Sunday, February 27, 2011

They Give Two Sides and I Reject Both

What I find most troubling about the Wisconsin hooplah is that both sides of the alleged issue have eagerly sought and been flooded with support and opinions from outside the state. People have actually gone there to push their views on that state's business.

It is a very good example of one of the problems in modern America. People decide everyone else's business is theirs and think if they make enough noise they will get their way, even when it is not their tax money at stake, their job, their community, their state. At least ninety percent have not read whatever legislation is on the board.

I see it as a negative development that outsiders on both sides of the issue have insinuated themselves so heavily into a matter that is not really their affair. They can rationalize all they want, but I am unswayed in this view. It may feel good to have famous figures share the spotlight with you when you have some point of view on a local matter, but it is a trap. Who in New Hampshire or Texas would want people from California weighing in on their business?

We aren't talking of situations of involuntary servitude or conflict with equal protection under the law, or massacre of citizens. It just doesn't cross those lines. It is not for those who don't work, pay taxes, or vote there to decide.

In thinking of how this thought could be argued, I realized how easy it is to justify intruding on others by rationalizing that their actions somehow affect my well being. Or better yet, the welfare of The Children (closely related to the ubiquitous THEY). That reasoning allows me to exert authority over everyone everywhere. It's that butterfly effect thing.

ballistic mtn 2-28-2011

Big deal in the land of perpetual summer, near the land of perpetual spring. (out here vs coast).
In San Diego a rain shower is a winter storm.
First good snow since I've been here. It will soon melt.
I wish I hadn't partially swept off the car prior to this. It was dramatic.

update: Now it is a pure blue sky, bright sun and maybe 50 degrees or so. Never have I lived anywhere that had so many pure blue sky days. But something is different. maybe the fact that I'm thousands of miles from the Gulf Stream. I need a road trip to settle if what I feel or remember is real or imagined.
It is easy to forget that Miami is ultra hectic and peopled by the unbalanced and loud for the most part, or that there are other complications elsewhere in the east. When you are a misfit, it follows you no matter where you go. At least it does me, so far.
I periodically get freaked out about it. I never feel like I fit and I am almost sure it is my doing, but how to undo it?

It's a beautiful day and hordes of cityots have descended upon Pine Valley and points north and east to see the snow, throw snowballs at their kids, and drive two inches behind the car ahead of them.
I took a brief tour this morning and came back home. They don't know about Ballistic Mountain or they'd be sliding up our hill.

Winter Storm On Thee Ate

Not too steady with the phone camera as I risked the perils of wintry mix and snowy ice on Thee Ate (California speak for I-8).
This is just past the Descanso exit heading east on Thee Ate. I was going to Pine Valley where there was a nice blanket of crisp crunchy snow. This was just at sundown.

Originally I took the Descanso exit in order to take the scenic route but I saw a sign which said something about chains. I have none so I got back on the highway. It seems that California is big on wanting you to have chains anywhere the weather gets interesting. My natural Subris causes me to think I should be exempt. Subris is the condition that makes Subaru drivers think they can drive in anything without the usual perils. False sense of whatever. I heard that term and thought it was a great word. I believe Scribbler was the one who educated me about that.

Maybe in some locations Subaru people are like Jeep people in Greensboro. They seemed to find out the hard way that everyone has four wheel brakes and that their 4x4 Jeeps have no advantage when it comes to stopping on ice. Every winter the Jeep body shop was loaded. You'd see them come by on tow trucks right and left.

Finally Ballistic Mountain got some snow. It has covered everything nicely. It didn't get to us until late at night. Around here the weather varies every couple of miles. It is amazing.

On the way back, the few people on Thee Ate were traveling between 35 and 40 mph. It was snowy and kind of icy, and hard to see where lanes divided. No matter. There was still one guy who was tailgating people but would not pass unless there was a faster car to go tailgate.

I even saw a snow plow on the country road that leads to Ballistic road. Who knew they had such things in SD county? Not me.
It will most likely be gone tomorrow. I'm in no hurry for our little hint of cold weather to go.

According to the radio there was a three car accident at the Descanso exit. I'm assuming it happened right after I got off there. It could be the news was way behind and it happened and hour earlier. No doubt someone was way too close to someone else. maybe two people were too close. Traffic was minimal. Very few people on Thee Ate as I returned home.

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