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While I'm At It; Labor Day is a Scam

Obviously, people who don't get the most basic elements of economics, nature and the art of owning your life are the ones who created Labor Day. It implies that there is an insurmountable caste system in place and that performing labor is different than any other act which enhances value and constitutes a trade.

Believe what you want, but such things are actually designed to keep the masses down and instill a fatalistic philosophy in which they look for ways to extort or find perpetual dependence upon those they see as the enemy--The Rich, Management, etc., in the extreme. And at the least look upon themselves as grudgingly less-than.

Yas sir, no sir. Well, Boss, I jus' wondered could I use the bathroom. I do not find it natural to call anyone "Boss", and only "sir" in a professional sense which creates wanted distance. I hated it when people sometimes called me "Boss" or "hey, boss man", even if they may have been half meaning it in a complimentary way. I'm no person's boss. That goes both ways. Do not like that mentality.

Not how it ought to be.

I've made my way doing labor much of my adult life. I studied labor contracts, was in a union. You may get all puffed up about "helpin' the workin' man", protecting against robber barons and whatever "unfair" means, but most union contracts are designed first and foremost to keep the union management in high style and offer them security.

Never has it occurred to me that because I was doing labor, even sweeping floors, that I could not change my circumstances should I find it in me to put out the effort. That does not mean anyone in a particular company is going to invite me or anyone else to climb the ranks. If I do not think I am treated fairly or taken seriously, I find a way to leave. Sometimes you have to bide your time.

If you really believe in your value then it is their loss. Of course systems which reward seniority above competence, typical union model, do get in the way of such free market practice. Even so, nothing says one can't go it alone. Given that with every feel good rule they lay down the obstacles to independent endeavor increase, but it is not impossible to make things happen if you have the vision and the drive.

Lots of people get stuck at that point because their vision is not in line with reality. That is just how it goes. I haven't built much but my belief in what I just said is pretty much unshakeable.

I do know that any trade done honestly is noble, whether it be hauling wheel barrows full of rocks, or crafting a contract with a copper mine. Locking one's self into the feudal system notion of lords and serfs (management and labor) is just falling into a trap. One thing for sure, the pretend celebration of laborers is not really much more than a slap in the face in the larger, grand scheme of things. It's a friggin trick in which thugs of all stripes have played a part.

Sorry to burst a bubble, but the whole tribal antagonism that has been created between blue collar and whatever else subtly plants the idea that the "other" is really somehow better, more powerful, and of a superior species--even if it may be one that allegedly needs collective action to keep it in line.

Why should anyone think anyone is so much better than them that they need to focus always on some contentious relationship? Or that lower one's self to extortion and thug tactics to get what you want is justified? I've worked for companies that were terrible in matters of integrity, playing the blame game, cheating employees, etc. That still doesn't justify me becoming a gangster to force them to give me something. I walk.

They only get by with it because of the myriad of convoluted regulations that industry leaders helped government write, while whining about them publicly. It locks out competition and actually inhibits opportunity in thousands of instances.

Picket lines be damned. If I wanted to work then I work. No union or other employee has a right to impede me.

I guess the idea that you can walk away, do better, or actually thrive in place doesn't compute.

So much corruption, brainwashing and institutionalized serfdom to be dissolved. That's what happens when you let government have the power to make companies and unions more powerful, and to influence who does what in the market.

Jerry Springer Nation

To me Jerry Springer and his show--is it still on?--represent the absolute worst of American humanity. Besides the fights and general lowlife getting their few minutes in the sun, the tactic of giving a few sound bites about things that concerned no one but the creatures on stage, then having audience members dispense wisdom and opinion is significant. Many talk shows went with that motif, and mainstream news organizations did the same.

How many "unscientific" news polls encouraged viewers to call in to vote for one of the multiple choices given on topics ranging from "will the hurricane hit" to should Mr X be able to pull the plug on ex Mrs X? It is a strange sort of conditioning. If the majority thinks it, then it must have credence, even if they have no facts on which to base their opinions.

This sort of cultural phenomenon encouraged people to think everyone's opinions are equally valid, regardless of intelligence, general knowledge, specific knowledge, context or anything else. The fact is opinions are not all equal. A rocket scientists opinion regarding how much thrust is required to lift a given rocket out of the atmosphere is far more valid that the opinion of the typical talk show audience pundit. In the world of PC convolution, you'd never know it.

So, now there is a general "consensus" that "the market has failed" and that capitalism is what has caused the present economic confusion. This comes mostly from people who neither understand what the market is, what capitalism is, and/or those who don't care to examine how government through both neglect and oversight has bastardized the market and business practice over the years.

