Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trying Not To Be An Ingrate

When I get into these projects which seem to never end, and which leave my back aching, I start to internally gripe about not being a sociopathic lawyer with the big bucks, or any number of other things. That is not good. I'm lucky to be where I am and have this work to get me by until I actually make the effort, or take the chance, which will put me in some other vocation.

When it goes my way I like this stuff. Right now it is slow going and not that easy. A normal person would think this kind of thing would be a fun hobby. And it is.

So, I thought I'd better be sure to recognize that this is not the time to be an ingrate. Just because sleep is my favorite hobby is no reason to lose all enthusiasm for more kinetic passtimes. I know what you are thinking. I'm not going there.

The point is, the mind can play tricks. You get what you want then you forget that it is what you wanted. How dumb is that?

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