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WWYD part 3 BMI

Do I care even slightly, even one iota of a cracker, what my body mass index is? Hell NO!! So why does the national government of the USA?

Really, are you so brainwashed that you do not know if you are too fat, maybe too skinny, or maybe not too anything? If so, you already lost your soul so who cares about your health?

This is really getting out of hand. They are sticking things about body mass in so-called financial stimulus bills. Oh geez. You have absolutely no idea how hard it is for someone as completely not geared to be controlled by official decrees as I am to deal with these things. It takes great discipline and mind control on my part not to go berserk.

I could stand to lose a smidge of fat, gain some muscle and be about 10 lbs heavier in the process. That's my whole medical profile. Bastards. And for shortsighted personal gain--which will not materialize--plenty of people are perfectly willing to condone these intrusions. It has all to do with control, nothing to do with health. A slave state run by elites, with the masses being placated with drugs and tv. Mmm....what kind of drugs, Dude? Watabout chicks? sounds bitchin

WWYD part 2 (part 1 continued)

Maybe it helped that the Duke guys got all that publicity in the fake rape case. Who knows. For each of them, I bet ten guys are doing time for atrocities never done.

Regardless of that, when you know about a rotten case, even if the guy is white, every pressure should be brought to bear on this corrupt government to make it right. The degree to which we are gravitating toward the model of life once enjoyed in the USSR, and still the way of things in Cuba, amazes me. It is not the happy one for all, and all for one, scenario so many seem to believe.

If I had been in Lt Behenna's shoes, I am afraid I would have done far more that was outside the manual.

Maybe I over react. Like I honestly believe that. My true belief is that most people sellout and will put up with any kind of wrong doing as long as they are safe, unscathed, and materially doing OK.

I see over 90% of America as people who have sold out freedom, and their neighbors, any time it soothed their class envy, bigotry, or misguided evangelical/elitist sense of forcing others to live some way they wouldn't voluntarily choose. You don't drink coffee so why not tax fancy coffee more? Your accountant knows tricks to get you exempt so why not tax certain types of income more? That sort of thing is where it starts.

Then it creeps into if or how you raise your children. Oh you let your twelve year old get his own aspirin? For shame. You let your 14 year old have a sip of wine? Horrors. That's criminal.

You do not want health insurance and you do not want your medical info in the national data bank? Boy will you soon be in trouble.

Those are mere trifles. The police state is here, more in some states than others, but definitely here on the federal level. There is more cause to cast out those in power than there was in colonial days.

People bought the pap and disregarded the protections to freedom while at the same time ending segregation. Ironic--pretending to make people freer while tightening the grip on all. Very clever because it fooled great blocks of citizens. Most, as a matter of fact. Civil rights on one hand, and road blocks and heretofore illegal search on the other.

After all, on one hand we were doing the right thing. Then the definitions of "freedom" and "equality under the law", "opportunity" and a host of other words and phrases became situational and lost real meaning. We obviously do not have equality under the law. It just depends on where you are, who gets the pass. Who you are works for you sometimes and others it doesn't. Rarely based on who so much as what is your condition of birth; ethnicity, sex, and sexual proclivity.

The only way to deal with this in these times is not to take up muskets and go strom the Capitol, but to not cooperate. Soon you will be required to supply the IRS your health insurance information, including the total amount it costs, yours and the employer's input. Not doing so will result in fines or jail sentence.

So, if you can't afford it, and you refuse to take government help, you would be testifying against yourself if you file at all. All for not doing a damned thing wrong or harming anyone else in any way.

I am thinking there may be a lot of people who will just drop out and quit cooperating. Runaway slaves of the state. Better get that camping gear in order.

Most of those who can afford it will go along because who wants to be a wacked out idiot going down for a principle?

I'm fairly certain I do. Why is wanting individual freedom and a legitimate government whose elected officials hold to their oath of office such a radical idea, and not even legal?

There is no way to vote this out unless you have a choice of candidates who will repeal the 16th amendment, undoing the IRS. Real liberty in this country cannot exist under the present structure. There is a good reason that sort of tax was unconstitutional.

It leads to an Orwellian scenario in which Big Brother controls all. I don't like that. Should I have to be part of it? Should anyone? Go live in your own commune under a charismatic leader if you want that. You can still let the rest of us be free.

