Sunday, December 21, 2014

Random Stuff

There are so many things I think I want to get written down, but by the time I get to the keyboard, I am at a loss.  I forget what I was thinking.

Usually it comes to me while driving.  I'll write entire articles on some pressing topic in my life, then I forget it, but I know it was a gem.

So, lately, I forgot, or was sick or whatever.   The result is Christmas has pretty much gone by without my notice.  Nothing sent out to anyone.

Those in the know realize that when I have some wealth, I splurge.  When I am in doubt concerning resources, I do nothing.  This time I was concerned about medical costs, Obama buy or die insurance, and the like.  Also I need timing belt and more for my car, if I know what's good for me.  Can't let it go much longer.

Anyone that matters will get over it.  I hope.

Several gigs with the band coming up.  I hope I can keep pace.  Right now I need about a month to settle down, rest, deal with betrayal and skullduggery at work, and generally move toward fixing what ails me and making it all be OK.

I've been a little bit aloof when it comes to wimmin because of a few things. One of which is the uncertainty regarding how I am doing in the realm of blood and bone marrow and etc.  If it is really a big deal, I can't knowingly pull someone into my world.  And since I'm not sure, I can't chance it.  That would be stupid and impolite.  Although there are times I would have gladly spent time with certain people even if they were terminal and due to check out at any time.  That's confusing.

Geez, for sudafed you have to sign things and show ID.  Not sure what people do with it, and doubt that punishing normal people with colds is the best approach.  Lovers of state authority as the answer to all do not see my point and understand my misgivings regarding such matters.  I suspect they are reincarnated slave owners from Africa or Aztec times or ancient Rome.   Who else would be so confused regarding rights and liberties?

Off the subject, but of note is the fact that I have met more truly stellar couples--in very functional marriages---since moving here, than I recall knowing back east.  K and M are particularly good examples of how a guy treats a woman if he wants a wonderful life.  They should conduct a seminar or build a school.

Troubadour, magazine I guess, is having their annual party tonight.  It is a musicians' thing.  We may play a couple of tunes.  I've been trying to shake a cold so I can make it.  I think I'm well enough.  I'll get some ultra potent cough suppressant if such a thing exists.

Not at all pleased with the maneuvering at work by someone I thought was a friend.  Her whole family is now somehow in on the act.  Dysfunction and backstabbing.  I will try to thwart this effort to usurp my job.  The old manager is gone.  She knew I was the one to trust.  The new guy has one foot still in Chicago.  I'm stunned with how this crew has formed, and the power play being attempted.  Either he'll see it or not.

First rule of if someone else can fire you, no matter what co-workers do, if you bring up the complaint, you lose.  Never fails, or rarely fails.  Have to let the jefe bring it up.   My situation is that these rats could all claim I'm the ogre of the land, and it is multiple words against me. Never mind that they are all related and want my job for Deb, the butch ass construction broad, whose son is married to the housekeeper's son, and they are all there.

Greedy people do this sort of thing, and since they think they are always victims they don't care about right or wrong.

If there is a God of any sort, perhaps he/she/it is on my side.

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