Thursday, May 7, 2009

2nd Winds and We are DEMO

You have to remember DEVO for that to even slightly ring.

So, this wall was concrete block with red brick on top with slate or flagstone stuck to the sides. And it was as filled with concrete, solid and stuck on itself as---take your pick of people that fits. This thing rivaled the great pyramid for potential durability.

I am sure the jack hammer weighed 379 pounds, if not more. For some reason I soon became winded and could not seem to catch up with myself. I am used to that, and used to breaking through the barrier then all is OK. It was 450 F in the shade.

Anyway this phase of the job is pretty much done. It was the hardest part, I hope. I can hardly hold my arms up, or I couldn't at the end of the demo fest. Now all is well. We're ahead of schedule, whatever schedule was.

I need extreme physical stress to keep my mind off of everything. Sometimes the solo life seems like it has a bright light shined on it that you can't escape. A big Laverne L which covers 90% of my head and body. LOSER.

That is no good way to think, but I fight that big time. I need a road trip or some good drugs. Either will do fine.

People are the best, and the place has a great view, and pretty surroundings. I should not feel so --so. This is a real challenge. Getting past myself in order to let life be OK. I'd rather be solo than settle but I am finding it increasingly lousy to be that way around others.

Hermit is one thing. Socializing in a clearly deficient condition is another.

It is unbecoming and not manly to whine or indulge in self pity. OK. I'm over it. Hell with everyone and the thoughts they rode in on.

I'm mean that in the most benevolent, loving sense, of course.

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