Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finally, One of Them Used the Number

So, playing music when you are young and smooth tends to attract self destructive women who want to know you better--or so they think.  At this point, I am no more young and smooth.  Now I attract other weirdos who want to play music.  If I liked to play, that would be good.  Sometimes I like music playing OK.

Well, my friend who used to be the house manager, making her my semi-boss, was in town for one day.  They had a little get together at the upscale house where she was staying.  She invited friends to come say hello.  There, she introduced me to the broad with the Irish name.  Very fit lass considering she may be near enough my age.

I gave her my cell number so she could contact me to "see where I am playing".  I did not hear anything for a day or two.  I figured I would not hear.  Then I received a text of inquiry from her.  That is new.  Maybe she is hoping to trick me into her lair.  One can only hope.

If I ever get rid of this nasty chest cold and cough, maybe I will feel suitable for making friends.  Even with the respiratory gunk I have somehow managed to play OK.  Odd how that works.

I have tried several forms of cold medicine from sudafed to robitussin.  I think mixing it up helps it work better.

Anyway, you never know how these things will go.

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