Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is next I never Know

I can't really write about it.
OK. That was short.

They say, "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game". I think it is whether you derive any satisfaction or sense of fulfillment from whatever the game is. You can win some games, and be perfectly sure you played it the best of all possible ways, but it may be a game you don't even like playing. What do they have to say about that?

I've st track of what books I read last week. Unusual because I often pay so much attention when reading that I could certainly pass any test on it with flying colors. I paid attention to the John McLaughlin in the Northwest book.

There was also one by some Pom about an East Ender about the time of WWI. It end in the 1960's. Good book about starting from very little and doing well, building something substantial through vision and work, despite the efforts of persistent evil-doers. I have to credit GW Bush for that term. I'd never paid attention to it prior to him, and I like it because it covers much, directly and on the money. Who would have thought W would have influenced how I use my own lexicon?

I'm finishing the big strip and re-seal the saltillo project at Mr Bigs. A high level official and family we be here next week. So, time is important.

This work can leave you pretty sore. I hope it makes me stronger and tougher. I've done enough of this now that I have a system. being in the house and due to the nature of things, it is another job done by hand almost like the famous garge doors I had to sand before applying Santeria wax. After trying many products from the specialized supply houses, I found the best one at Home Depot of all places.

Product review: Tile Labs stripper/cleaner ----I forget what all it says on the container. Unfortunately they don't have gallon containers of it. But, for indoors, where you do not want to deal with fumes this is the stuff. Besides it is actually easier to use, and I think does a better job, that DuPont's stripper

So, I give the Home Depot product the thumbs up, and a look of dismay because the specialized tile worker suppliers are always supposed to have better stuff. Of course hardly anyone would be doing this by my method. But they would have collateral damage which I'd have to deal with. I'm not so sure their work would be any better or as good. In the long run, I'm saving the Mr Big residence money and trouble, and once again giving them art. Doubt anyone realizes that fact, but I know and the universe and else thank me.

I love water soluble stuff, and since the sealer on these things is acrylic it is easy to reapply. And not too bad to strip. Where was I going with that? I saw something shiny and forgot.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pictures of CheLutz and My Pals

Above is Lutz talking to either news 8 or 10. He was classy and did not wear his own Ray Che shirt.

Here's a guy with the Ray Che shirt. There were a dozen or more people wearing them. It has more impact when it is not pulled askew like this.

"We aren't here to make this about my campaign". Ray "Che" Lutz

Heck no. This is about that guy in the long sleeved blue shirt and funny hat!

Get yours today. Too extreme? Don't like South American rich kids who shoot people? Play it safe and express your need for an iconic charlatan to worship with a Lutz shirt

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just the Facts M'am/and/or Sir

The Sunrise Powerlink project in California is a complete boondoggle and scam, as I've tried to explain several times here. Groups have raised money and have it being fought in courts at this point. In truth, Sempra/SDGE shouldn't have a leg to stand on. Most know that courts are often less than impartial and above board, so who knows.

Today a little get together in a Lakeside park was scheduled to raise funds, get attention, the usual. My band members own property which would be adversely affected in a number of ways, should this system of towers be built. Fire is one very real threat. There was a small fire in the area(East SD County) a few weeks ago. It got put out, lucky for 8 hikers caught in the middle of it. The nature of the land is such that fire was headed their way from all sides, no escape.

Had the proposed powerlink been in place, the aircraft which were used to dump water on the fire could not have flown in there. This would have wiped out the hikers and several nearby homes. It is easy to see on aerial photos.

OK. The thing today. Much to my dismay, and to the chagrin of some of the more active people in this battle, a guy running for Congress somehow usurped the event, making it into a campaign opportunity while pretending otherwise. He planted himself as MC, made up numbers and then acted like the big solution here was his list of tax paid programs which do nothing but move the money SDGE is trying to steal into the control of his gang.

They had a few alleged experts in various aspects of this power plan speak. Holy smoke, it turns out they are running for other offices. All of them spun a valid initiative to fight a very corrupt damaging plan into a pitch for why more tax money should be used to prop up their pet businesses. One guy proudly admitted he was involved with several of them. All "green" of course. It was a sickening display, but very instructional. This is how they play the game.

Somehow they seemed to assume that anyone opposed to the powerlink must be an environmental militant and a democrat. I assure I am neither.

It only makes sense for power to be generated close to point of use as much as possible. I even suggested that a college I attended many decades ago use the science department to organize student projects so that the end result was at least partial self sufficiency. It is not a new idea.

My motive is to free one's self from government controlled monopolies and the down time and trouble inherent in the use of overhead wires for electric power. Ice storm= lines down. Never fails.

Of course back then it was actually illegal to be self sufficient. I knew a mill that was forbidden from using their mill race and existing generator to augment their power and save money. Same people made those rules who are trying to coopt the self sufficiency ideas.

So, if you want off grid because you are a freedom loving, authority despising citizen who doesn't like complicated bs utility bills, they've set things up so you would be placed in the militant green, let's-force-everyone to-pay-and-play under-our-control statist big government, semi-socialist camp.

It's a trick. Just like today.

Oh, I couldn't believe it--this guy's supporters had tee shirts with his face printed on them in the same style as the famous Che logo, except it had his name down the side. The inspiration couldn't be missed.

Now if I hadn't been asked to play some tunes with the band, and I did not already know the inside scoop, I'd have thought this was a political picnic of some kind. I would have taken one look and kept going. In the name of "bringing awareness" and all the other happy horseshit cliches, this guy and his pals are actually hurting the cause. Out here is not overwhelmingly Obama country, so playing this game may really harm the legitimate effort. It is a very serious infringement on property rights and a big theft based on big lies in the larger scope of the powerlink. These demagogues are not a benefit in my view.

I was fascinated watching it, and watching the people just not have the cajones to make them take down campaign tables and such, and stick to the original purpose.

There are the enviro goons who make cases based on animal inconvenience that for the most part I think is made up. Too bad because the real argument is that they cannot show a need, it is a severe fire hazard in more than one way, and it will increase power costs, not reduce it. And it is set up to link to Mexican power plants using petroleum products. So wtf? Can't do it here but we can go way down there and bring it in through my back yard?

To me the best thing is to make them prove the need. Their own studies demonstrated it is not needed but the utilities board ignored that after pressure from Ahnold. and others.

See I'm bi-partisan, metro-political. I can give good cases to deport people from both parties.

Tey decided to do a march down Lakeside Main street--maybe a mile round trip--at most. No way I could convince myself to join in even though my friends did. For one thing I do not respond well to people with megaphones telling me what to chant, and I do not carry signs, except under rare occasions I have yet to experience, and I certain don't want to be associated with a candidate whose philosophy I dislike. Not to mention the goofs with the not quite Che shirts on.

Che shirts, but with Ray Lutz's face. Too much, really.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word for Don't Listen to the Hype

That Kristofferson line in Bobby McGee about "another word for nothin left to lose" never did set well with me. I think I get it, but still don't like it much.

Anyway, the oldest man is 114. From what I read he is not out of it or ultra frail. Maybe it is worth living as if all the stereotypical stuff we're fed is just so much drivel. Ignore it. At least for me, that is the only course other than planning an early demise. And for God's sake, quit with the terminology. Senior this, those zany seniors, blablabla. I really think it is slave state talk and mentality that convinces people to assign themselves into stupid blocks like that.

Either you are a child or an adult Beyond that forget it. Even the concept of retirement is sort of an industrial age invention. In the family based agrarian world I guess people took on tasks they could and if they couldn't they did other things.

Certainly they did not hold up a calendar and say, "OK, you are now 65 and time to sit down and shut up. Well, maybe people didn't live so long, but the point stands. Those Russian yogurt people lived a long time and they were not industrial regimented types who called one another senior citizens and all that.

It's nice that people could work for a set time then call it quits and receive a pension, however the system got to be somewhat peculiar I think. Government involvement is largely a scam. But it is so entrenched that many wonder what would we do without their programs and care. Never mind that life would be somewhat different if they hadn't become involved, hadn't instituted income tax and complicated hoops through which we jump. People are different so some at 60 are like others at 95. Can't manufacture a cookie cutter model like is pushed on us.

There are a number of people who don't fall into any media concept of private or public sector. We are private but not under the company-pays-my-wages model. And not under the model of someone who does an independent thing for years. (Although, those people are rarer and rarer due to the BS they endure for the "privilege" of being their own boss. Rarer in crafts type fields, instruction and such. I wouldn't be a piano teacher in today's environment. You could get accused of anything and go to hell before clearing your name.) Vagabonds of a sort are the ones somewhat like me. Little of this, little of that, but never got married to any job for the xyz corporation for life. And don't get government aid. Unless we lied, we probably wouldn't qualify. I don't think I could wait in line then deal with a condescending clerk anyway. Just slit my throat instead.

