Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Insatiable Retribution Service

Please tell me that it is not really a surprise that the IRS is used as a weapon against those who oppose those in power.  Or against those who oppose the IRS.

Here's the trap: the group in power won't get rid of this evil organization because it is one of their biggest weapons against opposition,  and it is a great source of private information and such which can be used in elections or simple blackmail.

It also controls which charities are deemed worthy, controls how you invest or save, and a whole myriad of life and business choices through a system of not stealing as much from you if you do A rather than B.

 It is a tool of behavior modification as well as a legal terror organization.  Being the IRS means never having to say you are sorry.  They've ruined businesses and lives on rumors which proved wrong, then did nothing to atone.

They've ruined lives because they decided some rule didn't apply in case A but did in case B, based on arbitrary whim of judgement.  It has no place among free people or decent people.  And everyone actually knows this.  They just refuse to admit it.

The group not in power doesn't want to push too hard to get rid of this jackboot operation because of the risk of being targeted and having their lives ruined by the IRS.  Everyone is afraid to pull the plug on the out of control machine.

So, imagining that the latest hint of scandal even begins to touch the full story is very wishful, naive thinking.  This government organization has been used as a weapon of reprisal by presidents, and others, even before FDR.  That was the real motive behind its creation, in my view.  Certainly the motive behind how it is structured.

Its very existence, and the nature of the tax code it enforces--a code so complex that no two irs creeps can give the same answers to questions regarding the rules---ensures the perpetuation of corruption and thuggery in government, funded by the taxpayers.   I honestly do not see how any person with a shred of integrity can work for that outfit.

"Just doing my job" only goes so far.  But that goes for an alarming number of government jobs agencies and projects.   "Sorry to unreasonably ruin your life, but I'm just doing my job" (because I'm a spineless c*nt who doesn't have the backbone to refuse, and who is too greedy to turn down the salary.)

Oddly, there are a ton of people who think they are incredibly intellectual who support that sort of tyranny.  And they ridicule those who don't.

No sympathy for republicans who feel targeted.  Why didn't they 86 this outfit when they had more power?

Possibly because they, too, couldn't resist use of this weapon.  It is the most obvious and glaring clue to the fact that the parties are more similar than different when it comes to serving the infrastructure of absolute control.  Team A or team B, the tools are the same.  Result is the same--massive control, reduction of individual rights.

You say there's nothing "we" can do about it?  Come on.  Think.  You absolutely know there is.  Too few are willing to take the risk.  Massive boycott would carry minimal risk.   It is the only way I can see that would work.  Maybe there are other ways of which I'm unaware.

So to accept it and claim to be powerless is a lie.  Gutless maybe.  Not powerless.  It takes no gut to go march in a large herd of people chanting whatever Mr/and/or Ms Megaphone says.  That won't work.  Refusing to feed the monster does take some nerve, but would achieve results.  But you could wind up in trouble.

Almost as much trouble as not buying whatever insurance those lunatics demand that you buy, at whatever price they deem fit.

I think starving the monster is the surest way to neutralize it.  But who wants to be that kind of weirdo.  John Stewart or that sleazy Maher guy might make fun of you.  OMG.  Big O himself might ridicule you.  And the alleged opposition to those creeps certainly won't do you any good.  They'll be all wrapped up in what you think of abortion or condoms in schools.

Anymore I see it as Democrats=totalitarian jackboot neo-nazi tyrant lying bastards, and Republicans=idiotic pretend puritan wishy washy spineless untrustworthy hypocrites. Republicans pretend not to be totalitarian socialists, but their actions rarely back that up.

To the credit of democrats they are openly in love with a totalitarian state, and openly approve of censoring enemies and dissent.

Two parties.  Choose the slick, clever witty tyrant, or Ronald McDonald.

Don't expect the public to stand up to anything of real substance, like boycotting IRS, or selective service.

No, expect the best they'll do is litter and trash public places, stop traffic, abuse businesses, chant through megaphones, march around in a mob, and claim it is because they are the 99%.  And you won't know if they are complaining because there is too much government or too little.

Apparently Occupy is anything you want it to be.  I've asked various people who identify with the 99% what that means and what the objective of Occupy is, and I can't get a consistent answer.  When I get an answer at all.

Mostly I get angry responses to my questions because I am clearly only the 99% when we are talking percentile in relation to measurements of clever or odd.  Oops, but that actually means I'm in the 1%.
I'm not in the wealthiest 1%, but if you compare to the entire world, even our homeless are somewhat well-to-do.

That is not brave, not useful, and does not weaken the monster.  You want to put a dent in cronyism, or even corporate abuses, the IRS is the key player.

I hate the sheep minded weakness and cowardice of people more than anything.  I like people in general, but I hate the herd mentality that makes most people afraid to look uncool or different, even when they know it is right.  You see it on the job every day, in almost every company.

You won't get rich standing on principle, but at least it reduces the number of incidents in the regret column.  I do not regret standing for what was right at various job rather than watching people get fired unjustly while I hid behind "just doing my job", or "not my problem", etc.   I leave those lame rationalizations to cops, and hapless de facto criminals.

People, I love them in ways, but why are so many so f'ing stupid and afraid to be autonomous and free?

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