nor demeaning. Just the way it is.

But, I still hold that changing some of the root issues which are problematic would do wonders. People rarely want to look at that, though. Crime pays better and eliminating the incentive doesn't fly. La Raza, the unions, and most politicians do not want to improve the world and promote freedom.

Decriminalizing drugs like marijuana might help as well, and then take a real good look at how inner cities and gangs are handled might be in order. It is not being handled effectively, but they at least have succeeded in perpetuating racial and class hatred. That is exactly how those groups want it. It is the livelihood of the LaRazas, the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, all race based groups and charlatans claiming to champion those they keep angry, not free thinking, envious, etc. They are the racists, and ones who think they are the elite.

I'm hoping my friend, whom I've dubbed Manny, is at least comfortable and not thirsty or being harmed in any way. As naive as he seemed, I see no way he made it out. Maybe he'll do someone some good in Mexico and be OK. LA is no place for nice people.

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