In my case, I still have faith that I will find the inspiration and energy to launch one or more schemes that pay off. I hope to avoid ever taking a dime from a government program. Some people have to, that is how it is set up. Not dissing them, just expressing my wish for myself. It is hard to avoid as it is almost a requirement in certain circumstances.

My idea of proper redistribution of wealth is this; I give you a good honest reason to pull money from your pocket and place it in mine. All voluntarily, of course. I'm a huge fan of that model of wealth redistribution.

I figure my best bet for good income is advising parents on the ins and outs of raising children. Someone who has actually raised children is too close to the issue. Outsiders like myself are the best ones to give advice. Besides, there are cases in which the kid should be shipped off to a deserted island and left there with maybe a pocket knife, a candle and some chewing gum. Abandon the miscreant. Best thing for his teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. You know such demons yourself, but it takes a detached clinician to state the facts so boldly.

Maybe I'll put out a book and include the audio version from the get go. In many cases the kid would learn better values and receive a better education marooned on a deserted island than in his present environment. Kind of makes me envious. Wish my parents had been astute enough to do that for me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Great for West of the Rockies, but how to cool the humid east?

This company ( has a great design for A/C in the low humidity West, as their first stage heat exchanger relies on evaporative cooling for much of its function.

There must be a way to work with nature to air condition Miami without huge power company bills. The humidity is the big culprit to be overcome. These things pique my interest. Got to be a way.

Anything that decreases dependence upon the grid, government and utility monopolies, in general is a worthy thing to pursue. It only makes sense anyway. The idea is to increase standard of living at lowest possible cost.

I guess I will add it to my list of such things I ponder from time to time over the years. I am still stuck on how to design the ultimate mobility vehicle for wheelchair bound people; something that achieves access to cabinets, stairs, wilderness, etc, and hauls ass.

Or This

this guy doesn't appear to be having fun
I think his issue is more mental illness than physical disability
He's wondering how he got there, frozen with fear

Maybe this is not exactly it, but it looks closer than some powered chairs I've seen.

That is an industry which needs to advance by leaps and bounds. Due to relatively low demand it has been stuck in primitive designs forever. The difficulties daily encountered by chair bound people in conducting basic life tasks are not always obvious to those of us without the same roadblocks. The way people get treated when we think they are sick or in need may also limit imagination in this field.

Inadequate mobility machinery somewhat adds insult to injury when all about them they see technology advancing by leaps and bounds.

Just think how much easier it is to type a letter now that we have delete buttons etc. Some of you may remember typewriters and carbon paper, and what a thrill it was when white-out came on the scene.

I still think the money spent renovating buildings could have been put toward R&D to design devices that overcome the obstacles, which would serve the handicapped individual better in the long run. Ramps are good but the whole thing became ridiculous, like most public projects.

That is what it is. I'd love to figure out this engineering problem. Someone will. I research it from time to time but never have found that one answer that hits the spot and covers all the functions I think modern technology could do.

With luck, nano technology, molecular engineering in the medical field will be able to solve many of the ills which render people confined to a chair.

I hope the ultimate, kickass, 40 mph, do-it-all wheelchair design comes to me someday soon. That is a project I could sink my teeth into. It would be a fun obsession and just the kind of workaholic endeavor I need.

Here's an example of How it Works: Oakland marijuana

OK, so now the Teamsters have managed to organize workers of a marijuana growing outfit. The biggest one I guess, or the biggest California-legal one. Feds still think they have the right to tell states how to deal with that issue. (Yay CA for ignoring the overreaching feds--for once) But, that aside, is it not obvious that unions are merely businesses who worm in under completely bogus pretense?

I assure you, no workers in the marijuana factory are angry and feel victimized. There is a payoff for the company though. That brings us to part 2.

Part 2 is that the city of Oakland has decided to issue 4, count em, Four, permits to commercial pot growers. Right now that covers the medicinal marijuana industry. I do not know the ins and outs, but people commission outfits like the unionized place to manufacture their pot for them. Plenty of cancer patients have no realistic ability to cultivate it themselves. Besides, in my mind it is just natural trade.

OK. So why are there only four permits, or permits at all? You know if it gets to be legal all around, the competition is going to be wicked--high quality, low prices, yipee! Maybe not.

The Oakland model which is reminiscent of many business boondoggles throughout history, guarantees a dearth of competitors, higher prices and to make it tougher, they'll let the union have a say directly or indirectly. The union being as superfluous a player as the Oakland City council. I'm sure they'll also manage legislation which prevents outsiders from competing by bringing in product from Alpine, for example.

If this decision, regarding who, out of the dozens and dozens of applicants, will get the coveted permit, doesn't reek of corruption to you, then someone's been drinking the koolaid far too long. They are pretending to look at all these noble parameters, but that is always the way they play the corruption game.

The Oakland/teamsters example appears so transparently corrupt and sleazy to me, I had hoped that pointing it out might cause people to consider other issues which have been similarly handled.

Although cloaked in nobility, the result is to lock out the competition, individual honest entrepreneurs, and make money dishonorably. It really does happen a lot. All due to the simple process of ignoring the question, "Does this really need to be under government's thumb to this extent, or at all?". Unions only get these extortion opportunities because government backs them. But the union part is minor. Just a piece of the puzzle.

You know they are in bed with the commissioner responsible for deciding who gets to do business. And it is one big orgy between the mobster pot companies, union and government. If a pot company wasn't mobster, by the time they play ball with the union and government, they will be by default.

The point is not the product, but the dynamic. All kinds of industries and businesses have followed this path. It is what has lead to many societal problems and economic strangeness over the years, Also to wars, I venture to say. Because no one insists on answering the above stated question, and the additional question; "where in the Constitution is this right granted to government?" Simple as that.

From most statements out of Obama and other politicians I can see that they have somehow decided the functions of government cover any that may appeal to them on a given day. That is where it goes awry.

West'll Get You

Sometimes I look around out here, just driving to the PO Box or wherever, and wonder would I ever be happy anywhere that did not have an escape into scenery and such like this. In no time you can be out away from the madding crowd. Of course where I live it is less than no time because I live out where people are more scarce than rabbits and coyotes. So is paving.

The legal and law aspect of the state annoys me greatly but until I make reasonable money that is no issue. Must be the way illegals feel. It is to their detriment to attempt to be legal up to a point. In the old days you weren't punished for initiative. Now you are and unless you really make it to a substantial level the process runs you ragged. If you are too poor to matter you don't see it. Very stupid way to do things.

But it is such a pleasant place geographically and climate-wise. Something about the West, its history, I don't know. It gets into you and going back to small country seems un-enticing. Somehow the world just looks bigger in the west. It starts in west Texas or thereabouts and goes from there. I miss places that did not constantly worry about fire or bears, but damn. What can you do?

At the same time I miss parts of the South and the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is not cold like the Pacific--most of the time. The beaches here, as far as the beach itself, could spoil you. They are all OK.

No doubt about it, the only way to bring inner peace is to make some dough and have the mobility and dwelling angle worked out so I can spend time as I wish in about five or six spots around the country. If I achieved that, I bet I'd spend the Lion's share in Colorado, but you never know.

The grandeur, that one might not notice unless he came in fresh as I did, is such that when you get away from the traffic and el cajon highway patrol, you can't help but believe there is much in life to grab, and that life is good whetheryou participate in it or not. I really do want to be a participant, and hope to eventually feel a part of it the majority of the time rather than just once in awhile, like now.

My landlord has a plaque by her front door, near the basket where I leave the rent. It says "joy is a choice". That's it. It fits the place and the lady of that house. I never noticed that until last week when I paid rent. I really believe that is true.

Flags and I'm Either Confusing Myself or I'm On to Something

Many things that people consider patriotic in the sense of revering and honoring the concept of a free nation which honors the idea that the individual owns his own life and property may be just the opposite. Considering that the Pledge of allegiance was not put in place right off the bat, and I believe motivated toward reinforcing to new settlers what country they were in, I'm not sure its modern usage is always in concordance with the principles of a nation whose rights are granted by the people rather than visa versa. Also the "under God" phrase was not in the original pledge -- not a huge issue to me, but obviously it has been used to squander tax money in the courts.

