Sunday, August 2, 2015

They're Back!!

It was the day of the spark plugs, yesterday.  Though a demon of sadness was trying to have its way with me,  once I got rolling I noticed more energy as the day progressed.  More than I've had in awhile.

Ifigue being off the poison pill for a week and various values would improve.  I think maybe some improved more than enough.  Today at work I discovered that, once again, just barely break a sweat and the attack is on and the body's thermostat takes a hike.  It's like random nerve endings being hit from the inside with a tiny hot torch than never stops moving, and in an unpredictable pattern.

Fortunately no one else was at work.  Many times I said "ouch" out loud followed by expletives and prayers and curses.   Just like the old days.

This is why everything should be available over the counter.  And easier access to lab procedures would be nice.  I would have done a cbc a month ago and avoided this over correcting form of trial and error.  If 30 days cut the number almost in half, what do you think another 90 is going to do?

I cannot believe the attitude.  My theory is that he wanted to see how far down in would go.  For his own curiosity.  Not my well being.    It is important to watch these people.  Not to be rude to them or argumentative, but just to get it right.  They really do not know.

If I could get what I want over the counter, I'd start back on the poison pill but half the dose or less.  And I would get muscle relaxer for other things.  Because I had to get the stuff from friends and it is all that stopped esophageal spasms.  That or pain pills.

Drac won't admit anything is at all related to his field except blood values. Forget dealing with the ramifications of those values.  He ain't prescribing anything to help you work with convulsions, shooting pain, etc.

Anyway, Dr. Chickenman.  Dracula is a CYA sissy. But like designing the schedule so that I was sure to end up critically low on platelet value, I sometimes thing my discomfort pleases him.  He may get the blood balanced, but I think the fact he pretend no discomfort is related pleases him in some perverse way.  He's a good blood doctor, I guess.  He's published many scholarly papers on various types of cells etc..  But I sense he is a sadist who likes to watch you squirm while he pretends he can't help. Maybe I am too harsh.  I am not so sure.

My opinion of the medical world is complicated.  The equipment and the most sane of the people are awesome.  But there is the extreme bureaucracy and incompetence on some levels, in some places.  The industry is rife with extremes, and they are weighted toward extremely insane and/or incompetent, or just plain cold and cruel.

Up to me I would have cut the dose a moth or more ago.  I did mention it in a phone call about weird bruising.  Oh no, don't change the dose.  Not only are doctors not God, half the time they are not even cognizant of the information in your folder, which they hold in their hand during a visit.  Maybe they can't read.  Or don't like to.  More fun to look at the patient and guess.

These attacks take it out of me.  Fortunately I was able to use a very hot shower on site.
That works for some reason.  Normall I could not tolerate such hot water. It is a weird thing.

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