Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 pages + and holding

No question about it--I have to get back to work on my story. I haven't lost interest by any means. There was one minor thing I needed to decide and it wasn't even part of the main course of the thing. But it is a part I want in there, and want it to be right because it matters to me.

Can't just leave you thinking a certain set of characters are no count slackers. The main characters don't mind because they are like me. But the other people I'm concerned with need to be shown some dignity.

Have to work and have other obligations but at night I could get to it. Besides, night is when I always find it easiest to do most things. And my deadline is not as distant as it was. Time just whistles by when you aren't paying attention. But when you get in the zone, whether it is playing music, writing, or running with a football, time ceases to have the same measure. It can stand still, or slow down or disappear until you return to normalcy.

Sometimes time stands still for me but when I get back to regular awareness I realize a big chunk of it went by for everyone else. Then there are times when it seemed I was gone for hours in some zone, only to find maybe a minute or less went by in the world as we know it.

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