According to flag rules the order of flags, if flown on the same pole or in a procession always place country supreme. I wonder, since the national authority is supposed to derive from the people, then the states if the order should not be reversed; city most prominent, then state, then country. In matters of international nature, then country should be first.

If one holds to the philosophy of the national authority only setting certain limits on all government within its boundaries but then having no rights to meddle in local affairs which do not step on the hard and fast rights of individuals, I wonder if the symbolism of constantly subjugating local and individual autonomy to the whim of the federal authorities has not been somewhat destructive. Destructive here meaning a contributor in the erosion of individual liberties, and the increasing burdens placed on citizens at the national level.

Many would argue that it took federal action to abolish slavery therefore leaving things to local authorities is bad. I would argue that slavery violated the spirit of the principles which were to be observed by all and that it was a big flaw from the beginning. They are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Slavery retards the development of any society and no good comes of it. In matters of public works and how taxes are spent, the least centralized control is generally the most effective while also allowing for maximum individual choice and freedom. We lost that.

I don't know, it just makes me wonder. Many of the conventions, pledges, under God mottos and such came about in the 1900's and served more as a conditioning for a national conformity reminiscent of vowing allegiance to a king. I do not believe it would have been so easy to deploy military forces to places which most of us had to look up on a map because we never heard of them, and still have questions about the real reasons for the action. The Guard was supposed to be the state militia, not something the president could order overseas when they spread the military too thin. That went out the window. I do not approve of that.

A vow to defend the Constitution is a vow to defend liberty of the citizens. That is different than the Pledge of Allegiance and makes more sense to me. I had to take that vow in my fringe military adventure. It is easier to swallow that vow because the Constitution is a document which was designed in hopes of preventing tyranny, and limiting the scope, authority and growth of the federal government. Most lawmakers have violated that oath from the mid 1800's on.

A blind pledge of allegiance discounts the duty set out in the Declaration of Independence to buck authority when it oversteps too far.

These things are what I wonder about. I'd be happy to see the people now in power get voted out, but I am highly suspicious of those who may replace them. The thing on their side is that many are not life long politicians. I would vote out all career politicians, and certainly encourage any new ones to repeal all provisions which give elected officials health care, pensions and other perks which make no sense for people claiming to sacrifice for public service.

The main worry is that in defrocking the Islamic movement for what it is, people get all wound up trying to attach religion of other sorts to politics, and that is a huge mistake. For one thing they will end up clouding their reasonable fiscal policies and attention to other substantive matters will be lost. Got to go on reason and principle which would not infringe on their ability to practice their religion. I'm afraid one side will lay down and let lunatics really make a religious problem in communities while the other will give fuel to it by reinforcing the notion of a holy war. I say you screw with rights of others you get squashed. And if you try to make mini religious states within our boundaries, with practices that violate our laws, you get nailed. Simple as that.

Anyway, I'd like to feel less under the thumb. I do hear more and more talk of repealing the 16th amendment and disbanding the IRS which is nice, and this from groups and people not generally maligned as wackos. I know Homeland security suggests anyone who touts the Constitution or suggests the IRS is bad is a terror possibility. But I consider Homeland security department to be as big a threat of domestic terror as any we have. And they have a track record of it.

Yea. Maybe we think upside down. The highest authority should be the individual, then his community, and on down the line to the national authorities. The idea being that we voluntarily grant rights to these entities, and agree to be represented in the larger bodies; city, state, etc., but only to the degree that such organization must exist. Their power is from the people, and their rights are privileges granted by us, in theory. Our rights are automatic and anything not forbidden is fair game. And there is supposed to be a big limit on what can be forbidden or demanded by government.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see it at this point.

I do realize that my idea of what is right, and what I most would love to see enacted would be a system which probably goes a little beyond what we started with in this country in regard to installing severe limits on the power of government and the whim of the majority and any authorities.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More About The Northwest

At long last I finished the biography of John McLoughlin. I mentioned previously, in a post that may have been too long and opinionated for anyone to read, that missionaries had been most ungrateful and holy men stole his land out from under him.
(in fairness, it should be noted that the Catholics played it straight with him)

That part is true, however the rest of the story restored my faith in America. The territorial legislature in Oregon could not override the federal land decree which had a specific clause robbing John of that which was his. However, they knew he was right and managed to avoid enforcing it. When they became a state they found ways to restore a good portion of it to him and his family. He was out of life before it was all settled but it was in the works.

Not only that but they issued some sort of thing naming him the father of the Oregon territory or something to that effect. He saved countless lives through his generosity and general ability to act in a crisis. They also have a statue of him in DC. Each state gets two. Oregon chose him and the missionary who was closest to being his loyal friend, although that guy wimped out when he should have really stood up. I guess that guy had some redeeming qualities. I'd have chosen someone else but I wasn't there and even now I do not live in Oregon or Washington--the two places whose beginnings he influenced.

If nothing else this man's life was one of pure perseverance. He definitely had a temper and that is what landed him with the fur trading companies. Long story but it involved a very just smacking down of an arrogant British officer who mistreated a woman. In that day, if you weren't in a higher station in life, knocking an officer down in the mud was trouble for you whatever the reason. In some ways life hasn't changed when you consider the M.O. of the El Cajon branch of California Highway Patrol.

Anyway, to some degree justice prevailed and to the benefit of surviving family, the man is remembered as a hero and cornerstone of settlement in the Northwest. It is also possible he prevented another war between the Brits and the USA. At the least he made it less likely at a highly tense time.

Good to see some recognition given a guy who did what was right even though he royally irked his employer, the Hudson's Bay Company, and at times local settlers, in the bargain.

Friday, September 17, 2010

i forgot

There was a great idea. I was eager to write about it. Then I got together with G2 for a half band practice. Now I don't know.

It was not so long as the last one and less politically incorrect and revolutionary. But what was it? I don't know

Oh well

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maybe Age Is What Makes Things More Interesting

Many years ago, getting interested in Northwest American history due to reading a rather scholarly biography of Dr John McLoughlin, would be somewhat unlikely. Now that I think of it, I believe that was because I had not yet learned to compensate for whatever it was that made reading tedious and almost physically painful. In school I faked it, and because retention of what I could finish on tests was high, I scored as if I could read well and had read a lot. So much for tests, they often miss the boat. Then again, many of my friends were relative illiterates so I guess it is all according to scale.

One thing this latest reading brings up is my view that people and culture have changed. Corruption, skullduggery and the like have been with us a long long time, but other behaviors were not so prevalent or acceptable as they are today, in my opinion. People were, in the main, tougher and had a stronger code of personal values. At times those values included not so valuable tenets but a code is a code. We are whinier. And way more sissy in that people sue if they fall down or something breaks or they spill coffee, or if the operation has complications (Thanks John Edwards, you worm head)

It is interesting that this biography by necessity contains a lot about the Hudson's Bay company and other fur trading concerns of early 19th century and beyond, as well as life in the Northwest before the US and the Brits could decide on boundaries. They both had access to ports, such as they were, and regional governments were not in the picture until just prior to the gold rush. Even then they were minimal, as all government should be. There was more inter dependence and voluntary interaction between local tribes and traders than is probably thought. It was an interesting dynamic all the way around. But when more people came, and Oregon became a territory, there were some real slime ball maneuvers. Not that all was roses prior but now they did it "legal".

To many of the churchy folks it may be a surprise. Not to me. The most two faced and treacherous of the people were the missionaries. Even the good ones failed to completely stand up to their greedy thieving brethren.

Those holy impostors were helped, given land, basically rescued because they arrived so haggard, yet when opportunity arose they really put the screws to their benefactor for personal gain and power. Lawyers took advantage as well, as soon as things went under US jurisdiction. They lied about certain matters and got some sucker to pass ill informed bills in Wash DC, and by the time the news got back to affected parties, it was too late to set the record straight.

Slooowww turn around time on communication.

Same tactics are in play today. Although some methods have changed. No wonder they want control of the internet and cry about bloggers.

Which reminds me that newspapers wanted federal bailout. haven't heard much about it in a few months. What a crock. There'd certainly be no barrier to dissent and honest reporting by organizations funded by government.

There are too many thought provoking items which this history provides to list at the moment. I can't help ranting on about some of them.

Biting the hand that fed you is a syndrome we see daily. Much of the dialog which labels "the rich" as villain is just that. Most families making 250 grand are not in any way exploiting those of us who make less, and they are already paying way more tax than I do. That BS that existing tax cuts gave them a bigger break than your average resentful worker is simply false.

