Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hulu movie review: White on Rice

This odd movie is about Japanese Americans, with a Korean or two thrown in. Most of the people were sane and good looking.
That is everyone except Uncle Jimmy. He was Japanese and I think they should have shot him and dumped him in the river at the start.

It is one of those films about the errant but lovable incompetent divorced uncle. Only in the case of Jimmy, lovable does not apply. What a stupid, selfish moron. It was painful because the other characters were somewhat likable.

I admit to that stereotypical view that Asians are brighter than that, and less tolerant of complete jerks who freeload. They were overly tolerant of this dimwit. Maybe they were trying to smash some of the typical assumptions by not only having a complete moron in the mix but also putting up with his self pity and projected guilt. I wanted to tell the family in the movie that it is OK to kick him out and beat him mercilessly, since they appeared unwilling to do the world a favor and just waste him.

Maybe they could have thrown him in the ocean. I'm not sure where they were. I know one girl was from Southern California, so it was out this way somewhere.

Then I started thinking, "Oh my God, I'm the divorced deadbeat uncle in my family". I hate that. No way I am like Jimmy and torture my relatives with my unwelcome presence. I have generally lived far away from family most of my life. At first it was because they made me feel like jumping in front of a speeding bus on a regular basis. Then it was because I felt ashamed of my lack of something; money, accomplishment, ability not to be how I am.

Even though I am no Jimmy, this movie caused me to think I had more in common with the useless dimwit than with the people who seemed to have it together. That made me angry and sad and angry.

Don't see this movie. It will only piss you off or bore you.

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