To me the current situation is merely the result of a sort of mass hypnosis of the people that has been going on for over a century. We've been taught in such a way that regardless of whether one joins team democrat or team republican, the real purpose of the Constitution and why it is a big deal are lost. The idea that its purpose is to prevent government oppression and the inevitable slave state which results from authority without heavy duty limits seems to be lost on the vast majority of lawmakers and citizens alike.

We're being Springered on so many fronts. The infamous mosque, for example. I still say it is New York's problem. I suspect there is no doubt the people behind it do not wish anything good toward infidels, but I see no national issue here. I do not really know how close to Ground Zero or a bunch of other facts, and if I did, it wouldn't matter. If NY is dumb enough to let their tax money go toward loans and such then that is their issue. If they let their zoning be compromised, so be it. Whatever.

Now we have some idiot in FL flaming the fire in the wrong way by making headlines for wanting to burn copies of the Islam book. So many spelling for Coe Ran I won't bother. Burn baby burn, but what is being gained?

You idiot.

All you are doing is adding fuel to those who want special privilege and foot washers in the airports--at taxpayer expense. So often, this is what happens, then people on the left claim idiots like that represent the right***. To me, anyone who wants to screw with individual lives, choices, and mind-your-own-business living is left wing****.

Aside from the stupidity of reacting exactly how other religious idiots hope you will, I think any book burning ceremony is a little bizarre. A guy like that is unlikely to read it first. I don't care too much, other than the tendency of alleged news organizations to give such dolts national attention. Anything to fuel those Jerry Springer moments on the national stage.

That's how I see it. You either think government is the answer to wealth distribution, resource allocation, personal risks and safety, food and substance ingestion, technology trends and advancement, or you don't. I think it is a huge mistake for these things to be in government hands.

Prevent force and fraud and people who violate the rights of others. Rights being the natural rights of humans, not the right to a washing machine without paying for it, buiding it etc. You do not have the right to claim the wealth or labor of others. You have the right to strive in your own way unfettered by condition of birth or other factors not relevant to your ability, desire, competence, character, and the like. It is not complicated but sure as hell people do complicate it under the guise of being intellectual, etc. It's friggin dadaism in philosophy that they are demonstrating.

I know the cool guys seem to be preaching a global social order and all this, but they predicate it on them and their elite brethren in power deciding who uses what resources, who manufactures what, and who gets what wealth. That's tyranny, not a happy commune. Yes, I'm specifically addressing Howard Dean here.

Go hang out in various parts of the world and convince yourself every culture is the same. You cannot blame the poverty, cruelty and insanity of every aberrant culture on the USA. We do have our own issues to contend with, I admit. That is why we'd do best to deal with that and forget taking on the burden of letting our culture be subject to global debate or control. No need whatsoever.

Oh, hell with it. Had to rant. I heard there's a naked beach around here. Maybe I should go check it out. I'm curious how they deal with any jelly fish issues.

***most people who label themselves "right wing" or right leaning are simply pushing an oligarchy with a different agenda than the other worshippers of government authority, even though they pretend not to want a heavy handed government. Actions speak loud enough.

****most who consider themselves left wing readily admit they think government should control science drugs, resources, research, almost any aspect of life. They also see no problem with divvying everything up based on sex, skin color, heritage, any condition of birth or emotion.

Unless you are running the show, you're most likely to be able to live how you wish if limits on authority are so strong that they can't meddle according to their opinions or wishes. So, the greatest number are far better off if live and let live is enacted to the highest practical degree. You don't tolerate force or fraud. That covers a great deal. Most current regulations and agencies established to protect from that serve only to let the chosen few sidestep it. Most of such agencies are a fraud and should be abolished. Normal basic laws actually cover the offenders if properly enforced, and government "partnerships" are not running rampant as they now are.

That is where I part ways with many who currently oppose the direction of this government. They'll start in on a mosque they know nothing about in someone else's back yard, worry about marriage--which ought not be a state issue anyway, and rave about the rights of the unborn. Look around. Half these people you'd force to carry to term are such that the unborn would most likely choose death over having them as parents. Leave it alone and practice your life how you wish.

You are killing freedom as surely as the other guys, even though you actually do use the words "freedom" and "constitution" quite a bit. You still don't get it. FUQUITS. GRRRRrrrrr.

Why is it that I am one of the few people I know who finds it insulting and oppressive to have so much of life under control of those who think they know best? I guess many people want an ant like society and others see the individual as his own owner.

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