All previous cuts did was rape them with a somewhat smaller organ, reducing the pain slightly. It's still rape, so those who buy into class envy and hatred can continue to feel good even if they cut taxes a little more.

I'm so sorry most people fail to understand the concept of federalism(or think it is irrelevant to them), why states were supposed to be more autonomous and the difference between true state rights and violation of basic individual rights. Just because an issue goes under a particular label does not make that label accurate or legitimate.

For example, I disagree with Lincoln's view regarding states having the right to secede from the union, however no one has a right to force other humans into involuntary servitude. Slavery is not why that war was fought. It was a bizarre factor used more as a military tactic. Territories ready to become states were ready to fight rather than be slave states. Like always, kernels of truth cloaking bushels of lies. But on the point of secession--this ain't the damned Mafia. is it? When you can't quit the club without someone pulling a gun, you know you're in the wrong club. What a dilemma at that point.

Why do we trade with slave states and give them power in the UN? Maybe because now, like then, wars and policy are motivated by something other than ideals and a sense of right and wrong, (yet claims of idealism are often made as these activities go forward). The UN is an unworkable bullshit concept anyway. It ignores the reality of over centralization; that it leads to diminishing returns and exceedingly increased corruption, tyranny, and death. Since the inception of that corporation we have never quit being at war. Except we didn't call it that in all cases.

So hard to accept the truth of it. If you say a war is or was a scam and not noble, it casts a shadow over the sincere soldiers who gave it all for their country, many of whom performed nearly super human acts of heroism. But that emotional loyalty and empathy for good people in the military clouds the truth; which is that unscrupulous people in government have been abusing their position to use the armed forces for purposes other than the defense and security of the nation. I think most people know that is true, deep down, but admitting it has many tough psychological ramifications. They need to come to grips because this conduct on the part of those who control national defense will ruin this nation as much as the other abuses they are committing.

Back to slave state issues.

In modern times I've heard people promote what amounts to involuntary servitude under the label "volunteerism". You are forced into that in order to graduate high school right here in SD county. Isn't it an oxymoron when you are required to volunteer?

In today's environment the states which promote nullification (refuse to enforce federal laws which exceed the constitution) are actually promoting freedom and individual rights. So, here's a case of state's rights which is used to promote liberty, in contrast to times when that label was used to limit it. The latter case was a faulty one because states are bound by the bill of rights, and rationalizing doesn't change their meaning.

On the federal level having three branches to check and balance one another was one defense against a government whose power would never cease to grow. A further check, not generally discussed is the duty of states to not enforce any law which goes beyond the constitutional right of the feds. This was done way back in the 1800's by states that refused to cooperate with runaway slave legislation--they would not capture and return people who escaped slavery and were in their state. It was against constitutional authority to force them to do so. It was a measure put in by the forerunners of today's democrat party whose main forming principle was the perpetuation of slavery. I'd suggest they continue to spearhead the movement against individual liberty and unhampered rights to choose one's own destiny.

Republicans have certainly helped them along, but give credit where credit is due, the dems have led the way overall. It does sicken me to realize what a joint effort it has been. I can't in good conscience support either team. Makes it hard to be a sports fan. Those two aberrant organizations play the game of treating my life as if it is a privilege granted by government. I don't recognize that as a legitimate game at all. It goes against all that is right, moral, holy, natural or decent.

This view will either land me in big trouble one day, or maybe it is a more widespread outlook than I think and it will simply land me on a team I can back in a game I find appealing.

Odd that various superiority buffs who fancy themselves elite thinkers (know what's best for everyone else) swore that I'd outgrow my "unrealistic" passion and idealism by the time I reached 30 or so. That started to happen but then I found myself totally unable to take the view that any gain was good no matter what the source, as long as it was marginally legal.

Legal and right have no relation to one another in many cases. Like the guy who has grants to teach uncircumcised men in Africa how to clean their willy after sex. That is tax money. WTF? Why not pay dancing girls to go door to door willy washing right here at home? It would provide economic stimulation and relief, in this country, where it is sadly needed.

This is why I refuse to apply for grants. I have yet to think of anything that I feel everyone in America should pay for involuntarily. If I have a project I believe in, I will seek private, voluntary donation or investment only. It may be naive, but it is honorable. The present system does not encourage honor, and is not honorably administered. Unfortunately most of the academic world is totally dependent upon this set up, so they rationalize and scheme to not only maintain it but enlarge it---meaning take more tax money you may or may not want to spend on their projects.

afterthought re missionaries and holy men/women/hermaphrodites:
regardless of religion, there is almost always the attitude among the religious leaders that they are entitled to special treatment and claim on your wealth. They see themselves as above those who produce and trade in order to earn a living. Much like career politicians. They often have such a distorted sense of logic that they easily rationalize when it comes to deceptions which increase their power influence and wealth. When they want to get in partnership with government or gain the public stage in political issues, watch out. Not to be trusted. Although I question the overall national reaction and attention the NY imam is getting, I believe without reservation that he is talking out of both sides of his mouth and he is not motivated in any humanitarian love everyone mode of belief. One story to the english speaking press, another to the arabic.
Still, I remain of the view that it is NY's issue and problem. They have chosen how to handle it. Or their typically sleazy officials have. All about zoning and local government. Until, of course, tax money is used to sport him around the world for unknown purpose.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beat Goes On

Finally, a song I started in Memphis is taking shape with my mountain buddies of Copper Creek--our band name. They voted down changing Creek to Creak.

Anyway it is a song reminiscent of Miami days and else. Definitely an escapist theme and less the usual pattern of my stuff which is, down and out in Hell and somehow find salvation and a way back to the land of the living.

The most recent verses of it had slipped my mind but the guys had copies of it and one had been fooling with the tune for months. I remembered what I wrote three or four years back, at least, but not the part from the last year. I actually like what was added and find I like the tune a lot. When your own song runs through your mind like other songs do, and they get stuck there for a day or two, I figure it is a good thing. Anyway, it is fun and I look forward to doing it in public. When is a question. Soon various members will be out of town for varying reasons.

I'd love to have a bunch of Caribbean percussionists on this. One of those things where you can't have too many congas and rattles and vocals. It's loose enough that it will never be done twice the same way. But I don't know what I ever do the same way except the national anthem and doe ray me scale.

Not much harmonica in the song. I may just leave it out and play some sort of percussion instead. Maybe those shaky things with beans inside.

If I did not have this small outlet for music and merriment I think I'd be in far worse condition than I am. Since I don't really think I am an ace musician, I'm always surprised when I like something I wrote as well as lots of things that I hear in the real world.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch as Another Group Is Suckered into Thoughtless Conformity

This country will never be "Post-Racial" until race based coercion and policies are not only abandoned but seen for what they are. And what are they? Generally speaking I would say they are vehicles for garnering votes, gaining power. Not power that somehow gives the targeted group ultimate freedom of choice and opportunity in life, just power for those who play them like fiddles.

If you assume that a person of Hispanic ethnicity must think and feel a certain way, say on immigration---that all illegals of partly Spanish blood should be made legal and given tax paid services, then I guess I should want all German-Irish-French-English-and maybe Scottish blooded people to also be exempt from whatever law ails them. I should ferret out any and all situations which might appear disadvantageous to "my people" and blame all other ethnicities for their plight, regardless if they voluntarily and knowingly entered into the particular fray or not. Race above reason, and no deviating from the tribal consensus as dictated by self proclaimed leaders and officials.

I'm not nearly as troubled by the fact that people sneak in daily as I am by the attitude that all people of that ethnicity, whether here legally for a hundred years or fresh over the fence, are supposed to think alike and expect laws and society to conform to what allegedly benefits them without considering right, wrong, practical, possible, etc. I am always insulted when it is assumed that I think a certain way, have certain desires based on my condition of birth, whether it be my sex, ethnicity or region of the country. That is the irrational type of profiling which yields no good. Now if I went around wearing a sheet and such, a bit of profiling would be in order.

The principles which underlie a free country, and a government which cannot become tyrannical are not based on personalities or condition of birth. That is why I find it an insult to see elected officials grouping themselves in race based caucuses. If you are looking for a free state, there is no room for discriminating against or for people based on the nature of their birthday suit.

It is a money making enterprise which pulls in far more wealth to those who drive these ethnocentric groups and organizations than is commonly realized or admitted. There are also groups based on sexuality and gender (correctly it would be sex, but that word confuses people). Often there is the kernel of a principle involved but then it goes out into the realm of retribution against all others and they become groups who only want special privilege, and/or power. Just power for its own sake in many cases. Hard to resist.

