Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too Hot, Too Cold

Would there still be Santa Ana winds if Davey Crockett and those guys had won at the Alamo?

We're not actually experiencing those winds at the moment. The heat is here anyway. Geez, it is hot hot hot. A dry heat, of course, which is even worse in the land of fires and idiots who make it harder to prevent or extinguish fires. What idiots?

Let's start with threat #1---your basic "undocumented" camper, traveling by foot. Due to the fact that, contrary to popular belief, third world cultures generally see the world as their trash can, any garbage either goes into the fire or just gets left where its usefulness died. This culture also sees the world as their campsite. If it means the tiny campfire grows to the point of boiling the oceans, oh well, must be God's will. I'm not concluding anything here, except it is another case of uninvolved Americans bearing the brunt of problems caused by other elements. And the cure is usually to make it even tougher for the people who aren't the cause. Same as airport security.

Other idiots would be those who protect the environment but threatening the environment. It appears their real goal is to make life hell for humans whenever possible. So, we don't have adequate fire breaks because that might mean cutting out some protected species, which are abundant in the area. This of course means less defense against out of control fire, which means more protected species get burned out. Environmentalists are happy because there are humans who get screwed over, lose property, and if all goes well, die a horrible death.

Environmentalists, in the sense of those who spike trees and promote junk science and forest fires, appear to have as their main driving force an irrational disdain for their own species. Any time man is caused pain they are happy, or at least completely without compassion. Man eaten by bear---enviro says--bears were here first, he provoked the bear by appearing tasty. He deserved it.
I've actually heard very similar statements. IDIOTS. They are the enemy of the human race so why not treat them like any active enemy? You know, jail them, provide special diet, then after awhile let them back out to spike some more trees or bomb research scientists.

Oh, there are the corrupt energy leeches, power company monopoly people who risk people and property while pretending the opposite. That story has many tangents, like tentacles of a giant squid. So, never mind.

All this nonsense is due to the heat. I don't give a damn what happens to the environment or to those who have made the goddamn earth and it's feelings their religion. I don't care. It is hot and I want to ignore other things.

In other dimensions there is a chill wind blowing, but that does nothing to alleviate the heat. If I ever build anything it will have air conditioning. No one on the west coast thinks they need it, so they will swelter and pretend. It is somehow a matter of principle; "I live in Paradise, so I do not need AC."

There is an odd sort of stubborn streak that runs through the culture. That may be what makes it fertile ground for idealists. I mean, look, people are still clinging to the same philosophy even though they have a bankrupt state. Odd that they can't trace the path from solvency to insolvency and see that it may be in direct proportion to the implementation of their plans.

Nice people, nuts when it comes to air conditioning. I love AC. Some people do not.

Chill winds, I do not like in the figurative sense. Odd, because I often do like them in the literal sense. I expect to be riding one whenever I take my last breath. A chill wind, thousands of feet up. just flying along holding an umbrella.

People, even though I am one, scare the piss out of me. I don't know why. They just do. Better they seem, spookier they become. Almost by definition. Good thing I am not vulnerable to any of that. I'm really not. I learned how stupid it can be to be stupid, so I won't be That kind of stupid any more.
Goddamitt!!! this farging heat

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