Friday, May 24, 2013

Little Things; peace on earth, goodwill to alpine

It has become clear over the last few years that, even if I never unpacked, I'd still need more place for clothes and errant textiles.  Also, it has come to my attention that an amp or speaker cab is not the best choice of bedside table.

Having narrowly escaped TV disposal hell Thanks to some nifty ladies at the brand new Alpine Goodwill facility, I decided to go back and see what was for sale.  They just opened yesterday.

Normally you have to take anything like a TV or computer to Santee which is down there by El Cajon. A long enough way, for sure.  They opted to let me leave it and said they'd get a truck to take it to their electronics donation facility.
I found the perfect dresser/ bedside table.  It is the perfect size for my needs.  Whoever built it did a good job, and even engraved his/her name under one of the drawers.  I think it says Raphael.  It is hard to read.  It is all wood and shows no signs of use.  I thought $35 was a fair price. I hope so.

Little things.  Those dwelling in, or in the process of escaping, negligent chaos appreciate any degree of relief and improvement.  It is affecting me in other ways too.  I'm beginning to address certain other aspects of my life and well being.  I think I'd be hard pressed to even gather the materials used in building this piece for less than $35.  It matches the exposed beams and other cool features of this coolest of all cabins or cottages.

Very soon I will actually host some people here.  My plan is to ask a few pretty girls over, pretending that I am having others show up, too, but I won't invite anyone else.  Then I'll mope and shed a tear or two because no one showed up and they must not like me.  The ladies will then do their best to comfort me.  Winning!!!!

what?  is that wrong?

Documents Found

Good news.   I'm now a documented citizen (or whatever euphemism is now being used for that word).  I found not only my birth certificate but also my social security card.   You'll never guess where they were.

The back wall is now free of towering stacks of boxes.  The birth certificate was in a notebook-like thing in a box with a router table, one black shoe, and other related items.  Reminds me of an IQ test; what comes next in this series? 1 black shoe, 1 router table, 3 harmonicas, ?

Your guess is as good as mine.

In the process I found things that I had never seen.  It was an eye opening experience, mostly regarding family matters.

Who knew I had some decent stainless steel pans?

By measure of volume, I'd say a much is going out the door as is being saved, and that will probably shrink by a third before it is all over.

I found notebooks of writing; mostly lyrics, but not completely.  There are ideas, topical satire things, nonsense, etc. Most of it is far more entertaining than I'd expect.

Best f all, I found my Humanitarian Certificate; a certificate of appreciation from the City of Miami for unknown effort after a hurricane.   It proves I have a heart.  I know how the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz felt.

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