To be called insensitive, racist, xenophobic, etc. because one doesn't believe in restricting anyone's rights or granting special favor based on race, sex, who you bed, or the like is completely off the mark. I find it is more a case of racists throwing that tag on non-racists. Al and Jesse come to mind.

In any case you'd not believe the trail of money and how tax codes and taxes themselves are used to help fuel that industry. In the name of the poor and downtrodden, many are gathering wealth you can't imagine, while doing nothing to really promot3e legitimate opportunity and educate for individual autonomy and success. The trick to increasing the fortune and power lies in keeping groups blocked out, separate, and seeing themselves as victims, even if the culprit is a natural disaster. We are no longer survivors of hurricanes, we are hurricane victims.

What triggered me were comments from Janet Napolitano to the Latin Caucus, or whatever it is called. Somehow I did not know such a thing existed. And I've voted for Cubans in my Florida days. She spoke to them as if it is just taken for granted that all Hispanics think alike, as if they are ants guided by some common group conscience. I'd think members of groups who are treated that way would be insulted and outraged. I am resentful any time someone pretends to speak for me and those who look like me.

In a free country where the state can only exert limited power as prescribed in their charter,where it can only control so much of life, such things would not be in existence. Those who created our constitution attempted to create that condition. No wonder we are bombarded from every direction to conform in our speech, dress, behavior, everything. The biggest enemy of the condition-of-birth group organizers, and authoritarian, would-be slave state bosses is the independent individual who thinks for herself/himself and likes it that way.

Divisive preoccupation with the type of skin you're born with leads to distrust and hatred, not love and equal treatment. That seems to me to be glaringly obvious. But, under the spell of the Great Pretense, complex rationalizations and clever methods of self loathing, encouraged by those who secretly see themselves as elite and superior, ensure that most of the truth is lost and what remains is despised.

Why do these things bother me, and what does it have to do with my life? I'm not really sure, but it feels like something closing in, and you see the behavior and attitudes of people change perceptibly. The inter racial resentment is definitely visible and punks of all stripes tend to take the growing atmosphere of tribalism as license to suspend any pretense of decency toward others. Those who seek total control of the rest of us love that. It gives them the excuses they seek to grab more and more control while never actually solving the problems they pretend to address, (which their "solutions" created or exacerbated)

Monday, September 13, 2010

What Should K hear From Me re:life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

Every now and then I wonder what I could offer in written form that might be somewhat useful to young K. I haven't been in the mentoring parental role since she was 9. That was a long time ago. She is now 21.

Not my blood, but I felt protective. What a nut.

Going in I knew the chances for sanity were slim but I barreled ahead.

I deleted what I wrote here. It was just unpleasant rehash of stupidity. No point in that.

In the end, I don't have anything more to offer the lass. If she were to ask, I would give my view of a situation. Not much else to do at this point.

She probably will fare better than mama K since she has ten times the smarts. Momma was/is dumb as a rock, and I say that in the most complimentary sense. I could have forgiven the dimwittedness had she been a devoted mother who put the child's welfare first.

I was in such denial, probably due to mama K's "athletic" prowess, that I rationalized away the lack of intellect, pretending it was but a temporary condition. Who's the dimwit in that case?

I've already covered most matters the best I could, when I could. Now I hear nothing, and know nothing. I make overtures now and then and let her know she's loved.

I've had enough of my own disconnect from real life, potential, stability, etc. I don't suppose my track record makes me the authority on how not to squander your life and live in regret.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Don't Know

I'm stuck in the middle, at least in my own mind, in an abstract sort of way. This makes no sense but it is what it is.

Left to my own devices I can just remain in dreams and daydreams indefinitely, like an alternate reality. That does little to fulfill the need for security, money, accomplishment, etc. It is a scary life if truth be known. And that is totally unnecessary, I think.

OK. So, in the ever odd world of whatever it is I do, my last favor to the manager at Mr Big's involved an outside fireplace cremation of a tiny deceased pet--non-mammal. (didn't want you to think it was an indoor ritual.) Would I please remove and place the ashes in a particular pastoral spot on the property?

Hell, yea. Call me Igor (EYE-gore) or Freddy, whoever it is that does graveyard chores. I did not actually do the burning. That was done while I was away. It was for me to do the rest.

I felt I carried out the task with dignity and sensitivity. Said a few words over the scattered mess, reverently kicked a few leaves around to make it look natural and that was that. Remember Bill Murray in Caddy Shack? I often worry that I am becoming that guy, except my face is less twisted--on the outside. Inside, I'm a ringer.

One thing I can say, if you really want the organism to turn into ashes, you need to burn it longer than that. Otherwise you end up with a lump of charcoal which looks exactly like the critter. Perhaps the lump is slightly smaller than the pre-toasted version.

You'd be surprised how many creatures' final interments I've been asked to arrange at this surreal estate. Rabbits, rats, birds. Most of these were strangers and not beloved companions of anyone known to me.

What worries me is that this may be priming for a devious plot. It may be thought that by desensitizing me in this way, when it comes time to dispose of a larger, higher up the food chain post-life unit that I will comply without question. I'm dumb but not that dumb. The scary part is that it wouldn't really surprise me. Conspiracies abound everywhere you do and don't look.

I've decided to try to figure out a way to get the right exercise so I can become fit and fearsome. Maybe walking, then running up and down this hill would do it. And I should carry boulders to augment the arms. I suspect atrophy is getting the better of portions of my temple, my body, my instrument--as they say in Hollywood.

Nah. Must be an easier way. Maybe a pill. Steroids? I'll have to look into it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

To What End, all the Manipulation?

The more I think about it, the more I feel like we've been had. Or I have.

Where did they dig up the guy from Gainesville, and why is the NY imam traveling on tax money and treated like the voice of reason? Why do they both get all this publicity ? Damn, how many were suckered into an emotional response, like me.

They had an event that drew something like a half million people to DC, and it got less publicity than one guy with a tiny church in FL, discussing burning some books at church. World wide fame. Is that reasonable? And now this other guy who is clearly equally agenda driven is given all kinds of press and treated like the last word. No one asks him why he does not call for his alleged followers and partners in faith to chill and not react. No, they just shudder while the islamic holy man guarantees there will be blood.

What is the end goal of all this manipulation? Control? Fear usually leads to the boot coming down on someone. If it is like post 911, many people eagerly welcome it, while trading all kinds of liberty. Clearly, I am not one of those.

But then, I find it unbelievable that the imam actually used the reaction to the Danish cartoons as a benchmark of what might happen. He clearly sees no need to loudly condemn as insane such reactions.

The Gainesville guy has said he's not burning anything. He got his name out there and that's good enough. That doesn't stop fear and reaction. Just that he said he might do something is enough for all the news creeps, and every other manipulator of public emotion...

I think the imam and those who kill over cartoons are every bit as wacko, or moreso, than the FL guy.

Who would have ever imagined we'd be kissing up to religious groups because they migt show their true colors and behave like dark ages lunatics? Religious wars? I'm not sure I buy it. What is scarier than a religious zealot? Great cover for whatever reality is. Keep us thinking we're dealing with a holy war of some kind. Plenty of real nut cases to front and make it seem so.

Nothing but manipulation. It gets weirder and weirder. Just because a theory involves suspected conspiracy, does not mean no evil doers have conspired. If conspirators launch a particular program of action, and someone theorizes that they did so, he is by definition a conspiracy theorist, and right. Just calling something a conspiracy theory is not a valid argument against the theory.

I have no real theory, just the firm conviction that all this religious posturing is bullshit, and the sudden concern over offending islam is a hoax. No one cares if they offend Hindus, Catholics, or Druids. I say it again; tell every country based on religion to screw off. They are by definition divisive and oppressive to those not of the selected superstition. Not one dime in aid, no schools, no nothing, and to hell with UN views on the matter. No way.,

I'm still pissed we have been so heavily involved in the mideast and other hotbeds of religious weirdness and logical vacuums for so long. I was pissed in the early 70's over this treachery. Someone is gaining, but I am not sure who. Oil companies are often cited, but I don't buy that as anything close to the true picture.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I See Your Point; but It Is Like Dropping the Soap In A Prison Shower

There is not question that a double standard exists in any number cases worldwide. One glaring case is the one of what happens if you insult in whatever way any shade of Islam, as opposed to other religions.

The Gainesville guy's grandstanding does make that point. He's a small time nobody in the world of Christianity and America. A congregation of 50. But just the mention of burning the wrong book has made him famous worldwide. And it has brought very real threats that reprisals against any Americans anywhere may result.

