Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Open Mic

Tonight was an experimental evening. Regardless of outcome, I think I know one of the reasons why I play. It is an escape from anything remotely connected to The Big Pretense; all the things that grab attention toward social structure, authority, the alleged world condition, every bit of input which is actually a diversion from being a real human being and living life.

The kinds of things addressed in the last few posts. None of those topics serve to liberate the mind, creativity, potential, or the pursuit of happiness. It is all garbage, unless you get your thrills by trying to control others in some way, or wallow in the thrill of being victimized. Garbage.

The one rule I have regarding playing is that I do not want to do anything political. I just do not want it. I don't want to protest, or sing about it. It ruins the whole thing for me. I won't wear Che shirt or a shirt that indicates that Che lovers are idiots.

I participated slightly in efforts for the anti-SDGE Powerlink movement, and it did not feel right. I couldn't do it for long. Sure, I know the thing is a huge theft and ugly from all angles, but I can't deal with it in that way. Especially not by playing.

So, that's out of the way. One of the house band guys encouraged me to sign up to play by myself. He wanted them to back me and follow. I asked a guy that has roots in country, bluegrass, gospel and old time rock and roll to play as well. He knew I had no idea what to play.

We decided on a boogie riff, and figured the others could catch on to that. We figured wrong. I played and tried to get the others in a groove but they weren't having it. Their guitar guy has a bit of a resentment toward me and showed his colors. Next thing I know, he is making up words; sort of mock, fake blues thing. I hate it when people do that. That is not wht blues is about, and it shows a lack of understanding of the art.

Anyway, Les, my guitar friend, and I just looked at each other with big question marks all over our faces. We shrugged and just did what we could. I figured I'd throw a curve on the next one and tell them to do something in A minor.

At some point I brought it into kind of a rhythm riff, which Les caught, but no one else up there understood. So I just played what I could and called it a night.

Fortunately a guy named Tim asked me to play earlier in the evening on one of his originals. That went well.

Part of the sneaky experiment was to see if the guitar guy could or would jam, and see if I could get that group to actually play. I couldn't. Les also had me play on a couple he did earlier, and when it was over he concluded the we were in A and maybe the band was somewhere else. This guy knows what he's doing and has done it for a long time. He plays harmonica well, too.

So, there it is. It was an odd night, and some of it made no sense. But, I was not troubled or distracted by things I can't control and that do nothing for me. I couldn't control the house players, but I was the one conducting the experiment, and I managed to play something and work it out, sort of.

Good, bad or ugly, it is closer to home than many things, and it gave me the awareness of why I bother. It may be the closest thing to true reality I know. That doesn't mean my views and thoughts have altered or that I'll be wearing an Obama button. Just means I know that show is an audience participation dog and pony show in the big carnival. I don't even like carnivals. Haven't since I was 14.

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