Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Interface, Like Monarchy, Sucks

Other than the whole royalty concept, I dislike this new interface more than almost anything.  No longer can I find a way to get back to the old interface.  I prefer choice whenever possible.  I abhor lack of choice.  

Perhaps that is part of my problem with the new healthcare law, put in place by professional bureaucrats and money bundlers.   I guess people have no clue how politicians serve as front men in elaborate con games which take money from you and funnel it to their pals, then in turn their pals funnel some back to the ego person fronting the scam to help with the campaign, the house purchase, college for the kids--you name it.  

That's the chick who was topless in France, I think.  Could you sit on a chair like that and be carted around by a bunch of people carrying you for no good reason?   I'd seriously be embarrassed and feel creepy doing that.  But I doubt I could ever address someone as "your highness", nor could I stomach insisting others address me that way.  

I would ride around the block on that stupid chair if it would bring back the old blogger interface.   She should be showing some hoots.  Really.  She's now famous for being topless, TAKE IT OFF!!! n Maybe someone will throw the lady a string of beads.  What if someone tripped all the people on one side of that thing?   The old Humpty Dumpty deal. 

Bet you anything there's a crowd out of the frame with signs, shouting, "show us your tits!!"   

Hey, she's a Brit.  They get in all sorts of pickles in exotic foreign lands.  I'll bet those are cannibals taking her to dinner.  Her only way out is to lift the shirt and proclaim, "Let me fatten up and I'll be back later".

Not understanding English, the cannibals assumed she was casting spells or pointing out some white lady plague, so they played it safe and let her go.  I've done that before--dodged the plague of a white lady by letting her run away. 

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