Friday, December 4, 2015

Logic, Schmogic; We Must DO Something!!

  It really stuns me how hatred of republicans and religion tends to send die hard progressives into lockstep insanity.    Republicans irk me quite often because of the dumb way they have of opposing things that I oppose.  They will twist it so that the reasoning is no longer based on what I see as the germane  principles involved.  They will say things like hold a silver dollar between your knees to prevent teen pregnancy, and other nonsense.  This gives the opponents open season to push all sorts of statist nonsense.  Makes me want to go on a slap binge, smacking them all.

That does not change the fact that for some reason progressive talking points have long been at odds with natural rights, the Constitution, choice in all matters except abortion, and meritocracy in any form.   I have no idea why this is.

It is scary that I can pretty much tell just by the body language and facial expression of a woman whether she is so politically lockstepped and addicted to anger that it would be dangerous to even say something that hints at my lack of faith in government and the vision of statists.  Or to point out that to champion someone like the late Ted Kennedy is to champion an abusive misogynist, elitist, and exploiter of the under dog.   No way that conversation will happen.

So now we have an attack by an islamic terrorist cell, and the news wants to know if planned parenthood is OK,  One is an organized planned event.  The PP episodes are lunatic idiots who are not backed by any religion or philosophy.  Anti-abortion people do not like places to get public funding if they do abortions.  They are labelled domestic terrorists and that is nuts.  Really.  I don't want any outfit to get tax money, abortion or no.  But that is a pipe dream and I am aware of that.

But what we have is a whole culture of people who are so programmed that they just react as they are conditioned to do, regardless of fact.   Generally any self labelled Christian person, idea or organization receives immediate scorn no matter what.  Then in light of recent attacks and past ones, beheadings, stonings, etc., they jump to defend Islam and raise hell about Christians, as if one is tied to the other.  I have no idea why the pretense regarding the world of muslims is a cause.

I can see not wanting to label them all as terrorists, but there is a tendency to pretend.  One minute religion is stupid, the next poor islam deserves our protection and apologies for nothing.  My experience with holy men of most religions has led me to unfavorable opinions in most cases.  Not in the case of rabbis, though.  Imams are the biggest jerks I have ever encountered, priests-50/50, pastors 50/50.  I have never experienced such disdain from others, as the disdain the holy islamist shows toward a random infidel like myself.   You get them in a situation where they think because you are someone's employee that they have free reign, oh boy.  But being one on one, they have no proof I offered to beat them to a pulp--another story, another time.  Maddening people, and I dealt with them on several occasions.

Interesting that my encounters with Jewish holy men has always been an interaction of the highest respect and decency.  They apparently do not equate non-jews with pig dung.  I have no question that most imams do.  It is quite obvious.

Sorry, I really dislike that religion and its holy men.  That is the way it goes.  But from a governmental point, I do not believe in rounding them up or any of that.  But do not deny that muslims are the kings of terrorist acts and using women and children for shields, because they are.   Equating domestic lunatics with religious jihadists and mass murderers is a lie.

Why not equate the the 15 or 20 killed in the 'hood by the 'hood in cities like Chicago during a good weekend with terrorist attacks by ISIS?   Can't mention that because we can't invoke our hatred of christians and white people that way.  Of course the invokers are generally self hating whites or filthy rich whites who are either consumed with guilt or fear that the minority people will beat them up, or unmask their true elitism and belief in their superiority...and lack of coolness.  Same result; nauseating pandering, a la Quentin Teratino.   What a phony.  I wish the black panthers would see through him and rough him up a little, driving him out of the limelight.

Self hating whites and Americans annoy me.  Really.  It is an illness, and as much as I am defective, I am grateful I do not suffer from that need to pretend to hate my race and country.  If people understood the uniqueness of our original form of government and effort toward freedom, they would quit with the absurd, out of context drivel.  But to do that they'd have to admit that the world has been made bloody by tyrants, shamans and priests, and other thieves who masquerade as friends of humanity (again I cite Kennedy as an example).

So, the kool aid is flowing.  Terrorists attack.  They do so in a gun free zone. (Damn near a gun free state). So, the problem is lack of gun legislation, and the head of the NRA is labeled a terrorist.  We Must DO SOMETHING!!!  Enough is enough!!!

Just like airports after 911, people felt better being groped even though it would not have prevented those attacks.  NOT DONE A THING TO STOP IT!  But gee, I sure am glad you guys are on the job to take my nail clippers.

I wish republicans, especially evangelists like Huckabee would insist on gun laws and praise islam because then the compulsive progressives would immediately call him an idiot and push the opposite view.  They would because they do not reason.  They ridicule and think that is the same as reason.,

I have a dream.  A dream that one day all propagandists, idiots, compulsive statists, and authoritarians would all jump on the same band wagon and roll over a very high cliff.

Why would any sane person think that disarming the public and leaving control of arms in the hands of people like Hillary, Huckabee, and other lunatic politicians is a better bet?


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