Monday, May 7, 2012

No, I Don't Even Like Playing Music

I use the term "music" very loosely. Maybe not as loosely as rappers or some other fringe elements do, but looser than I think is legitimate. I make noise, and occasionally it is mildly pleasant. Never is it really earth shaking in the way that some things are.

All this time and effort, then after a frustrating thing like yesterday, I want to run from the experience altogether. No desire at all to play. I just want to travel and sleep and eat spinach omelets with cheddar cheese and tomatoes and fried potatoes and sour cream, and oat meal and grits, and blueberry bagels, and potato chips later on.

In truth I find music major type classically trained musicians to be a pain, and I find the self taught catch as catch can types a pain. The worst to deal with are still guitar players who idolize off the wall writers of stupid songs, and who can't get it through their head that it is polite to let you know they are switching tunes and keys. These guys expect everyone to follow them but just try to get them to follow you and they are sunk.

I actually did that yesterday. I made them follow me in C minor. It was really only about 2 chords they needed. The mandolin guy caught on. The guitar guy was totally lost even when the other guy showed him. I know, I did it out of frustration and to see if it would dawn on the guy what a pain he'd been. At least I could accurately tell him the key.

Today, I am thinking I have no desire to play anything with anyone. I only want to find something useful to do that pumps blood to my brain. And I want a change of venue to something less fire prone.

Maybe the sub-tropics. Cuba, if we can oust Castro and any Che supporters. So, if Cuba ever frees up, I recommend seriously educating Carlos Santana before letting him in. Just keep Sean Penn and other Castro sycophants out. Put it in the constitution.

OK. So forget playing any music, and let's get this Cuba thing out of the way. Someone obviously had some reason for allowing that. I'm hungering for my sub tropical roots.

But for the ocean and geographical ambiance mostly. Miami has never been a very nice, easy, polite culture. Pre-Cuban influx it was dominated by the ruder elements of New York City culture, mixed in with other rude yankee influences. Then the Latin American take over just made the place a little louder, more colorful and less predictable. Not more polite as far as I know.

But now there is easily available Cuban coffee everywhere. Anyway, it is sub tropics and that is what I long for, sans the high powered city insanity and shallow culture.

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