Others can burn our flag, the Bible, make fun of Buddha, Hindus, and on and on, with, at most, only a small local reaction. Whether it is the radical element or mainstream, often indistinguishable, the Islamic world tends to overreact. Death frequently results. People died over cartoons that were in no way as over the top as some Jesus type drawings I've seen.

All religions have their radicals. But there are more people who've come out of the woodwork to condemn this guy, and from his own religion, than the entire world of Islam when it comes to contracts on authors etc. Just a thing to note.

That changes nothing. It actually paints a better picture of the reality. For this Terry Jones to actually burn the Koran and get publicity doing it is like dropping the soap in a group shower with one of those weird prison guys who enjoys initiating the innocent into violent homosexuality. Don't drop the soap, and if you do, leave it there. That doesn't make it right that prisons let this hapen or that people do such things. It is the way it is.

So, Terry, the very fact that these people are lunatics, zealots and whatever does nothing but ensure that your plan would endanger people who are already in the shower with them. Doesn't make it right. Not how it ought to be. Wait until we are out of harm's way, then have at it.

Good luck. The powers that be will never let us get free of limited wars and insanity in unworkable situations. Stability requires stable people and those who want it. Will not happen over there. Maybe not here. So, for now, your plan is just not a good idea. People will blame you for what they do. It's like getting blamed for the theft of your car because you did not lock it. It is nuts and wrong, but that is how people think.

Chances are lower that the car gets lifted if you lock it. No guarantee, just odds.

Haunted and Daunted; but not a goner yet

Today I wonder if anything I think makes sense is even remotely valid What haunts me is hard to define, and harder to shake. It could be I am only capable of being a serf. If someone isn't telling me what to do, I have no assigned function, I tend to flounder like a kite when the string breaks. That goes against my entire belief system.

On the other hand, when I am in the feudal mainstream, I find myself often at odds, at least internally, with the decisions, ethics and methods of the ruling entity. Not out of pure oppositional disorder, but based on reason, beliefs and my view of practicality. So, why, when there are no real barriers against taking steps toward self created endeavors do I lose confidence?

Maybe it is easier to be critic than creator because you have a clear starting point. Easier to improve upon a thing than to dream it up from scratch, I guess.

That leads me to wonder if freedom is really the comfortable condition for most of humanity. Maybe most people are not suited for freedom. Just basing it on my own difficulties, and from observing what goes on around me. People like to find some thing to which to be be loyal, obedient. The value and wisdom of such loyalty is a secondary concern, if a concern at all. Just look at it.

It is not uncommon for people to get violent over someone not supporting their sports team. They will also become violent over someone questioning the union's policies, or even their company's practices. The list of ways to choose a team for attaching loyalty is endless. That need for a tribal allegiance even works in the gang mentality. Maybe especially in gang mentality.

One thing all those things do is provide a prescribed belief and behavior. It matters not if there is a point. Really, why would it be worth fighting if I go to Green Bay and say I am not fond of the Packers? (I actually like the Packers--just an example. Call off the hit men). It's fun to pull for a team, but in practice these things go over the line. It s encouraged--blind loyalty based upon something other than actual values or substance. If gives some framework for knowing what to do at any given moment. Doesn't matter if there is a good point. You get a reward, however vague or small.

That's why, if you've been conditioned to cooperate and be obedient, you may find it much easier to be an employee rather than an employer or self employed. Maybe there is a legitimately elite class who are destined to rule, and the rest of us are just not capable of running our own lives. When I look at what I assume to be personal under achievement, I wonder if trying to fight this fact and the fact that I am not likely to escape the mentality of serf have not created great harm and sadness in my life.

Maybe I just have one foot in the conditioning and one in the mentality of self actuated endeavor, and the only hope is to shake one of those mentalities completely. As it is, they clash and leave me stifled, stagnant and ready to cash it in and give up.

Must be a vitamin deficiency.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Dreaming part 972010 and rambling

For awhile there I was working to keep the cabin from becoming an oven. 90 to 100 degrees in the day was hard to keep from warming the interior of the place beyond my liking. As well insulated as it is, the place does amazingly well for having no AC.

Due to some local micro climate thing like "marine layer" or who knows what, we now have nice fresh cool breezy splendor. It is extraordinary how pleasant it is. Soon enough we may get some of that Santa Ana wind, but for now it is perfection.

Officials in the utilities shell game are loathe to admit that reasons for less usage are not purely a factor of everyone being to broke to use their power. Same people who can't acknowledge the fact that we have no shortage of power, therefore no need to decimate Alpine and other communities out here in order to run ultra high voltage lines under Main Street to pipe in energy from Mexico in the name of putting GREEN energy in the mix and augmenting the non existent shortage. Thank you Arnold, you Nazi idiot scum.

That issue is such a case of hoodwinking the pubic. It is baffling how anyone could get away with it. A good case which demonstrates how government being the watchdog can facilitate fraud rather than prevent it.

A thought about wind farms: Have you ever seen one? If the wind is healthy, no turbines are turning because they can only work if it is below a rather low velocity. If it is too low they don't operate either. Aesthetically, oil derricks are much better looking. That's subjective. I think wind can certainly power things but any design which demands a narrow band of velocity is bogus.

What we have is a system which people who think they are environmental saviors blindly support at any cost. It is purely a flawed design which serves GE more than anyone else. They have made turbine blades for jet engines for many years. The blades for the wind farm style turbines require similar technology--critical balance, etc. GE makes them. The blades themselves are dandy, and a product of good technology from a manufacturing standpoint.

The overall design of the windfarm system is sorely lacking if you rate design according to how well it serves function. To continue to pump money into a system that can't operate under a wider range of conditions is pure folly. As is shown by the Sunrise Power Link scam, much of what is being done in the name of harnessing wind, being green, etc., is just another vehicle for certain interests to extract money from the public while offering them nothing new or better. Every deal which claims to be for green energy has backups using more reliable sources.

I'm glad I have no utility bill in CA. They give you one rate for the first bit, an amount that won't even minimally power a dwelling. Up from that they jump it something like double and charge more for your first units, then it jumps again. It is very hard to read and understand a bill. A friend gave me a copy to see if I could decipher it. No wonder no one has air conditioning.

The excuse for the bizarre progressive billing is to force everyone to conserve to solve the non existent shortage. Lots of people have been augmenting with solar---no shortage of sunny days here. It is one place where it is becoming a very viable alternative to at least minimize dependence on the grid. So much so that for the money the powerlink costs they could instead put solar on a rather small number of roofs, relatively speaking, and have the same amount of power for less money. I don't think They should do anything, but who cares.

I've never lived anywhere which has such climate and humidity conditions that you need so little in the way of interior air control. Bugs are minimal. Mold is minimal. Not like Florida. An energetic person could probably find ways to make a place like this cabin energy independent for minimal cost. It would mean using a little bit f original thinking and innovation--especially if you want to avoid depending on the government kickbacks you get for buying solar systems which have their stamp of approval. I think it could be legitimately cost effective without the tax paid subsidy.

Not my cottage so I won't make that a project. It does interest me though. So much of the east country hills have perfect conditions for any number of strategies to produce their own power. If wind were to be employed, something needs to be designed so it is not noisy or too big. That can be done I think.

I feel like everything I think about is beating my head against the wall, swimming upstream. It makes me cringe when I hear how Obama or any other lawyer or politician thinks "we" should power things. They kill real innovation and individual initiatives which aren't seeking government grants. Do you think they would even give a grant to anyone whose designs would threaten GE's cushy lock on wind? Wake up. They have no business in the energy business.

That's where that piece of work Barbara Boxer's opponent, Carly Fiorina lost me. She is supposed to be different but she's claiming "we need a comprehensive energy policy". She's part of the natural gas, oil gang. I have nothing against the oil industry except that it is a government partner and that spells corruption and oppressive policies against competition and individual enterprise. It is another repeated lie which people have come to believe. We do not need a comprehensive, government controlled and generated energy policy. It is their involvement that has made what should be damned near free, highly costly.

I doubt anyone could be as anti freedom as Boxer, but Fiorina appears to be John McCain in a girl suit. Not exactly Tom Jefferson.

From now on I focus purely on shoes, fashion and fall fabrics. I think that is still a subject not totally tainted by the state.

PS: I wish that Gainesville moron, Terry Jones, had never had publicity. I don't believe kissing up to any religion, but his grand standing with the Koran is idiocy, and typical dark ages religious nonsense. Freedom of religion is one thing. I'm sick of our involvement with religious states in any form. That is sort of sideways to this issue. Guys like this, while they have their rights, do nothing but fuel other idiots and create more unnecessary hysteria. Idiots.

