Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Is a Good Influence

Regardless of one's religious beliefs, within some limits, the Christmas hooplah, even the big over commercialization of it, serves as a small link to the past.  Some of that would be erased from the culture, and any records if many trendsetters had their way.

The image of people tipping their hats as they passed on the street, around the end of the 19th century, or even later, is something worth preserving.   And I certainly wish we had the girl selling matches in the freezing snow, half alive due to poverty and bad luck.  She was a person of character and honor.

I really wanted to comment about the end of the world.  Doesn't it seem that the end of the world is about the same as the middle?  I'd have never guessed that the end of the world would be the same as before the end.   I'm not sure what I would have guessed.

What if the world did end, and this is how death works; you just keep doing whatever it is you think you do.  Probably not.

Seriously, it stands to reason that the head calendar guy for the Mayas said, "OK, let's knock off now, we have the calendar set up until the end of this big era.  Who makes plans hundreds of years in advance anyway?  Let's just pretend we're working. Who will know or care?"

So, they just quit with the calendar thing.  Such a coincidence that the last day of their calendar coincided with the end of the world.  People sure do crave prophesy.  It is like a mental illness which is intrinsic to our species.

I realize that pointing to anything which is of European cultural origin, like the added social niceties and kindness which our stylized remembrance of things indicates was present in old fashion Holiday Land. I may not be white enough to get orange Blossom special, but I do feel at home with my imaginary images of people on the street from the land of Dickens, and Scrooge.

It doesn't escape me that there were some very poor people, hard times, and all that, but I am fine with ignoring that, and instead focussing on the ideal of the times.

At any rate I like Christmas despite the fact that I have trouble with some of the tenets of just about all of the Christian religions.  That is really not the point.  I'm not out to change the various churches. There is something to be found in this holiday that is of a positive nature without involving one's self in religious debate.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  As many as will fit.


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