Monday, March 9, 2009

Stem Cell Shell Game

What people seem to miss in many "controversies" involving science and research is the question regarding the limits of what government ought to do. We are hugely in debt. We have chosen to address this issue by allowing government to take on yet more debt; to spend far faster than it can steal (tax).

In the process, they have taken over much control of various industries and corporations. We now have politicians, many of whom ride around in private jets at taxpayer expense, self righteously chastising CEOs for their own luxury and perks of the job. The difference is that those executives are supposed to be working for private companies, so it normally would be no politician's professional place to meddle. That is not longer the way it is, obviously. It reminds me of animal farm; some animals are more equal than others. Pelosi would be up there, considering her unprecedented requirement for publicly funded private jet while pretending private fatcats are more evil than she and her cronies.

Now the big deal about Obama freeing up federal money for stem cell research. All this time the argument has been one of whether Jesus would approve, or some such irrelevant foolishness. If people want it then fund it through contributions and private enterprise. Among other things, government should get out of the business of not military science altogether, and reduce taxes in the process. To say no one else could do it is pure nonsense. Perhaps no one else could obtain the funds at gunpoint and get away with it.

What if government were funding those damned sweaters women tie around their waists when they run? I would abject on grounds of aesthetics and crimes against art. Others would no doubt suggest there was good reason for the ugly practice. The real issue would be why is government involved? Same in this case and a thousand others. Why are they involved?
For the record, I am sorry if this offends, but there is absolutely no good gained by tying the sweater around your butt. If you think your butt looks bad, let me tell you, that stupid sweater ass get up looks worse. This has been a public service tip for the aesthetically challenged or confused.

I don't expect very many people to get it, but you can not have maximum, sustainable, peaceful freedom under a governing structure that is ever growing, operates on presumed guilt and assumes the role of dictating research, science, use of resources, and the individual's use of his own income. It won't work for long. One day soon the forgotten idea that freedom of the individual is not only the right goal, but the most highly spiritual and respectful of life and the universe will catch on and be appreciated. At least maybe more than one out of ten will half way get the idea. If Bush laid the path for Obama, maybe by the same process Obama will lay the groundwork for the awakening of the acquiescent public who mostly wants to be left alone to live in peace. When they see these things come back to bite them then they'll get it. Foresight is in short supply but not reaction to personal pain and loss.

Nature vs Reality

You'd think nature and reality would be one and the same, but in matters of money and men, this is not so. It is the nature of people, or so I think, to live life, enjoy what they can, find satisfaction in accomplishment, even if it is only hitting the trash basket across the room with a balled up piece of paper, and have sex without drama. Actually that last is more wishful thinking--on more than one level. Still, the sort of stuff I keep hearing defies nature--again, on more than one level.

Screw the economy. Economy, schenomony, I say. If I wasn't constantly barraged with media reports and public service messages and hipster advertisements, I'd never know if the economy was considered good or bad. I only know my wealth, such as it is, has dwindled considerably, last I checked. I'm assuming I net out to zero, so I just pay as I go, and as I earn.

Best thing I ever did was edge my way out of debt, and avoid new payments of any kind once I got stuff paid off. About that time, a few dollars fell my way which made it a little better. Still, I'd decided a long time ago to avoid dependence on imaginary income whenever possible. That's the income I thought I might make if I did better than I was doing, back in earlier days when I fooled myself into payments I hated.

All that is off the point. I should delete it, but I won't. What is working to ill effect is all the doom and gloom press. There are people losing jobs and more. There always are, if truth be told. In these times of the Washington coup, and purposeful trashing of real freedom ideals it is a little tougher to remember to just live and let live.

I only need one job, one abode, one item of transport, etc. When people say there are no jobs, no this, no that, they exaggerate to a degree. Someone is doing something, or willing to pay for something. Finding that one thing to make the dollar may be tough, but it can happen. I guess it helps if you're willing to live in a tent in the mean time.

What I'm trying to say, and trying to remind myself, is to live and find simple enjoyment regardless of the totalitarian bastards sodomizing the country. If I didn't know better, I'd say the assault has been orchestrated in such a way as to cultivate a climate of fear, uncertainty, and general lack of humor and joy. I'd hate to cooperate with such an agenda.

Now is the time, if you have a spouse, to make the most of that situation. Generating enjoyment in one's own little world is a productive form of rebellion in this era. If I were of reasonable age and married, I'd be looking to crank out babies. Hell, the species must go on, and nothing is more worthwhile than producing decent humans. Obviously people all over the world are turning out tons of what might be considered in polite circles to be subhuman progeny, but what can you do? Why not buck the trend and produce some worthwhile material for survival of our species?

So, back to the point, which I've avoided all this time. Nature is that people live free, without requiring permission to do so. That means they don't need permission to keep the fruits of their labors, nor do they need instruction about how to utilize same. Reality is that people have twisted themselves into a structure that attempts to punish those who dare to believe they have the right to such freedom. The natural motivators of personal gain, security, attracting a mate, are now supposed to be replaced with allegiance to some distant charlatan's idea of the "better good". It won't work.

And the best way to avoid being made crazy, which analyzing and understanding this game can do, is to ignore it all, and find ways to have a good time. The big picture starts with the little picture anyway.

I have to admit, I am a little stoked at the outside chance there really will be a rebellion to this effort to place the world under totalitarian annoyance and control. When the koolaid wears off and the techies and such figure out the philosophical angle, the game will be up. E-revolt is most likely the most effective approach. It would be the core of how the country could be brought back to a free condition. I don't expect those outside the place to fully grasp this because the idea never really seeded heavily elsewhere. People confuse democracy for freedom, and the two are not the same thing.

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