Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OK. No Surprises in SOU spectacle

Far be it from me to actually translate the State of Union spectacle. Right. I will refrain just because. I managed to catch most of it on the radio. Certain language and assertions may have triggered red flags, but everyone else can hear it and think what they will.

What surprised me was that there were two broadcast rebuttals, neither of which did I hear. I stand by my view that it is a mistake to jump into rebuttal mode. It often does more harm to your case than not. And the actual case may have been worthy.

Sometimes I wonder if they pay people to pretend to be opponents. Savvy opponents wouldn't be that dumb, would they?

Anyway, from the bits I heard, it sounded like the rebuttal wasn't a rebuttal at all, but a critical assessment of administration performance. That is different than actually rebutting the speech itself.

To me it is telling that the alleged opposition doesn't touch certain issues. Those would be things which feed specific interests, which in turn feed campaigns.

Since I didn't hear the two counter point dissertations, I can't say for sure that no one questioned the idea that government controlling research isn't a recipe for corruption And it is not something that has been done on a grand scale forever, as stated in the speech. Only for a long, long time, usually with some veil of pretense to justify it. This speech stretched the reasoning to say it was because companies can't afford R and D. That's how you beat the competition. Why do you think real progress hasn't been made in certain key areas? If R&D is a federal duty, then only certain firms benefit, and only certain interests control it.

OK. That's as close as I get to that.

Fortunately I heard, but did not see. I cannot take watching those charlatans pose and posture. Bloated elitists who have the gall to discuss the obesity of the masses and pretend they give a damn about real lives of the less corrupt. Just accidentally bump into one of them as they exit their limo.

What a joke. Let's all sit together now that we aren't in the majority and can't march through DC with our gigantic gavel taunting those who oppose us. No hypocrisy there.

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