Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a Joke that is on Me. Oh, you meant low, not high

OK.  When the Dr's first language is not Ingl├ęs,  misunderstandings can ensue.   A certain item on the lab tests that he claimed was high over the phone, is actually low.

All the stuff was mailed to me, as promised, with the highs and lows and other abnormalities circled in red.  Now it all makes sense.  I'm sure I can fix this now.  Why it results in crazy itch and burn, I do not know, but it is not important.  I am sure I know why I've fared better over the last few days.

This is really great news.  I'll bet that by the time new tests are supposed to be done, I'll have corrected almost all the trouble.  If not, then not.  I'm almost sure I'll be back in the water without consequence before the end of summer.  It will be nice to quit the madness and improve the energy.

Then I'll deal with the depressive sadness that is once again trying to freeze me in my tracks.  No time for that while I consciously launch my plan of attack on the stupid malady causing trouble.  I have faith in my trouble shooting abilities, and I am pretty sure I have it nailed down.

I prefer not to go into detail here, but I'll record it here when the experiment yields the good result that I expect.

They Let White Doves Go

Saturday was a celebration of life for the wife of Tim the owner of the winery up here on Ballistic Mountain.  Breast cancer did it's thing and eventually took her out at maybe 50 years old, if that.  She was a horse person and animal lover.  Lots of rescue dogs, rescue donkeys, and who knows what.  They bred horses up there before they got into the wine business.

The number of people there for the celebration of her life was probably about 150.  She made quite an impression.

At one point they let a bunch of white birds out, which symbolized something I forget.  Then they let one bird go which symbolized her spirt moving on.   The first group circled, as was expected.

I think the birds were actually homing pigeons.  A guy up here owns them.  They circle to get their bearings.  I don't think they are covered with white paint or white-out.  They really are white.  What I don't know about doves and pigeons is a lot, except they look somewhat similar.

It is impressive when people have that much impact on others, and build cool lives with evidence to show for it

Selfishly making it about me, I cannot forget what my sibling said last Christmas.   I wish I could because depression and despair are a huge waste of time and don't do much good for anyone.   I think I just never got on the train.  And when another came, I still never committed to the ride.  I'm not sure what to do about that.

 I did like watching those birds fly away


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