Very likely, if I were a person of note, this kind of talk would land me in trouble. Free speech is not encouraged if you simply tell the truth and point out that we've been had. However if you simply want tyo say offensive things of a sexual nature or about select groups, like crackers, have at it.

I'm saying that crackers, and burnt toast, and every other food group of citizens are selling out and have been. They've been willing to take money confiscated from others, either in direct payments or government contracts they know are iffy or in grants for things taxpayers would never voluntarily support. Or maybe they would but you found a grant easier than just seeking private voluntary support.

I'm guilty. I rented a large boom lift to the army for $4000/ month. It turns out some colonel used it to watch the intramural softball games they had on the base. He kept it for over a year it seems. That was in NC.

Tax money. I should have pulled it when I found out, just saying we had to use it elsewhere. But no, it yielded me an easy commission every month, so I sold out like everyone else.

Then I rented it again to the Military where they were working on the hangar that housed Air Force One. That was in Maryland. I'd transferred to the DC branch of the company. Long ago. It all adds up, and an out of control police state which wants to monitor your goddam body fat is the result.

No doubt I sold out other times, too, but that one was a moral no brainer once I knew the facts.

I don't sell out now if I can help it. Hard not to be a part of the monster because they suckered everyone in. You can minimize your cooperation though.

WWYD part 1

What would you do?

Every time I hear of controversial treatment of soldiers over in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even on our own borders, I tend to ask mysef what I would do, or would have done in their shoes.

There have been some very questionable cases in which prosecution has not behaved honestly in disclosures and such, sometimes soliciting testimony by extortion or bribe. Politically motivated, or so it seems, but to what end is unclear.

Maybe they just want our people to be window dressing, and delivery personnel for books or toys or whatever the latest PR bit is in that particular theater. Normally I am not a joiner, not one to take up causes, and not one to join any mob or demonstration.

However, in the cases of Campean and Ramos, I was outraged and may have even dropped a dollar or two toward their defense fund. The more I knew, the more I despised the prosecutor, Johnny Sutton, and wondered why Bush ignored these things. The same attitude from the White House continues---ignore the info and pleas regarding federal prosecutors, military and other, run amok.

We've had Navy SEALs brought to trial for doing their jobs and prosecutors trying to fry them with the flimsiest of excuses. It is beyond reason. I partly blame the practice of fighting limited, undeclared wars. The goals and reasons surrounding these actions change almost monthly.

You train fighters and send them in to be baby sitters of lunatics and terrorists and people whose culture we simply don't get. No need for us to understand them. Whatever the deal, you cannot have a conscience and send people into such an environment then turn on them for surviving and trying to protect themselves and their colleagues.

One guy is stuck in prison for 15 years (originally 25) for shooting a guy that was behind several bombings which killed Americans. He claimed the guy made a play to take away his weapon during interrogation.

There was an expert, the prosecution's own expert, who backed up Lt Behenna's story. Forensic evidence confirmed it only could be as the Lt. claimed. The prosecution sent him home (he wouldn't lie for them), did not let him testify and lied to the defense saying there was no information they didn't have. They are required to divulge such info.

Lt. B went into this sure that a thorough investigation would clear him. He believed in the government, the army and the fairness of USA justice. You'd think he'd know better. He learned. They were set to fry him and they did.

If I had money I'd donate a bundle to his cause. It sickens me to think how many people are in prison who don't belong and how many people get railroaded by prosecutors who care more about winning than about justice and truth. We probably don't hear about even 1% of these.

Equally troubling is the fact that more and more of these cases appear to be strictly political. I suspect political prisoners have been quietly put away for some time now. Not talking traitors, just those who somehow satisfy the ruling scums' agenda best by being locked up.

No wonder these bastards keep dreaming up excuses to control the internet. If not for the freedom of the web we would know even less than we do, and probably never hear about many of these kangaroo court cases.

Hot enough for ya

No need to ask. Yes, it is hot enough for me.

However, I am reluctant to believe that ceasing human activity will make it cooler. It appears to be a trend throughout the solar system.

Better, cheaper, and more air conditioning is what's needed. Instead we'll hear about compost and carbon. Must not be hot enough for Them.

The charming aspect of third world life is illusion.

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