Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Add It All Up--the sum equals They Are All Crazy

Marijuana causes global warming, uses 1% of U.S. electricity
San Francisco Business Times - by Steven E.F. Brown
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 10:38am PDT - Last Modified: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 10:46am PDT
Related: Health Care, Energy

The rest of the article is HERE, but it is not a must read by any means.

I did notice that this in depth analysis, or study, did not account for the CO2 converted to O2 by the plants under the grow lights. Nor did they take into account the often slowed rate of the users. Many potheads tend to relax rather than run around exerting themselves, breathing too hard, using up oxygen.

There is a point at which I honestly wonder where I was when the bulk of minds in this country were infused with a type of thinking as foreign to me as that of a rabid rabbit. Men and women in very expensive suits, with perfectly straight faces publicly explain that in order to keep things running in the federal government (and they assume that we all want it to keep running) the ceiling on debt needs to be raised beyond its present 14.3 trillion dollar limit.

We aren't talking spending limits here. This is just the amount owed, or some version of it. Those same well dressed, serious faced people often find ways to call things one thing and also call other things that thing. OK. So, out of the clear blue sky, these people spent 14 trillion more than they have?

Never mind. It just seems a bit odd that they argue that they need to borrow more in order to do who knows what. Wars of choice to achieve stability have obviously not achieved stability. The usual counter to that is that it is more stable that it would have been--even though the stability index appears to keep going more toward the unstable end of the spectrum.

They maybe borrow to spend more on education? That's working out well. If I detect a pattern, then if we double the money we throw at that we'll be number 150 or so in the world. Maybe the US will even end up the least competent in all educational measures. That's worth borrowing to achieve.

Something probably works out that justifies borrowing, and then borrowing more. The War on Drugs has certainly been cost effective. That's well spent money for sure. Since that effort started, drug use and organized crime formed for the drug trade have all but disappeared. That is true, isn't it?

Best thing to do is identify and destroy all things that produce CO2 since it has become the devil. Wait a minute. That means you have to shoot me and Sparky, the missing ferret. Just doesn't seem fair.

If they quit growing pot then the have to make up for the CO2 the pot plants would eat. I just don't think these things have been thought out.

Now Bolivia and some other highly enlightened countries want to get the UN to list a bill of rights for Mother Earth.

I'm not on the same page. I don't believe in destroying things or being cruel to animals--except the real jerks like park bears--but I can't get behind some of these bizarre efforts to treat the earth as a litigant in court and in law making. Obviously someone has to be the self appointed advocate, and that means lawyers. I'm waiting for them to put their client on the stand. I want to see that.

Everyone is entitled to their own diverse viewpoints, but that doesn't mean some of them are not crazy. They most certainly are, even if they do wear nice clothes..

PS. if you see the video of Biden sleeping during the President's sales pitch, check out the chick at the top of the screen--Black woman with glasses. She's fighting it too. She had one of those doze/nod head jerks. This actually makes me like Biden better than before. Not saying a lot, but it is something.

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