Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maybe It Is A life That I Need

Back in the old days, people found it interesting to read my drivel. Now, not so much.

I think it is the volume combined with the rants about the state of currents events. We've all been done to death with it and no one figures they have any power over it anyway. Actually the implied point in most of what I had to say is that real life is better than the collective conformity of responding to extortionists and liars who control various matters legal and financial.

Then I realized that my real life is largely uneventful and makes for no good stories, yet. That is merely a temporary issue. I'm working on putting a little more life into life.

K, the guitar player figured out how to record with his computer. He has a decent set up, and it would also work on my computer. Tonight I got a last minute call to lay down a harmonica track on a thing he's working on. He'll be up all night fooling with it. Like a kid at Christmas.

For much of the tune you hardly realize I'm in there, but that is as it should be. Pull it and you could tell the difference, but in the main you don't think, "oh there's a bunch of blues harp". The art of being a tasty side man, if I say so myself. People have often not understood that desire for blend, and just a hint of the instrument in there. Fortunately K got it.

Depends on what you're doing whether that's the ticket or not. What he has so far is pretty good. Once the3 others put their parts in, it is going to be alright.

Found out most of my Memphis friends did not get flooded, however one person's car did get flooded--total loss I think.

I only wrote this to force myself to write something. Write enough and eventually you will produce the Gettysburg Address.

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