Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Issue Obama Tackles--he said, she said gossip and nonsense

I won't argue the case that basketball is a squeaky annoying sport, peopled by far more than its share of criminals, women beaters and morons.  They are wealthy and have lots of sex, but love to grab any chance to cry that they are oppressed.

Many people in other industries and sports also enjoy that same little quirk of thinking they are the center of the universe.

So a sad character owns a team, scores a hot trophy girlfriend.  She apparently likes large black men who play, or have played, pro ball.  Apparently she likes to post pictures with them and even bring them to her older rich boyfriend's team's games.  This makes the old guy feel bad.

He complains to her, using the word "black" in describing the people she seems to use in her strange flaunting of her possible extra-curricular activities.  He's older, frumpier, and some version of white.  It seems he feels a bit intimidated.  I think everyone looking at this knows what is what, and reads the same thing out of it---he doesn't like his trophy chick making it so obvious that she gets her kicks with large black men--the stereotype is only annoying if you are an old white guy with a spirited, disrespectful, trophy girlfriend.

But it is absolutely the sort of thing the President of the United States must address.  Any time a guy complains because his concubine is screwing athletes of another race--(and in basketball that is the majority.  If they'd been all white, I'm sure he'd still complain, but he'd not call them black people)--it is imperative that the president help turn this into a racially divisive event and jump on a side without knowing all the facts, or any of them.  (If I had a concubine, she'd look like that.  If I had a son, he could be a player diddling the owner's trophy girl)

The president has many fantasy children, some are dead, like Trayvon, others are forbidden from playing football, but probably not basketball, and probably not forbidden from shagging the team owner's concubine.

Now Al Sharpton, criminal, racist, inciter of murder, ruiner of lives and careers, is in on the act.  This is absolute nonsense.

Here's some very shocking news.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE BLACK PEOPLE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF PEOPLE.  That is your right.  I dislike a certain element of New Jersey/New York culture.  Do not want to hang with those Snookie-the Situation types.  I've only seen those particular instances of that culture a few times. Enough is enough.  I liked Bernie Mac but not Bill Cosby so much.  Come with a battering ram to my door, Al Sharpton--bound to be some thought policing and ill gotten gain to be had!!

Does it not occur to anyone else that some sports team owner's comments to his flighty, but attractive, gold digging girlfriend, over her tendency to make a fool of him, is not national news or even significant?   You want to hear racism?  Monitor the conversations of all those weighing in on this frustrated cuckolded sugar daddy's rant.

Unbelievable that this made news and I know what this guy said to his chick.  Even more unbelievable that our president is so classless that he jumps on this opportunity to play demagogue and further encourage the false racial narrative and animosity.

It is a shameless political ploy.  More of the varying standards based on condition of birth.  If you want to complain about a group, be sure it is the group which the thought police allow you to mention in that way.

 A good rule of thumb on these matters: if coca charlatan Al Sharpton is jumping into the fray, odds are, half of what you will hear is a lie, and the other half is way out of context.  Al loves to lead witch hunts, and if you are anything other than black,  your rights and innocence are irrelevant.  Al needs a focus for his madness and someone to sick his idiotic followers on.  These antics have had dire results for innocent people.  Al has never even said, "oops, I was wrong", or "sorry about your life, career and whatever else I wrongly destroyed".

Maybe Putin will weigh in next.  This is incredibly bizarre.

No one seems to question what is up with the crazy girlfriend and recording this stuff.  Kind of like with Tiger.  He was awful yet the dozens of hookers and such grabbing a moment in the sun by violating his confidence were fine and dandy.   Standards seem to conveniently shift according to whom  is being served up for dinner at any particular time.   OK for Obama to lie, and even execute people.  He's not Bush, so it is alright.

Equality under the law can't exist when presidents treat private free speech as some awful crime.  It cannot exist whenever certain groups are given preference.  But liberty and freedom, equality under the law, mean nothing.  The goal is control and power.

How can people not see that the motive here was frustration that his girlfriend is throwing it in his face that she's into the other, younger, pro-athlete guys.  The race is really not the issue.  In his shoes most people would focus on common difference.  A guy can't even humiliate himself without being ruined over a PC faux pas.

It's a lose-lose, and now he'll either have to can the girlfriend or learn to enjoy her taunting actions and lifestyle. And be the easy prey of phony celebrities and tv people.  He's being slammed wrongly, I think.  Is everyone just pretending?   .

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