Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intervention Threatened

So, I was over at O's, that's project O to you, and I had to pop around to project J, the Duke of Earl's. It really wasn't overly obsessive compulsive or any number of initialed morbidities. OCB, ADHD, ROFL, LSD, etc. However, I did detect the slightest tinge of texture issue on the part where I'd made glue-sanding dust paste, used epoxy, etc. Just a little edge there.

Since I had a handy woody skewer with me---the happy leftover from a fruit kabob---I was ready to attack the miniscule problem. This time I coaxed the clear epoxy into the offending edge, then used home made cardboard applicators to apply a coating of sanding dust, then used the frayed end of the skewer (where I broke a piece off to use as mixer for epoxy) as a brush to sort of mix and move the resulting wood putty del mundo. I was able to get a fairly smooth result by smooth it over with the skewer stick and miniature cardboard trowels. It will sand easily. I'm proud of the work.

Actually I've been carrying the stick in my computer bag for a few days in anticipation of just such an event, and, alternately as a weapon. The point came in handy in the process for moving the mixture along the edge of the part that wasn't quite right. Were dealing with an overall area smaller than my little finger, and the point of focus smaller than the edge of the fingernail on that digit. In my mind it became gigantic. I like it when that happens.

A friend heard I was back over at project J smoothing trivia and adding more finish to the finished. I was asked if an intervention would be necessary. Of course, like a good addict, I said no. However I am slated to leave town for a 28 day program in South Florida. The plane leaves in a few days. Perhaps it will help.

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