Friday, May 10, 2013

Genius. Really

This lady explains things that I have never been able to express properly.  Or maybe I have and I encountered the same genre of reactions and fears she describes.

There is not a 100% literal correlation between her post and my life, but it is way closer than you might think.  Except, with me, it has come and gone many times, and lasted even longer.  Remember, we are not talking literal correlations.  I never had dinosaur toys, and didn't talk to the ones I had.

So, if it is of any interest, by referring you to her blog I'm blurting out a half hearted confession, I think.  Today I feel less like the condition she describes, but not much less.

So go here

She is absolutely brilliant and there aren't so many words.  She has fabulous, hilarious illustrations and it isn't boring like some of my stuff can be.

The text, though, is very well written. This chick is definitely a cut or two above.

Whoever she is, I think I love her because she explains what haunts me. A lot. And she makes me laugh, and she draws pictures with easy to read text.

Others must like her.  5000 comments on 1 entry?  She typically only gets 2000 or so.

Yea.  I know she's way younger, twenty something or maybe thirty something.  I love her anyway.

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