Monday, September 6, 2010

While I'm At It; Labor Day is a Scam

Obviously, people who don't get the most basic elements of economics, nature and the art of owning your life are the ones who created Labor Day. It implies that there is an insurmountable caste system in place and that performing labor is different than any other act which enhances value and constitutes a trade.

Believe what you want, but such things are actually designed to keep the masses down and instill a fatalistic philosophy in which they look for ways to extort or find perpetual dependence upon those they see as the enemy--The Rich, Management, etc., in the extreme. And at the least look upon themselves as grudgingly less-than.

Yas sir, no sir. Well, Boss, I jus' wondered could I use the bathroom. I do not find it natural to call anyone "Boss", and only "sir" in a professional sense which creates wanted distance. I hated it when people sometimes called me "Boss" or "hey, boss man", even if they may have been half meaning it in a complimentary way. I'm no person's boss. That goes both ways. Do not like that mentality.

Not how it ought to be.

I've made my way doing labor much of my adult life. I studied labor contracts, was in a union. You may get all puffed up about "helpin' the workin' man", protecting against robber barons and whatever "unfair" means, but most union contracts are designed first and foremost to keep the union management in high style and offer them security.

Never has it occurred to me that because I was doing labor, even sweeping floors, that I could not change my circumstances should I find it in me to put out the effort. That does not mean anyone in a particular company is going to invite me or anyone else to climb the ranks. If I do not think I am treated fairly or taken seriously, I find a way to leave. Sometimes you have to bide your time.

If you really believe in your value then it is their loss. Of course systems which reward seniority above competence, typical union model, do get in the way of such free market practice. Even so, nothing says one can't go it alone. Given that with every feel good rule they lay down the obstacles to independent endeavor increase, but it is not impossible to make things happen if you have the vision and the drive.

Lots of people get stuck at that point because their vision is not in line with reality. That is just how it goes. I haven't built much but my belief in what I just said is pretty much unshakeable.

I do know that any trade done honestly is noble, whether it be hauling wheel barrows full of rocks, or crafting a contract with a copper mine. Locking one's self into the feudal system notion of lords and serfs (management and labor) is just falling into a trap. One thing for sure, the pretend celebration of laborers is not really much more than a slap in the face in the larger, grand scheme of things. It's a friggin trick in which thugs of all stripes have played a part.

Sorry to burst a bubble, but the whole tribal antagonism that has been created between blue collar and whatever else subtly plants the idea that the "other" is really somehow better, more powerful, and of a superior species--even if it may be one that allegedly needs collective action to keep it in line.

Why should anyone think anyone is so much better than them that they need to focus always on some contentious relationship? Or that lower one's self to extortion and thug tactics to get what you want is justified? I've worked for companies that were terrible in matters of integrity, playing the blame game, cheating employees, etc. That still doesn't justify me becoming a gangster to force them to give me something. I walk.

They only get by with it because of the myriad of convoluted regulations that industry leaders helped government write, while whining about them publicly. It locks out competition and actually inhibits opportunity in thousands of instances.

Picket lines be damned. If I wanted to work then I work. No union or other employee has a right to impede me.

I guess the idea that you can walk away, do better, or actually thrive in place doesn't compute.

So much corruption, brainwashing and institutionalized serfdom to be dissolved. That's what happens when you let government have the power to make companies and unions more powerful, and to influence who does what in the market.

Jerry Springer Nation

To me Jerry Springer and his show--is it still on?--represent the absolute worst of American humanity. Besides the fights and general lowlife getting their few minutes in the sun, the tactic of giving a few sound bites about things that concerned no one but the creatures on stage, then having audience members dispense wisdom and opinion is significant. Many talk shows went with that motif, and mainstream news organizations did the same.

How many "unscientific" news polls encouraged viewers to call in to vote for one of the multiple choices given on topics ranging from "will the hurricane hit" to should Mr X be able to pull the plug on ex Mrs X? It is a strange sort of conditioning. If the majority thinks it, then it must have credence, even if they have no facts on which to base their opinions.

This sort of cultural phenomenon encouraged people to think everyone's opinions are equally valid, regardless of intelligence, general knowledge, specific knowledge, context or anything else. The fact is opinions are not all equal. A rocket scientists opinion regarding how much thrust is required to lift a given rocket out of the atmosphere is far more valid that the opinion of the typical talk show audience pundit. In the world of PC convolution, you'd never know it.

So, now there is a general "consensus" that "the market has failed" and that capitalism is what has caused the present economic confusion. This comes mostly from people who neither understand what the market is, what capitalism is, and/or those who don't care to examine how government through both neglect and oversight has bastardized the market and business practice over the years.

To me the current situation is merely the result of a sort of mass hypnosis of the people that has been going on for over a century. We've been taught in such a way that regardless of whether one joins team democrat or team republican, the real purpose of the Constitution and why it is a big deal are lost. The idea that its purpose is to prevent government oppression and the inevitable slave state which results from authority without heavy duty limits seems to be lost on the vast majority of lawmakers and citizens alike.

We're being Springered on so many fronts. The infamous mosque, for example. I still say it is New York's problem. I suspect there is no doubt the people behind it do not wish anything good toward infidels, but I see no national issue here. I do not really know how close to Ground Zero or a bunch of other facts, and if I did, it wouldn't matter. If NY is dumb enough to let their tax money go toward loans and such then that is their issue. If they let their zoning be compromised, so be it. Whatever.

Now we have some idiot in FL flaming the fire in the wrong way by making headlines for wanting to burn copies of the Islam book. So many spelling for Coe Ran I won't bother. Burn baby burn, but what is being gained?

You idiot.

All you are doing is adding fuel to those who want special privilege and foot washers in the airports--at taxpayer expense. So often, this is what happens, then people on the left claim idiots like that represent the right***. To me, anyone who wants to screw with individual lives, choices, and mind-your-own-business living is left wing****.

Aside from the stupidity of reacting exactly how other religious idiots hope you will, I think any book burning ceremony is a little bizarre. A guy like that is unlikely to read it first. I don't care too much, other than the tendency of alleged news organizations to give such dolts national attention. Anything to fuel those Jerry Springer moments on the national stage.

That's how I see it. You either think government is the answer to wealth distribution, resource allocation, personal risks and safety, food and substance ingestion, technology trends and advancement, or you don't. I think it is a huge mistake for these things to be in government hands.

Prevent force and fraud and people who violate the rights of others. Rights being the natural rights of humans, not the right to a washing machine without paying for it, buiding it etc. You do not have the right to claim the wealth or labor of others. You have the right to strive in your own way unfettered by condition of birth or other factors not relevant to your ability, desire, competence, character, and the like. It is not complicated but sure as hell people do complicate it under the guise of being intellectual, etc. It's friggin dadaism in philosophy that they are demonstrating.

I know the cool guys seem to be preaching a global social order and all this, but they predicate it on them and their elite brethren in power deciding who uses what resources, who manufactures what, and who gets what wealth. That's tyranny, not a happy commune. Yes, I'm specifically addressing Howard Dean here.

Go hang out in various parts of the world and convince yourself every culture is the same. You cannot blame the poverty, cruelty and insanity of every aberrant culture on the USA. We do have our own issues to contend with, I admit. That is why we'd do best to deal with that and forget taking on the burden of letting our culture be subject to global debate or control. No need whatsoever.

Oh, hell with it. Had to rant. I heard there's a naked beach around here. Maybe I should go check it out. I'm curious how they deal with any jelly fish issues.

***most people who label themselves "right wing" or right leaning are simply pushing an oligarchy with a different agenda than the other worshippers of government authority, even though they pretend not to want a heavy handed government. Actions speak loud enough.

****most who consider themselves left wing readily admit they think government should control science drugs, resources, research, almost any aspect of life. They also see no problem with divvying everything up based on sex, skin color, heritage, any condition of birth or emotion.

Unless you are running the show, you're most likely to be able to live how you wish if limits on authority are so strong that they can't meddle according to their opinions or wishes. So, the greatest number are far better off if live and let live is enacted to the highest practical degree. You don't tolerate force or fraud. That covers a great deal. Most current regulations and agencies established to protect from that serve only to let the chosen few sidestep it. Most of such agencies are a fraud and should be abolished. Normal basic laws actually cover the offenders if properly enforced, and government "partnerships" are not running rampant as they now are.

