Friday, June 10, 2016

They Could Sell Us Anything

You know how people are all wound up as if, all of a sudden, our society if rife with pedophiles and muggers?   Maybe not all of a sudden, but as if these crimes are way out of hand, compared to 30 or 50 years ago.

It just is not true.  The news, such as it is, and the population, such as it is, has promoted this view, and these acts, by constant clamoring, exaggeration and fear mongering.

This is a large country.  It is like they find one white cop shooting a black person and all hell breaks loose but the kids and others caught in Chicago's gang fueled murder fest get little mention at all.  So the impression is that cops are going open season on Blacks, when in reality, Blacks have gone open season on Blacks, and pretty much everyone else.  Relatively speaking.

My view is that the vast majority of cops are sadists and bullies who enjoy the chances to exercise their hobby with impunity.   Must be pure frustration for the sanest of cops.  "Oath Keepers", I guess. All that means is that those cops understand and defend the fact that their reach is and should be limited.  The try to adhere to the limits of the Constitution in stepping on citizens' rights.  Not a ton of them around.

Hell, citizens and cops, alike, are usually woefully ignorant of constitutional guarantees and such.  Does a citizen no good when faced with guns and billy clubs.   But most people think a dystopian police state is not only normal, but a good idea. grrrrrrrr

The pointy is, news stories can give the appearance of things that aren't so.  I know no one who wanted Hillary in the primary.  I am shocked it was even close.  The press was on Trump 24/7 leaving little hope for the others.  He was on our minds because we love media and he was everywhere on all media.  Easy to forget who else ran.

Now, if they were consistent, the news would be full court press investigating the Saudi Arabian-Clinton connection, the Bush-Clinton connection, every scandal and apparent breech of regulations which litter the Clinton wake as they barrel ahead like steam roller.

Now who knows what happens.  I sincerely believe that the nomination has been flat out stolen from Bernie through fraud and intimidation, or it was all a show from the start.

I hardly know what to do re voting.  Probably go for some other person.  But I cannot imagine the Trump machine being any more "dangerous" than Hillary and the Clinton outfit.  She is like a deranged gangster.   And I cannot for the life of me understand why Trump is running, and why he says annoying things that tend to make even the most ignorant skin head stop and ask, "WTF?".

Either one of them may be capable of  delivering the final death blow to any pretense of following the Constitution.

Trump is at least half right on several issues.  It is the crazy half that shoots his team in the foot.  Hillary is too duplicitous to tell what she really thinks about anything.  I know I don't buy a word she says when she goes into her impersonation of Black speech and southern lingo.  But pure progressives will pretend she has integrity, even though they may believe she crookedly used her insider influence in the party to screw Bernie.

For those who are all into first Latina this, first woman that--standard garden variety politics of physical characteristics--(are you African-American, woman or other than white man?  Nothing to do with plan, philosophy, competence or sound law)--then I would think if all you want now is The First female president of the USA, you'd go for a much better representative.   The Hill is a screaming, entitled shrew, and people know it.  Find someone who will reflect better on the gender, if you must do politics of gender and ethnicity.  And people do that because they are mostly way stupid.

Took me years to believe and admit that.  Probably because I was convinced everyone was smarter and more aware than I am.  Family imprint from day one, I suspect.

Now after most of my life is done, I get it.  They are stupid and I pretended the weren't much to my own peril.

The Race to Victimness is Littered With Racists

This should be kept short.  I know it is a waste of time.

Fact: the name "La Raza" is, by definition, racist.   It just goes downhill from there.  It is the mix of Spanish and aztec, mostly.  A marriage born of rape.  So these morons decide history starts and stops where and when it is convenient to their narrative of greed cloaked as something holier.  Like being a VICTIM.  There is no juice if we aren't victims with clear enemies.

If they want to bemoan the disruption of the pristine Aztec utopia, they tend to ignore the brutality that won the Aztecs their territory.  They were bullies and jerks.  The other tribes were the ones who created the technology as such. Aztecs simply conquered them and made use of their ingenuity.

Anyway, it is a group whose common thread is greed for power and money, seeking special privilege by claiming to be victims.  And they are not too concerned about integrity or decency.

It is so bizarre how the guilty white idiots have encouraged every non white entity to become obsessed with race and ethnicity, as a way of correcting what they see as improper racism.  So we cure cruel and impolite racist policies with racist policies and hatred.

It is not working.

Also most of these people are too young to have experienced anything but special treatment in schools, government, and the modern work place.   But they know they are downtrodden victims.  They also know they can always get special privilege in order to compensate for the white privilege that just seems to follow white people wherever they go.  And if they get violent with those who disagree with their views, they call it self defense.  And get away with it.

Of course, unlike many friends and others, I do not care if people "get away with it".  I believe the aberrant should be stopped or put down. I am not dead set on "making them suffer".  That does not help anything.  Getting the aberrant out of the mix does.  Another story for another day.

For the time being I will just bask in my privilege.

Police never bounce us around or stop us in traffic.

Police never ask white people walking down the road at 2 in the morning in odd areas what they are doing.


I have experienced all of that.

I am forming a group called La Privilege.  It is a group where we can be victims of our privilege and advantages, and how white privilege has made us lonely because everyone hates us and it isn't fair.

I cannot believe the thugs like many of the La Raza gang are able to coopt the honest, hard working immigrant's plight.  Some illegals just followed the path to safety and a fuller stomach.  They aren't often very educated so they don't know from international law.  Nice people who bear no ill will, want no trouble.  They exist.

That is not who the racist outfit called La Raza is.  Not by any stretch.


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