Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Militant Poofs are Crazy

Here's a case in which people think they are getting something special but it could be disaster: Doing away with Don't Ask- Don't Tell

If I was gay, I'd push to keep the status quo. Anyone who remembers the dark days of the draft ought to understand. They herded guys between 18 and 26 (I think) into the marines and army so they could then fight a limited war in Vietnam. Limited means we play by narrower rules than the enemy and put our own people in more danger than we should, while dragging out the entire operation for far too long.

Limited war means most us probably don't know with certainty and conviction what we are doing there and what we intend to accomplish. Many officers had plans which would have changed the course of that war, but politicians nixed all but the least effective. It was not a good thing. Kennedy and LBJ got that ball rolling. Nixon eventually said to hell with it and we had a messy withdrawal.

No matter what you think of that, being forced into the military according to how your birthdate was drawn in a lottery, or under any conditions, is not a pleasant thing if you had other plans for your life, and saw no pressing danger to your country which would motivate you to fight. In the old days if you proclaimed that you were gay, you weren't taken.

The draft changed many a life, even if you didn't get drafted. You were not the master of your life or future. No choice. If the war was a good idea, few could argue that the way it was conducted was a good plan. How can you send people into these things then limit your ability to succeed on purpose? Criminal.

Now you can serve if you are gay, but you'd also be able to avoid the draft if it went into effect right now. Arguing against this setup just puts you under the boot if they decide to go back to that involuntary servitude set up.

I don't care who serves, but if I were gay, and young enough to be in their crosshairs, I'd be careful about losing my emergency exit plan. Women could be in the same boat as well. It is good that anyone is free to pursue a chosen career, but the fewer people eligible for legal enslavement, the better.

You absolutely cannot trust the legitimacy of any police action or war, declared or not, that this government might initiate. I understand that gays want to be considered like everyone else, except that they want crimes against them to carry heavier penalties and such. Hate crime madness aside, I think they should take a good look at the present system which may discourage strutting their sexual preference in the military, yet it affords special treatment should forced service come about. Ad that is not a far fetched possibility.

Oh well. I just hate to see anyone unknowingly put themselves under any sort of involuntary servitude. And that's the other side of changing don't ask-don't tell.

Over the years my view of that whole thing changed. At first it was "when my country calls, I must answer". Now I believe that those doing the calling are self serving evil lunatics and they take advantage of the patriotism of the masses. They lie, and deceive in order to have citizens do their dirty work. If it comes to true defense the story may be different.

We've gone with these vague wars with unclear goals and definition for so long, I'm not sure the public would recognize a real threat worth fighting against. I'm not convinced totally that we are actually fighting crazy terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here. We've armed most of our enemies over the years, before they became our enemies. The routine is flawed in my opinion.

Whatever. I thought gays were supposed to be brighter than average. Begging to be in the loop when the slave state comes down does not reflect much intelligence.

It may be a little simplistic, but if you look at it, democrats have been pushers of slavery, while republicans have been quick to put a patriotic spin on it. The Vietnam draft really ramped up under Kennedy and Johnson, and republicans at the time wanted to shoot those who didn't comply--an exaggeration, but for effect. Now they want forced community service and insurance purchase. I'm nt sure what republicans want. They sometimes say what makes sense then manage to do the opposite.

This is one case in which the cause may be opposite of what those fighting for it think. Unless they trust that they'd only be drafted for the noblest of purposes. I have no such trust in the powers that be.

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