That is where I part ways with many who currently oppose the direction of this government. They'll start in on a mosque they know nothing about in someone else's back yard, worry about marriage--which ought not be a state issue anyway, and rave about the rights of the unborn. Look around. Half these people you'd force to carry to term are such that the unborn would most likely choose death over having them as parents. Leave it alone and practice your life how you wish.

You are killing freedom as surely as the other guys, even though you actually do use the words "freedom" and "constitution" quite a bit. You still don't get it. FUQUITS. GRRRRrrrrr.

Why is it that I am one of the few people I know who finds it insulting and oppressive to have so much of life under control of those who think they know best? I guess many people want an ant like society and others see the individual as his own owner.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hotter Than a ...

It was 100 in the shade in Alpine today--degrees Fahrenheit. I know because I parked my car under a tree and it gives you outside temp right there near the speedometer.

Get to the coast near Pt Loma and it is in the 70's. Sometimes it dawns on me why people bother not to be poor or of overly modest means. They can afford to live in better climate, or if you are in the San Diego area, "micro-climate". I thought it a silly term at first, but the weather is different every few blocks here. It is a hodgepodge of micro climates. The smart people seek out the best of them.

Ballistic Mountain runs a bit cooler than Alpine, but 93 is not a heck of a lot of relief. Then again, if I were in Iraq or one of those places, 93 degrees would be a big relief.

I'm not in one of those places so I can't say it is a relief. Electricity, fans and a cabin with high ceilings and tons of insulation is a bit of a relief. This place was a great score and I don't forget that.

I hope Mr Big enjoys his few days at his house in the resort. It looks like he won't log a total of even three weeks there this year. When you can afford it I guess it works out. Don't fault him for being rich and having things he doesn't use. He pays people like me to keep them from falling apart and it works out just fine. If there were more people around who paid well for work and goods, I think that would be splendid. Despite the bad press, I am glad there are mega rich people around. In this case people I never see. That is the beauty of it; he's never there, and I never do my work when guests are in the place. Usually no one is there.

No question I am wanting to become obsessed with an independent project of some kind. Entrepreneurial in nature I suppose. I tend to want to avoid the word, as magnificent as what it represents is, because it has become overused and by people who think it has something to do with official authority and government. I have grown to despise authority of that sort more than ever. The tyranny of those with the guns and the tyranny of the majority are not things to tolerate.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hulu Hoodoo

Since I have no cable, and the evil independent web connection guy on Ballistic mountain screws up the airways for reception of everything---my unconfirmed theory---I watch movies and such on Hulu.

They have advertisements, and in order to tailor your ad viewing "experience", they have a little thing up at the top while the ad plays which allows you to choose yes or no, in answer to the question "is this relevant to you". I often ignore it, but check NO whenever any non-profit or public service ad comes on.

So, even though I don't eat lobster, I check yes when Red Lobster advertises. I have no pet, but act interested in pet food. It matters not to me which "good cause" is using public money and free air time to pimp itself, I claim it is not relevant to me. I'm hoping this will limit the number of such things they include in my viewing experience.

I know how to stick it to the Man. Even the Hulu Man.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


For reasons related to a self destructive past I become familiar with such things as the St Francis prayer. More a philosophy than anything, but I'm not prone to go heavy on the religion lines. They always seem to go one step beyond finding their own answers and tend to become authorities on the ins and outs of a God who has a personality and emotions which conform to their designs.

In any case, in that prayer it remarks about it being better to seek to understand rather than to be understood. That seems wise because A) most people aren't that interested in understanding so you beat your head against a wall if you go around trying to get that from people, B) people who do go around whining about being understood are a pain in the ass and just make others want to shoot them C) it often works out better if you attempt to understand others, as it keeps your mind off your own frustration.

In attempting to understand others, though, you have to realize people don't often look at things as you do. You end up comprehending their frustration and elation but not necessarily why they wanted to build an airplane in the basement when they'd have to take it apart or tear down the house to get it to an airfield. It was their bliss. That's the understanding part, I think.

[I think he is the patron saint of bird feeding, but I could be wrong]

At first I was going to write about how I was not understood in a situation which came to mind. In that case I think I did understand the other fairly well, even to the point where some of what I understood kind of bothered me as I knew I could not accommodate some of the wishes, wants and biases of the person. Certainly not in the time allotted. I sensed the time was short.

It could be I was understood, although I doubt it. When you have barriers up it is hard for someone to know what there is to even try and understand. If they can't relate to putting up such walls then that's that.

I think what is better is if you don't give a damn about being understood but at the same time try to enhance the lives of those around you in various ways. Generally not the ways you see on public service ads or other "look at Me!" do-gooder propaganda and coercion. I almost understand what's behind that stuff but hope my perception is all wrong. It gets complicated and conspiracy ridden, and I know most involved want to be good people and that is their motive. The structure and its evolution are another kettle of fish altogether.

At any rate that doesn't mean let others use and abuse you. Often it is understood they need to be slapped around, kicked out, or ignored. It is more art than black and white dogma, this understanding business.

Anyway, I understand that the hurricane may not be as damaging as thought, although the Outer Banks ought to get a bit of a thrill. I hope no one gets hurt and property remains intact.

(ps: if he were the Prophet, pbuh, and you put up such images, someone from the religion of peace would want to kill you. Understanding that requires me to get in touch with my inner psychopath. What people will do in the name of...)

Another RevisiĆ³n de un Negocio

I think that means "review of a business".
Once again, a Poway company, or franchise located there, receives two thumbs up. What is the deal with Poway? It is located near Rancho Santa Fe where people are practiced at being rude, as it enhances the air of snobbery. Poway just has driving issues, but that is typical here. It never occurs to people in this part of the country that following two feet behind a car doesn't leave much time to stop unexpectedly and is generally a bad plan. However their customer service can be top notch.

I've mentioned more than once to those who tolerate my babble that Poway has the best Home depot as compared to a couple in Memphis, one in Ft Lauderdale, the one in Greensboro, several in Miami, and a few in San Diego County. It really is the best.

So is Discount tires in Poway. I know there are a number of tire stores who offer good prices and all that, but I have experienced the old bait and switch, and some annoying wheeling and dealing at Evans in Pt Loma--the old "tell ya what I'm gonna do" and then do nothing different from normal, except pretend you are talking about a more desirable product, etc.

Anyway, I bit the bullet awhile back and got some decent tires. Not the hotshot Michelins but rated pretty close. I like them. Even better, I liked the way the transaction was handled. Not a bunch of over the top pushing for me to do this or that, just a sane conversation about what I wanted and an honest effort to satisfy that.

So, it was time to rotate, which I hardly ever bother to do. I like these car shoes so well I decided to do it on approximate schedule. Once again they were quick, competent, respectful and easy to deal with.

One of my main theories when it comes to sales is that the number one best skill is making it easy for the customer to buy. Close behind is doing it in a way which leaves the person feeling respected. Someone can buy then never want to see you again. It happens a lot. Many sales organizations push the nearly date rape approach to sales conquest. It is assinine and in the long run gives business a bad name and only fuels the arguments of those who think trade is evil.

Anyway, I watched all the people coming in and out of this place and they are all treated well by every employee they encounter. Those who seem a little sheepish or unsure of themselves when entering the place are quickly put at ease and you can see the sense of confidence enter their being. All the employees appear to be enjoying what they do, and there is none of that attitude that the customer is a burden to their day.

In Memphis, most places are like that--the customer is messing up the reason people get jobs. They go to work to relaxe, sleep or talk on the phone. You are an unavoidable inconvenience should you be so rude as to attempt commerce in their place of employment. I do not miss the average attitude in that city.

Anyway, we ain't in Memphis anymore. Poway Discount Tires is a far cry from that. I wonder if they just have incredible managers, or a high class work force or what. Between that and the Home Depot, Ace and whatever the name of that Credit Union is, Poway's got it going on.

I got Yokohama 5 something something K tires. In case you were curious. I like them a lot for this car.

All these things were to prepare for a trip. That won't happen for a month or two at least. Not a problem. Just handling priorities and saving for new specs. I got the prescription sunglasses before I ever moved, along with regular ones. That was a good move as it turned out. If you are on the road a lot in the sun, the prescription shades pay off because regular ones would tire the eyes quicker. Maybe there's a Lenscrafter place in Poway. I need to check that out. Those shades have had a lot of abuse, chemicals scratches, etc.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something About NC

Had to contact a county official in NC mountains to make sure they have my address and for various reasons. I miss a lot of things about NC. Yes, I do.

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