Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Should Be Making Movies

Out of the blue, pure art, it just comes to me, flash boom--a vision.

Barack Obama's Excellent Adventure

Vin Diesel .... Barack Obama
Chris Matthews .... Barney Frank
The Situation .... Joe Biden
Eddie Murphy .... Mitt Romney
Joy Behar....Ann Romney
Whoopi Goldberg .... Michele Obama
Elen Degeneres .... Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton ....Bill Clinton
Justin Bieber .... David Axelrod
Danny DeVito.... Rahm Emanuel
Oprah Winfrey .... Nancy Pelosi
Denzel Washington .... Jay Carney
Sean Penn .... Al Sharpton
Alec Baldwin .... Jesse Jackson
Rosie O'Donnell....Janet Napolitano
Gilbert Gottfried...Harry Reid

special guest appearances by Louis Gosset Jr as George W Bush
and Clint Eastwood as Ron Paul

Brad Pitt is riveting as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright

50 cent plays Paul Ryan

The movie America's been waiting for. Hollywood has never produced anything quite like it. It's the talk of the town...People Magazine

"Absolutely brilliant!!!! Producer, writer, Director John0 has set the bar at a new level for all who follow" Bosco Jones, Syndicated pundit

"If this is not genius, then I'm a freak of a governor" Jerry Brown, governor of California

"Dis is propably goodt" Ahnold Swartzen,etc.

"If I were alive, and sobah, I'd see it" Ted Kennedy

"It's gooder 'n any movie I seen all day" GW Bush

"If it is about me, then it is great, and could only be better if it were by me and for me" B. H. Obama

How could this miss?

I know who can best capture the essence of the characters, and how the on camera chemistry will work. This film is a shoo-in for several Oscars.

Yes, I know. It is a gift and I should be sharing it with the movie goers of the world. It's the least I can do.

"Such sensitivity. Truly revolutionary. Worth seeing a few times--- because I'm confused." Katie Couric

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