Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America, The Beautiful

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Happy Independence Day

Independence. Free of tyranny. Almost.

The seed of the thought is here. To me the true culture of being American is to neither be a tyrant nor tolerate tyranny. That is the real American dream. The rest follows.

I know that has been lost in the maze somewhere and that the culture is one which is largely unaware of how that works. But thoughts can catch on, just like fads do. I'd think the idea that everyone has the right to be a fool or genius or in between, providing he doesn't force his folly and will upon others, should be easier for people to embrace than the idea that it is cool to wear your trousers so that your ass is hanging out. Just people exercising the right to be fools, I guess. Just like those who keep defining "the American Dream" as some sort of win in the big bingo game of material acquisition.

I know of no modern state which is clearly overbearing and tyrannical which does not enact its oppression in the name of the greater good, and claim it is for the benefit of "the people". In America the protection of the freedom of the individual should be the highest priority. The seed was planted, and discussions of the personal flaws of those who sowed that seed are irrelevant to the idea. We should be becoming a freer state, not the opposite.

The authority of the state exists by our permission. If the balance is lost and we find that we exist by its permission, then we need to abridge or cast off that authority.

I won't give up. I'm glad I live here. It is one beautiful place which was formed in a way which pointed to even greater beauty.
When abuse of power of any kind is less the stuff that feeds ego, and is not taken for granted as business as usual, we'll be on our way. So don't speed up to prevent that person from changing lanes just because you can. These things start with common courtesy and decency.

This is the day to remember the decision to no longer be subjects of authority, but the kings of our own lives. It is not about big military displays, per se. We can be proud, but not just of brute force for its own sake. Independence yields pride on every level.

Who Do You Love? I Heart Colorado

It is always thrilling and ever so reassuring when a political figure flies into a disaster site, often inconveniencing the locals due to security, special precautions and general royal treatment and demands, then pretends that gazing at the destruction of the area with just the perfect serious "Dad look" is somehow productive. These are expensive bits of stage play.

. I certainly felt better when Obama stopped in for the obligatory disaster photo op, as I always do when heads of government "tour" a disaster scene. It is somehow overly transparent that they don't really gain any knowledge they couldn't otherwise learn through modern communication means. But it is supposed to reassure those who see themselves as subjects and children of a benevolent and parental power such as the Federal government.

Probably just me, but it makes me a little queazy. Photos get taken, then it is off to raise money for re-election, or find a disaster free zone for some golf or general scheming. It is the whole theatrical thing that annoys me. No one ought to think the president is going to fly in and extinguish a wildfire, fix the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake. They can direct agencies and other bureaucrats to help in some ways. And they can do it all without the "Tour". I've seen this routine from senators, governors, presidents and any others who can get away with wasting tax money on their self aggrandizement.

But what I was really thinking was how people in this country tend to rally to help those in dire straits. Often they are more motivated if it is a place far away, where people of a different culture dwell. With all the serious trouble here, I can never quite fathom why so much missionary work is always overseas somewhere.

So, I pondered the phenomenon. My conclusion is that, although Americans tend to rush to aid when the worst happens to our own. They rush a bit more if the worst hits people who are already living worse than animals like bears and chipmunks. Why is that? Not everyone of us is of that ilk, but there is that trend in many circles.

I think it is because they like to go places where they feel superior to the locals. Be the big genius and savior. You go cruising in somewhere in which the wheel is barely understood, and the concept of using a pipe and gravity to move water is looked on as God-like magic, you are suddenly SOMEBODY instead of just a regular American fish swimming in the vast American pond. You are now a big fish in a small pond.

When I see such destruction in a place as beautiful and special as Colorado I hope for the resources being spent to build things for other countries to be redirected to help our own people. We build schools and all kinds of things for people who hate us. Yet we still have gangs in cities and people being chased out of their homes by fires while bears and looters wreak havoc in their absence.

I really think any looter caught in the act in such circumstances should be executed and tossed somewhere where vultures, coyotes and other creatures can dispose of the remains. No trial, no nothing.

Bears have been taking advantage as well. I won't say I told you so, but now their true character comes out. Looters, bears, they all suck. Maybe there is hope if bears could be trained to loot from looters and bully them a bit. I guess a bear can't help it if it has such a keen sense of smell, and such an appetite that it seeks out the food left out in a house where people had to evacuate in a hurry. I still don't think they have more right to exist than we do.

There are those who claim we are encroaching on the bears' territory and all that. I wonder exactly what is our habitat? It seems humans, like mice, pretty much make anyplace home. Most of the earth works out for us. Like bears being bears, it is what we are, so why the guilt?

I wonder what is going on this summer--fires in the west, storms and no power to the east. (Has that be toured and recorded, replete with the Dad Look?) Easy going, so far, in San Diego county, except in lies in an ever encroaching nanny state. Pretty much they only mess with the conspicuous, those who own land and things, have children, and hire people. I own little, no kids, and I'm not presently hiring. That keeps me from being destroyed out here. If you go into business, best to find some sort of intangible, don't manufacture or make things. Software is probably as safe as anything.

Well I hope the missionaries go fix the forest in Colorado rather than get served for dinner by some far away cannibal community. Speaking of hostile environments, sounds like DC is experiencing hard times. Poor Virginia. What a bummer to have DC bumped up against your state.

Then again, I may move to CO one day, and I may like it better if the missionaries aren't there.

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