Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Airboat Bob

Not sure where lost episodes have gone. If you know, please advise. Thank you.

This is better than detailing the saga of trying to prove innocence (hence save cost of deductible), insist on fair value so I can replace my beloved, late tour vehicle, and make it understood I am just now becoming a full fledged west coaster with no toe left back in Memphis. I have good fortune in that my guitar player is thick in that biz so he can guide me. Also I have friends who won't wear out for another day or two on this drama. It has to be very boring: "oh they said this and that's wrong. I was in vehicle A and B was where it shouldn't be and poor me, blablabla". No one can take too much of that.

OK. Now I'll put what I can for this installment of the airboat series. I'd fill in the blanks about characters and what little plot there was but I don't remember the details. The story and people must not have been too interesting if the creator of them forgets. Maybe an extrapolation of that syndrome is what gave rise to the God is dead movement. More plausible would be the assertion that God is bored. If everyone were me then he would be so glazed over snoozing he might as well be gone.

That is not to say I actually anthropomorphize God or think it is a He. I only think that if there are a bunch of them, then the one we usually claim to know is the mac daddy. I know what I'd do if I held that position in the scheme of things with a bunch of Aphrodite and such floating around. And you could shape shift etc. Yippee.

This pic is not animated

This one is animated. **It should be noted that, as far as I know there are no beaver in the Glades, however I have seen an otter or two in the canal off of Loop Road. I guess it is OK since this is fiction. Of course it is based on real people and a true story--if you'd like it to be...
It looks like text but it changes in awhile

I'm pretty sure a missing episode goes here.

Then Airboat Bob and Swamp Buggy Sue are on their way to the little keg party over at Naked Nancy's. Naked Guitar Player is well settled in now. It all happened in a day, probably.

I'll just give the rest of what I have.

Last time I saw Airboat Bob, he was in the parking lot of this place outside Memphis somewhere.

The End

*****lots of typos in that series. I knew it then and I know it now. A tedious process, and I never got around to changing the errors.



The Real Airboat Bob very first episode

After this then go down to the post below the post below this, then back up to the post above that and under this one.
It appears there may be lost episodes, but there are pictures that clue what they may have been about, like intro to Swamp Buggy Sue whose name is actually Maria. I'm not quite sure how that worked.

S.B.Sue was quite the mechanic, and engineer. Her buggy was a high powered war wagon

Airboat Bob, continued

We're going from bottom up on the page, as the first scene is in another post (in case you wonder where the beginning is). I hope I have all of them. I know I can find a few. It isn't as if there will be a test, or a Nobel prize for this. Although I still want a nobel prize for something. The peace prize is easiest; no knowledge or even peace making necessary. Just be hip in the world of lunatic megalomaniacs.

!!!!Note: all the following are animations, but they are timed to sit there awhile before frames change. So, that's how it works.
this group of three is in order

*Bi, as in Bi-Plane, for the aeronautically challenged

*****WARNING***Following is sophomoric and in poor taste, sort of...

more to come soon.


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