Monday, July 27, 2009

Did It Again

No, not wreck. I rambled on with my views about public policy. Dumb. It is to no effect, so why do I do that?

Tomorrow I'm off on an another adventure with friends, then off on yet another to see a friend. I'm attempting to protect the innocent here. In any case I will probably have better connection than I do on Ballistic Mountain, and more of note to mention, however I doubt I will, just because it may not be the thing to do, and I won't have time.

This has been a rather bizarre couple of weeks. Maybe the whole month. I have a feeling the next 6 days will go much too quickly. That is because time is not a constant. Its velocity and nature vary a great deal.

It is mostly in the last year that I realize how easily I tend to bond with certain creatures. I guess I considered myself capable of of having some sort of telepathic understanding, but usually did not get friendly with them. I was pals with the downstairs cats in Memphis but I neglected that friendship more than I should have. Times were tough. I remember when there was just one and I'd agreed to drop in to say hello now and then, I'd go down and just sit with the cat by my side, pondering my world and wondering if I'd ever get out of the rut. It seemed to help to have the counsel and advice of the cat. She mostly just asserted that all we had to fear were shadows and floor creaks. I think she was right.

Nw I regularly see a couple of little dogs and a few cats. One cat, in particular, makes it a point to spend quality time when possible. We just seem to get along. Same with the most worried of the two dogs. I'm amazed how I can just gesture and the dog knows what is OK and what is not, and she cooperates. The other dog does OK but that one is not playing with a full deck. Very cute and harmless. Much has to do with what owners expect and accept. It helps when people understand the order of priorities in life forms.

Often, given the chance, domestic animals get the pecking order better than people who think dogs and cats are people too. They are life, and seem to think, but they are not human life. They have just made the choice to sell out for security in most cases. That's why so many are neurotic. Well, the fact that they take on the emotions of the owner contributes as well.

Anyway, I have grown very fond of these creatures. I take animals like people, on an individual basis. Not all of them are good, trustworthy or likable. Some are. People who say otherwise probably have never experienced the slightest communion with any living thing. They are just nuts and want to hide their hate for mankind behind a blanket love of even psychotic animals.

There I go. All I'm saying is that I like a particular few creatures, a lot. Why did I have to editorialize? I guess so someone wouldn't trivialize it into , "yea, all dogs are great and people suck" I've been in that discussion before.

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