Friday, November 2, 2012

Around Here

It is hard to see her in the top photo, but here's the rock lady with the hooded cloak.  I always see her when I am at that spot.  She looks holy and mystical but shows poorly in photos, like a vampire.  But she is not of that ilk.  So, that's my go-to angel in tangible form.

Here's another spot nearby where I've seen eagles soaring.  Maybe I should say eagle since I normally only see one at a time.  

These are spots I visit to hide from confusion. 

Looks like some people have posted youtube video of some of my adventures in music land.  Mostly they aren't so good because I don't do it right.  But one of them labelled me "one of the best harmonica players in San Diego".    That was cool to see.   Safe bet not to label me the best. 

My Odd Life

It is always a thrill to get a package at the post office.  Just like the tooth fairy or other magic give-away artist, someone leaves a special key in my PO Box.  I then take it to the proper package locker and open it up.  Once you put the key in and use it, it won't come out.  That way they foil would-be cheaters and trouble makers.

Today I received a package from a little known movement which seeks to ensure Obama's election by replacing Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin.  They sent me a fabulous mug, and a very classy bumper sticker.

I'm uncertain as to the connection between me and the message there at Obama-Putin.   I do see the wisdom of their suggestion.  

Anyway, I'll bet few others have these commemorative election items.  It will confuse future generations because it will be all that survived.  They'll conclude Obama Putin must have been a company that made cups and bumper stickers.

So, there you have it

All this is really the result of the ugliest ceramic mushroom ever made, and its journey on the ping pong ball path of being re-gifted each Christmas for a few years, and only between two people.   It may have been cursed, or blessed, I couldn't tell.  It was smiling, I'm pretty sure.  Like Chuckie.

Putin would have destroyed it from the get go.  Then he would have found the person who made the mushroom and made the problem go away.

I wonder what would happen if you had a poster in your yard for Obama-Putin.   People would assume you are interested in Russian politics, and support Putin, and that you support Obama here.

Or they may think, hmmm.  Maybe they'll give me something if I vote for them.  Who's Putin?  I thought it was Obama and Joe Bitin.  Maybe it his name's Joe Putin.

Regardless of all that, Vlad knows how to bring in the vote, so maybe that would have been a good move.  Too late now, I think.

This mug is going to be worth big bucks five or ten years from now.

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